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Vol. 37: 2014 is Coming to a Close, More on Google Penguin

2014 is Coming to a Close

2014 Is Coming to a Close

Max MonsterCan you believe another year has already passed us by? It’s hard to believe in less than a month it will be 2015! This year was a big one for Eminent SEO. We celebrated 5 years of business, launched a new website, expanded our client list and grew our team.

Now that December is here we are excited for the holidays. This year our team is having our annual Ugly Sweater Holiday Party again. Check out last year’s December newsletter for fun pictures of the ESEO team in our ugly sweaters here. Do you have an annual company holiday party? What do you do to celebrate with your team?

Good to Know in SEO (RIGHT NOW)

Google Penguin Updated… Again:

Just a few days ago SE Roundtable posted a blog stating that Google Penguin updated, again! Although the update is still unconfirmed by Google, many webmasters are commenting about changes to their rankings – in a good way.

From Barry Schwartz on December 5th:
“On Thanksgiving day, Google started to reverse Penguin penalties (I know Google doesn’t call them penalties). This was a good thing and Google actually confirmed this was part of the Penguin 3.0 rollout. Then on Thursday, those gains were rolled back for many. When John Mueller of Google was asked about it, he didn’t seem to know what was going on. Now this morning, the reversals seem to have been reversed and now sites hit are Penguin free, or at least some.”

What’s interesting is the webmasters are mainly talking about recoveries – saying things such as:

“Since yesterday I notice sites (more than a few) that were slapped between 10 and 20 October (rankings fall 200+) are now completely regaining their rankings… So, did Penguin devalued certain links (and thus slapped all these sites) and now it’s backtracking (or whatever it’s called) and as such releasing all these sites?”

What do you think? Have you seen fluctuations or what appear to be recoveries? Let us know in the comments!

November Eminent SEO Social Media Roundup

Here it is: your monthly roundup of some of our favorite Eminent SEO social media posts from November. Enjoy!

“Be genius!”
Be Genius

“These little reminders will add color to your life. Go for it, add them, what are you waiting for?”

“T. E. A. M. = Together Everyone Achieves More.”

“$100 Million: Estimated amount that Samsung spends on Facebook advertising per year, making the creator of the Galaxy phone the largest advertiser on Facebook.”
100 Million

“Your words define your actions… Be grateful!”
Be Grateful

November Marketing Blog Roundup

7 Reasons Why You Need A Website Redesign
Thinking about redesigning your website? Here are 7 reasons why you should.

2015 Digital Marketing Trends
The 2015 digital marketing trends are out. Mobile, content and technology is in. Are you prepared for next year?

Why Your Website Needs a Custom Marketing Strategy
You, your business, your website, your products and services, your budget and your team are unique! Shouldn’t your website marketing strategies ALSO be unique? Here are 5 BIG reasons why your website needs a custom marketing strategy.

Why Your SEO Campaign Needs Social Media
Social media and SEO go together kind of like peanut butter and jelly. When you you’re missing one, you’re missing out on that extra boost in reaching your target audience. Here are some reasons why your SEO campaign needs social media.

How To Use Social Media To Build Your Brand
Social media has become a primary brand building resource for businesses who want an affordable and measurable way to build their brand. Are you integrating social media into your branding strategy? Here are some tips on how to use social media to build your brand.

See Ya Online!

So long 2014… You’ve been so good to us! We are wishing you and yours a spectacular holiday season and a prosperous 2015!

Are you looking forward to 2015? What do you have planned for the new year? Share in the comments with us.

Until next time, see ya online!

Jenny Stradling

CEO @ Eminent SEO. Entrepreneur, marketing strategist, social media girl, blogger, mommy, wine lover, soul searcher. Collects: books, pictures, quotes, music, art, dreams...

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Vol. 36: Eminent SEO Celebrates 5 Years and More on the Google Penguin Update

Eminent SEO is Celebrating 5 Years in Business!

As 2014 comes to a close I am reflecting on yet another exciting year for Eminent SEO. It’s hard to believe that October 2014 marked 5 years since Eminent SEO started officially doing business. I won’t write another lengthy personal journey story like I did last time. This time will share with you our shining moments and exciting news.

What 2014 Brought for Eminent SEO:

New Employees:

Every company loses some employee’s and this last year was no different for us. Of course we were sad to lose some of our favorite people, but not only did we hire some new team members to replace those that we lost, but we actually grew our team as well! We are super excited to be in growth mode as we go into 2015.

Meet the whole team here: http://www.eminentseo.com/about/

New Website:


The idea of a new site was discussed long ago… but client work was always the top priority so we put off the daunting task for years. In 2014 we (finally) made it happen and we are so proud to have our new and improved site.

