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Why Your Local Business Needs a Google+ Place Page

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Even though Google+ is the second largest social network (still way behind Facebook), that’s not the main reason your business should be active on the platform. Users spend less than 7 minutes per month on the social network. So why even get active on Google+ if millions of people sign up for it but never [...]
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Chrome 27 Promotes Faster Page Loads And More . . .

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Google announced the release of Chrome version 27 today. The new version features: Web Pages load 5% faster on average chrome.syncFileSystem API Improved ranking of predictions, improved spell correction, and numerous fundamental improvements for Omnibox predictions. Be sure to visit the Help Center for more information on the updated policies regarding the omnibox predictions and [...]
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Google vs. Yahoo: Choose Your Side

Search engine giants have had quite a summer thus far. While Yahoo has been busy unveiling its mobile-specific web browser Yahoo Axis, and publicly announcing that it was moving back to its original roots in ad-based strategies, Google – it seems – has taken the approach of: ‘let’s buy everything we can and make it [...]
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The New Kid on the block : Google+

You could say, Google+ is the ‘new’ hot social network to hit the web. I mean as of June 28, about 25million people have visited Google+.  Here’s the breakdown by country, according to comScore: 6.44 million from the U.S. 3.62 million from India Roughly 1 million from both Canada and the UK 920,000 from Germany [...]
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