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A/B Testing Cracks the Code of Online Intelligence

Digital marketing is a wide-open, challenging space. For business owners, advertising and editorial campaigns are the fruit of sales initiatives meant to entice audiences and feed their hunger for products or services. Will they bite? It depends – on a lot of unknowns. Marketing plans, in their infancy, are like seedlings: tiny, thought-provoking concepts that [...]
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Progressive Web Apps: The New Frontier for Mobile Browsing and Marketing

For mobile and web optimization, having the best of both worlds is typically a far-fetched dream for businesses. However, in 2015, Google developers defied the status quo of mobile browsing by creating progressive web apps (PWAs). They resemble the mobile apps we are all used to, but are quite different: more accessible and no drain [...]
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Keep Your Domain Game Strong: Setting Up Your HTTPS Address Improperly Can Cause SEO Issues

Be honest: Have you ever tried to fix a problem and accidentally made it worse? Perhaps you were trying to update your operating system on your computer to make it run faster, only to realize that the new OS isn’t compatible with all your most-used programs. How about when you’re out to eat with friends [...]
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7 Reasons Why You Need A Website Redesign

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Updating your website is a trend that’s catching on and for good reasons. Technology, design, SEO and user-experience trends are constantly evolving. If your website is outdated, offers a poor user-experience, or search engines don’t even know your website exists, it might be time to invest in an updated design. An updated design is a [...]
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5 Reasons You Need a Responsive Website Design

“Response design” – it’s a fancy term for a simple concept:  making sure your website functions well across all major devices people use to browse the internet these days (smartphones, laptops, tablets, iPads and PCs). In 2011, approximately 1.15 billion of all internet users browsed the web with a mobile device, which compares to the [...]
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