Read more about the changes and additions here: http://www.eminentseo.com/blog/new-eminent-seo-website-live/

Max Swag:


Max, our brand mascot, has been a symbol of the Eminent SEO brand since the beginning. He can be found on our website, our social platforms and even on our business cards. So many people took interest in him that we decided to turn him into his own product line we are calling “Max Swag”. You can find him on coffee mugs, t-shirts, cell phone cases and much more. As part of the new website launch we also made Max Swag available for purchase in our online stores. Who doesn’t want a cute sweatshirt with Max on it for the cold winter months?

Get your Max Swag here: http://www.eminentseo.com/shop/

Eminent SEO Owners, Chris and Jenny, Have a Baby:


Meet Camden Weatherall, the newest member to the Eminent SEO family. Born September 8th 2014 he is now almost 2 months old. It was a fun time, having the baby and enjoying my maternity leave with him. I am now back to work and enjoying my team again. A big thank you to all of our clients and the team for supporting us during this time. It’s not easy for the CEO AND the President to both leave for any amount of time, so we really did lean on the team a lot to make sure everything ran smoothly.

You guys ROCK!

Good to Know in SEO (RIGHT NOW)

Google Penguin 3.0 is Confirmed:


The on-going battle to rid the web of “bad links” continues. Penguin originally rolled out in April of 2012. Since the launch of the Google algorithm update there has been several updates, some smaller but some major changes. Penguin 3.0 rolled out on October 17th, 2014 and marks the next big refresh to the algorithm.

Although Google announced the roll-out in October, over 2 weeks later we are still seeing the impact the update has had on the web. It appears to be slowly rolling out which means how many sites have been or will be impacted is still to be determined. This is even more difficult to determine since Panda 4.1 is also still slowly rolling out as well as the Pirate update, creating overlapping algorithm updates.


Thanks Google.

If you are concerned you have been hit or want to learn more, here is our last post on the subject: Penguin 3.0 Update Confirmed: Here’s What You Should Know

October Eminent SEO Social Media Roundup

If you’ve been following us you know how much we love social media. In fact, we love it so much we even have a whole site dedicated to it! (check it out here: Eminent Social Media)

Here is the latest social media roundup so you can relive October, because didn’t it go by too fast anyways?

“Every thought is a seed, if you plant crab apples, don’t plan on harvesting golden delicious.”

“Content – The text, video, sound and graphics that make up a web page. Content is anything a website user can read, see or do.”

“Autumn the year’s last, loveliest smile. Are you enjoying the changing colors and cooler temperatures?”

“Clothes make a statement…Costumes tell a story!” Happy Halloween from Team Eminent SEO!

There were TONS of fun posts this month, too many to share. So, if you want more, check us out on your favorite social platform, or follow us on Instagram here!

October Marketing Blog Roundup

Personality Traits of a Successful Digital Marketing Expert [INFOGRAPHIC]
The Problem Solver. Creative Thinker. Listener. Learner. Leader… all marketing traits of a successful digital marketing expert. Learn why these traits are important in the digital marketing environment.

How to Prevent Getting Squashed by Penguin 3.0
Were you one of the many sites hit by the Penguin update? No? Good for you! Now, learn how to avoid getting hit in the future!

Penguin 3.0 Update Confirmed: Here’s What You Should Know
Google confirmed that Penguin 3.0 is slowly rolling out. What does this mean for website owners? Find out in our latest blog post.

8 Tips for Effective PPC Landing Pages
We know a thing or two about creating landing pages that convert! Get a few tips from the pros and reap the rewards!

How to Make a Boring Product Look Sexy
Look, let’s face it, not every product is that sexy… are you one of “those guys”? If so, don’t worry! Even a boring product can look sexy if you market it right!

See Ya Online!

Bye bye October. We are sad to see you go… but we are looking forward to the rest of the end of year holidays, decorating, parties and shopping! What does your family or business have in store for the final two months of 2014? Share with us in the comments below.

Until next time, see ya online…

Jenny Stradling

CEO @ Eminent SEO. Entrepreneur, marketing strategist, social media girl, blogger, mommy, wine lover, soul searcher. Collects: books, pictures, quotes, music, art, dreams...

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Penguin 3.0 Update Confirmed: Here’s What You Should Know

penguin 3.0

Last Friday, Penguin 3.0 began impacting sites worldwide. Google has confirmed that this update is steadily rolling out, but has not confirmed how long it’s going to be before it’s complete. It will most likely take a few weeks to fully roll out. So far, impacting about 1% of US search queries according to SEO Roundtable.

What Does this Mean for Website Owners?

