Jason SanMarco - Eminent SEO


Jason SanMarco

Senior User Experience Designer

What I Do At Eminent SEO:

As the Senior User Experience Designer at Eminent SEO I am responsible for the production of all high-level design requests made for client or internal usage. I work alongside the Account and Project Managers and help facilitate the implementation of the designs I create for each project from development phasing to full implementation, in order to make sure that all functionality is being developed in a way that best portrays the design experience (based off discovery meetings and approved wireframes by the client), brand messaging and best SEO practices. I work on logo and brand development, website design, application interface, social media profile design and custom marketing graphics.

Jason SanMarco - Eminent SEOJason SanMarco - Eminent SEOJason SanMarco - Eminent SEOJason SanMarco - Eminent SEOJason SanMarco - Eminent SEOJason SanMarco - Eminent SEO

Skill Sets:

  • Project Strategy, Coordination/Management
  • Interface Design Training
  • Design Consultation
  • Website Design: Standard & Responsive
  • Web Application User Interface Design
  • Full Color Print Design
  • Wireframing
  • User Experience Design
  • Print Design
  • Brand Strategy & Design


  • Adobe Photoshop – Expert
  • Adobe Illustraitor – Expert
  • Adobe InDesign – Advanced
  • Adobe Premier – Intermediate
  • Adobe After Effects – Intermediate
  • Adobe Fireworks – Intermediate
  • Adobe Acrobat – Medium to Advanced
  • Powerpoint – Medium to Advanced

Fun Facts About Me:

  • I’m a Dad
  • I’m a Nerd
  • I’m a die-hard Arizona Cardinals Fan
  • I’m a graphic design veteran of more than 10 years
  • I’m a lover, not a fighter =)
  • I like the beach but not the ocean
  • I’m a homebody

I Love:

  • My Kids
  • My Wife
  • My Dogs
  • Football
  • Soccer (I guess sports in general, but not baseball)
  • Star Wars
  • Doctor Who
  • Good TV
  • Great Movies (must wow me every time)
  • Story-arch Video Games
  • Super Heroes
  • Knowledge
  • Space & Space Technology
  • Tech & Innovation
  • Probably lots more =)