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Eminent SEO is Celebrating 4 Years – A Personal Journey

How I Got Into Marketing Roughly 9 years ago I was a young single mom with 2 little kids. I was tired of working the long hours required of a restaurant manager… and I found myself at a career crossroad. Do I continue pursuing the restaurant management path I was on, which, although it was [...]
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Making the Most of Communication Technology

Text messaging, online interaction and mobile media have already transformed the ways we communicate. The Pew Research Center reports that 56% of Americans now own smartphones. On an average day, 36.6 billion messages are sent via SMS-text message or chat apps like iMessage and WhatsApp. By 2014, that number is expected to surpass 50 billion [...]
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Labor Day: The History of the Holiday and Unique Ways to Celebrate

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Happy Labor Day Weekend! Did you know that at 1,790 hours per year, Americans work the 11th most hours of all developed nations in the world? This data comes from 2012 and is according to the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development. If you’re a stats freak, you can check out the full table here. [...]
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Google’s Auto Complete Reflects Fears [Video]

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While we may find entertainment and humor in Google’s suggest auto complete tool,  it also reflects, “fears, inquiries, preoccupations, obsessions and fixations of the human being at a certain age and our evolution through life,” says Marius B. Reality is, we all are searching for similar, if not the same answers as Google clearly reveals.  Who knows [...]
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Camp Grounded | The Digital Detox Summer Camp For Adults

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Notice how that phone almost never leaves your hand or pocket and how every meal or sunset looks like an Instagram photo opportunity? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those, you may be due for a digital detox. An awesome new summer camp aims to help “grown-ups unplug, getaway and be kids again.” Camp [...]
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