Since this update isn’t completely done rolling out yet, it’s too early to tell who all has been impacted. If your website has a history of manipulating search engines with low quality links, and you haven’t seen a drop in organic traffic now, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in the clear. We believe this is the first of many refreshes to come in the near future. Here’s some more information on how you can prevent being penalized by Penguin.

If you’re a website owner that was negatively affected by one of the previous Penguin updates and gone through the process of removing bad links, you will most likely have a positive impact from this. When a website is hit with an algorithmic penalty, the website won’t necessarily gain much organic traction until a new update or refresh of that algorithm rolls out again. Which is why a positive impact is expected for those website owners.

What We Know About Penguin 3.0 So Far

Pierre Far from Google stated on Google+ that this is not a full update, but actually a refresh. Here’s what else we know about Penguin 3.0:

  • Currently affecting less than 1% of US search queries
  • This refresh will help sites that have already cleaned up bad backlinks and web spam
  • Will negatively impact sites that contain any web spam
  • Worldwide refresh
  • Slow rollout that began Friday, October 17, 2014

What Does This Mean for Websites That Didn’t Get Helped?

Like mentioned earlier, this is believed to be the first of many refreshes of Penguin. If you have any bad links, make sure they are removed or disavowed. Then, continue to play by Google’s rules on quality link building. Always think quality. Never quantity. Instead of thinking link building, think of link earning. What are some methods you can do to earn quality links? Who are some top influencers and bloggers in your website’s niche? Reach out to them.

Closing Thoughts

As we learn more about this update, we will keep you in the loop. For now, continue to analyze your website’s organic traffic increases/decreases as well as keyword rankings to know if your website has been impacted by this. If you need help reviving your website from Penguin 3.0, give us a shout. We have experts standing by: 800-871-4130

Lacey Chic

Account Manager at Eminent SEO - Passionate About Digital Marketing. I love music, pitbulls, traveling, hiking, yoga, and learning.

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How to Prevent Getting Squashed by Penguin 3.0

Penguin 3.0

When Penguin 2.0 rolled out about a year ago, it affected 2.3% of English search queries. Penguin was one of the largest updates and left many businesses at a standstill. Webmasters reported a decrease in traffic of up to 90%…. that’s enough to make any business go under if your primary conversion source is Google.

With Penguin 3.0 set to launch any time before the end of the year, it’s best to know how to you can prevent your website from being crushed by this update.

What Penguin 3.0 Will Most Likely Target

When Penguin 2.0 was released, its primary target was search spam and manipulative, low quality backlinks. With Penguin 3.0, we don’t think it’s going to be much different other than the fact that the penalties may be more severe and more noticeable.

From Matt Cutts (Head of Google’s Search Spam team): “…expect that the next few Penguin updates will take longer, incorporate additional signals, and as a result will have more noticeable impact. It’s not the case that people should just expect data refreshes for Penguin…”

Here’s what we think will be most impacted:

Optimized anchor texts of any kind: Keyword exact match anchor texts are a strategy of the past. It’s only going to hurt you moving forward if you continue to place them. Our suggestion is to stick with brand only anchor texts which would include: company name, company URL, and variations of your company URL.

Low quality backlinks: If you have any low quality backlinks, you have a high risk of being hit by this new update. Google is well aware of what a low quality link is, and Penguin will be able to trigger when a site has a massive quantity of low quality links.

Link schemes: Not only are low quality links detected, but link schemes. If you’re guilty or have been guilty in the past of purchasing backlinks, Penguin will be able to better detect this. Google’s been working hard to find all guest blogging networks and the sites associated with them. It won’t be a good outcome if your website is associated with any blogging networks.

The Potential Positive and Negative Outcomes of Penguin 3.0

Just like any algorithm update, there are going to be good and bad side effects for sites across the web.

The Good

For those who were hit by Penguin 2.0, you know exactly what needs to be done to make your backlink profile nothing less than stellar. You’ve gone and removed/disavowed links of all types. You’ve requested a reconsideration in Google. Maybe even more than once. You’ve began building relationships and receiving high authoritative links. This is what Google wants to see. But why haven’t you seen an increase in organic traffic yet?

The good news is that if you’ve done everything to make your backlink profile flawless, this update will be a good thing for you. Google will reward sites like yours with higher rankings. It’s what you’ve been waiting for! Google will have the right tools to determine if your website should be reconsidered from Penguin.

