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The Marketing Agency of 2020: A New Paradigm Is Around the Corner

As the next decade approaches, the relationship between marketing agencies and their clients is evolving. On the surface, the goals of marketing agencies and their clients are the same: to attract more leads, customers and sales for the client. But when you look past shared good intentions and see how the traditional agency-client relationship operates, [...]
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Do the Fields of PR and SEO Overlap? A Closer Look at How One Can Strengthen the Other

Fresh out of college with a public relations degree, I found myself stumbling into the world of search engine optimization – specifically, link building. I wondered how the two realms would overlap, if at all. A quick refresher: Link building is an SEO tactic that refers to the method of increasing a webpage’s number of [...]
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Eminent SEO Pitches In to Help Phoenix Graphics Firm Rebuild Scorched Office

In August, one of the worst things that could happen to a business owner came true: A fire ripped through the office overnight, rendering the space useless. That’s what happened to Randy Phillips of Think Graphics & Printing Solutions in Phoenix. He’s not sure how the fire was started, and the official investigation is ongoing. [...]
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Personality Traits of a Successful Digital Marketing Expert [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Becoming a successful digital marketer doesn’t happen overnight. It takes knowledge, experience, and hard work in order to become a digital marketer people trust and want to hire.. CEO’s and business owners often wonder what personality traits and qualities to look for when hiring an expert. Below we’d like to share with you what personality [...]
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Eminent SEO is Celebrating 4 Years – A Personal Journey

How I Got Into Marketing Roughly 9 years ago I was a young single mom with 2 little kids. I was tired of working the long hours required of a restaurant manager… and I found myself at a career crossroad. Do I continue pursuing the restaurant management path I was on, which, although it was [...]
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Making the Most of Communication Technology

Text messaging, online interaction and mobile media have already transformed the ways we communicate. The Pew Research Center reports that 56% of Americans now own smartphones. On an average day, 36.6 billion messages are sent via SMS-text message or chat apps like iMessage and WhatsApp. By 2014, that number is expected to surpass 50 billion [...]
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Advertising Direct Response – Show Me the MONEY

Advertising Direct Response – Brave New World for Agencies and Advertsiers Alike Moving products and services using advertising direct response methods can deliver ROI that will allow for a sustainable revenue flow if what we spend on advertising is less than the revenue we generate from the direct advertising spend. Having spent the first 15 [...]
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Easy, Affordable Videos for Companies of All Sizes

A company’s audience – these days – is more apt to respond to visual stimuli than ever. We want eye-candy; we want it quickly and simply. Because the majority of internet content is now a mix of both written content and appetizing images and video, companies are gearing their marketing strategies toward sating the visual [...]
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Online Advertising Agency – Focus on industry niche(s)

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In my experience since about 1994 I have been working for an online advertising agency before the Internet got white hot and Netscape was all the rage and the browser wars were in full bloom.  I had been working in direct response advertising for fifteen plus years and in the “direct marketing” world and the [...]
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