Zachary Ankeny


Zachary Ankeny

Fulfillment Manager

What I Do At Eminent SEO:

My name is Zachary Ankeny and I have been working in the marketing industry for over 13 years. A am a published author, writer, designer, researcher, and creative specialist. Using my expertise and know-how of both the marketing industry and computer technology, I oversee the implementation of marketing strategies, technical details, and design requirements for our numerous clients’ varied campaigns. Each client is unique and requires their own unique and creative solutions, allowing me to explore a wide range of strategies and techniques, and continue to increase my expertise.

Zachary Ankeny - Eminent SEOZachary Ankeny - Eminent SEOZachary Ankeny - Eminent SEOZachary Ankeny - Eminent SEOZachary Ankeny - Eminent SEOZachary Ankeny - Eminent SEO

Skill Sets:

  • Mobile Technology Expertise
  • WordPress Creation and Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Email Marketing and Management
  • SEO and Content Writing
  • Professional Editing Services
  • Video Editing
  • Social Media Creation and Management
  • HTML
  • Advanced Technical Computer Knowledge
  • Google Business Account Management
  • Amazon Affiliation and Management
  • Data Interpretation

Fun Facts About Me:

  • Though I was born in Dubuque, Iowa, I have also lived on and worked at various farms and ranches in Arizona, Colorado, and Nebraska, and lived both in Mexico and the United States for nearly 20 years.
  • I have a cat named King, who thinks he is my 5 year old son.
  • I have worked at a horse rescue.

I Love:

  • 19th Century Music
  • Guitar
  • Piano
  • Creative Writing
  • Animals (Especially Horses)
  • History
  • Reading
  • Cooking