The Bad

From what we’ve learned from the past Penguin updates is that it’s not an easy algorithmic penalty to recover from. Ten months later, websites still aren’t where they used to be in terms of Google organic traffic, compared to before Penguin 2.0 was released. With Penguin 3.0, things aren’t going to be better if you’re still participating in bad practices. In fact, they will be worse than before. If you snuck passed Penguin 2.0, chances are you won’t sly passed 3.0. Your website will be penalized and who knows when your rankings and organic traffic will be back up to where they used to be. Even after you go through the hassle of removing and disavowing links. Google isn’t going to take web spam lightly.

How to Protect Your Website from Penguin 3.0

First things first, you want to check to see if you’ve already been hit with Penguin penalty. The Penguin Penalty Analysis Tool will help you to determine this.

Afterwards, you want to go through the steps of how you can recover from an algorithmic penalty. Other ways to prevent your website from being hit:

Perform an Audit of Your Backlinks

With the right tools you can determine any links that could negatively impact your website. Make sure every single backlink meets Google’s quality guidelines.

Remove Any Links That Have Exact Match Anchor Texts

Don’t risk being penalized from over-optimization. Any backlinks that have keyword optimized anchor texts will be targeted. With your audit, you will be able to determine which links contain these.

Remove Purchased Links from Blogging or Link Networks

Any links that are still linked to your website from a blogging or link network will be targeted with Penguin 3.0. Remove all links that are associated with these.

Remove Irrelevant and Low Quality Links

If you still have low quality directory links, remove them. Google knows the sole purpose of these directories is to gain backlinks. Especially if these directories aren’t even relevant to your industry. That will definitely raise a red flag.

Carefully Analyze Your Guest Blog Posts

If you were writing guest blogs for the sole purpose of search engine rankings, we recommend going back through and analyzing each one. If any seem skeptical either remove it completely, or slap a no-follow on the link. Make sure the content is high in quality and the links aren’t exact match anchor texts. Also, look at the overall quality score of the blog itself. Do the blog have consistent posts with topics in your industry? Or does it only have outbound links to other sites? You want a blog that’s going to always post high quality content with a small amount of outbound links.

Closing Thoughts

Battling any Google algorithm penalty is difficult to conquer. That’s why we always suggest a constant audit of your backlinks as well as constantly building relationships with the right webmasters. If you find anything harmful linking to you, it’s best to clean it up. It may cause a brief fluctuation in rankings, but it’s better than a long-term algorithmic penalty.

If you need help auditing your backlinks to prepare for Penguin 3.0, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ll help your website get back on track to become Penguin-friendly. 800.871.4130

Lacey Chic

Account Manager at Eminent SEO - Passionate About Digital Marketing. I love music, pitbulls, traveling, hiking, yoga, and learning.

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Vol. 34: Our New Site is Coming, Penguin 3.0 is Inevitable and Get Your Marketing Reading Here!

What’s Happening at Eminent SEO

EminentSEO.com Launches a New Website Design


The countdown is on! In just days now our new site is launching!
What have we done?

  • All new graphic design – including a freshened up logo
  • A more modern version of our Monster Mascot, Max!
  • ALL new content (literally every page has been rewritten)
  • All new SEO (that’s right baby!)
  • Added a new resource section with cool information like: SEO Slang, Free tools and more!
  • Added a Shop – wait ‘til you see it, we have lots of fun things to buy
  • Mobile friendly, responsive design – it’s been a long time coming, but you should now be able to access our site from any tablet or mobile device and easily navigate – yay!

If, by the time you are reading this, the new site isn’t yet live, please check back in a few days and be sure to tell us what you think!

Good to Know in SEO (RIGHT NOW)

Penguin 3.0 – Is The Next Google Update On Its Way?
You remember Google’s Penguin Update, right? (If not, we just talked about it last month here:What’s Up with Google Penguin) Well, the speculation of a 3.0 update has turned into hints from John Mueller, the senior Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, and we tend to take his hints pretty seriously – so, to us, the update is inevitable.

When is the last time you looked at your backlinks? 
Have you recently really looked at your website backlink index? And, when I say recently, I mean in the last year at least. This update is all about targeting what Google deems as artificial link building. If you think you are safe because you haven’t built links for a while (or ever) I hate to break it to you – but you are NOT safe. The web is a funny place people link to whomever they see fit. Also, spammers have all kinds of weird techniques, such as scraping (stealing) content, syndication and even negative SEO. If you don’t know what you have going on in your backlink index, now is the time to get it checked out.

What to do if you think Penguin 3.0 could hurt you:
#1) You need to perform a complete backlink audit, including:

  • Identify all in-bound links (you can try using free and paid tools – or hire a pro).
  • Evaluate the host locations – are they part of a network or otherwise potentially spammy?? Are they relevant to your website? Does the link serve a purpose or does it appear to be for SEO?
  • Review the anchor text used in these links. No matter how relevant they look, if you have an anchor text trend then all of your links are going to look artificial.

#2) Once you have a complete backlink audit and you have identified the bad, you need to:

  • Start contacting the hosting sites immediately, asking for removals.
  • If you cannot find contact information, the webmaster is unwilling or for any other reason you cannot get the link removed, collect the link location to send to Google using the disavow tool.

#3) If you have received a Google penalty of artificial link warning, once all links that can be have been removed or disavowed, it’s time for a reinclusion:

  • Prepare a letter to send to Google explaining what has been done.
  • Submit the letter and a copy, if possible, of all links that have been removed or submitted through the disavow tool.

#4) If Google responds to your request with additional work to be done, you need to:

  • Ensure you have removed as many links as you can, sometimes this means you have to remove links that don’t appear to be spammy.
  • Review your website internal linking structure and clean it up as well.
  • Review your website content and structure and if you have issues with your site or outdated/duplicate content – fix it!

It is estimated that 15% or more of all English search queries will be affected by the Google Penguin 3.0 update.

Is your site safe?
If you are unsure and want help, please ask. We are experts at this stuff and can get your backlinks in order STAT!

August Eminent SEO Social Media Roundup

Over the last month we’ve shifted away from a monthly social media focus on one area and expanded into a new Eminent SEO Social Media Calendar. We want to provide you, our audience, with a variety of interesting articles, inspirational images and links to industry news.

Here are a few of our favorite social shares from August: 

The Eminent SEO Owners, Chris and Jenny, are ready to welcome a new baby soon! 
“Today we celebrate the Eminent baby to be! All of us are very excited for this little boy’s arrival and now the parents are stocked up and ready to go!”


Another Google Update, Pigeon!
“Get crapped on by Google Pigeon? You’re not alone. Learn what SEO experts are saying about this update in our new blog post! http://www.eminentseo.com/blog/local-search-results-affected-latest-google-pigeon-update/


A Tragic Loss
“Today the world lost a legend. RIP, Robin Williams.”


Employee Spotlight: Zach!
Q. How long have you worked for Eminent SEO? 2 years.
Q. What do you do here? Fulfillment manager. I make sure that all work ordered for our clients is fulfilled in a timely manner and that all aspects of the individual campaigns are adhered-to.
Q. What is your favorite industry blog to follow? None, in-particular, but an index of smaller wordpress.com blogs of people in the industry, which gives me a much wider scope on industry related topics.


Employee Appreciation Lunch!
“We love taking time out and getting to know each other outside the office. Today we all went and had lunch at Waldo’s BBQ. It was delish!”


Did you know shark week was dubbed the most social programming event to date in 2013 with 4.3 million @sharkweek tweets, nearly 3.4 million video streams and 21.8 million people discussing via Facebook?


Employee Spotlight: Tatiana!
Q. Have long have you worked at Eminent SEO? I have been with Eminent SEO since day 1!
Q. What do you do for ESEO? I am the Social Media Strategist. I help maintain client interaction, build links, build out maps and much more.
Q. What is your favorite social media platform to use? Why? I love using Twitter and Facebook. Twitter because it’s short, sweet and to the point and Facebook because you really get to know your audience and what they like to read.
Q. How has your career at ESEO created value in your life? Doing social media everyday has helped me market my photography, which has been fun and great!


Marketing Blog Roundup

Local Search Results Affected by the Latest Google Pigeon Update
From the latest Google Pigeon algorithm update, research shows that realtors and DUI lawyers were primarily targeted. The experts weigh on how this update is affecting local rankings and the changes in the search results. Learn more about this update, who’s been affected, and what SEO experts are saying here

Design Trends For Websites: Coming In 2015
Are you wondering what design trends 2015 has in store for websites? Our graphic designer, Jason SanMarco, predicts 5 trends to look out for in 2015.

How to Use Social Media and Email Marketing to Influence Repeat Business
“The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60 – 70%. The probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20%.” Generating repeat business has a higher ROI than only focusing your marketing spend toward new business. Learn how you can use the combination of email marketing and social media to help accomplish these sales goals.

Creating Pinteresting Conversations with Pinterest Messaging
Pinterest launched their newest feature called Pinterest Messaging where you’re allowed to message current followers about specific pins. This new feature could open up the opportunity for brands to nurture their current followers into becoming leads or brand advocates.

See Ya Online!

Well that does it for this month’s newsletter. Now that the new Eminent SEO site is launching we might have to find a new internal project… look out for some fun contests and giveaways in the near future.
Until next time, see ya online…

Team Eminent SEO

Eminent SEO is an Arizona website services and strategic internet marketing company.

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