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Climbing the Ladder with Grace: A ‘Game of Thrones’ Approach to Office Conflict Resolution

A large majority of the violence that takes place during HBO’s mega-hit “Game of Thrones” does not revolve around armies of the undead or wars of succession. In reality, most of the drama that drives the show has less to do with grand battles between good and evil and more to do with people not [...]
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10 Tips for Mindfulness in the Workplace

First, let’s start with a quick definition of mindfulness before we get all gung-ho about it: So, basically, it’s being in the moment, focused on the here and now. That is not an easy feat with deadlines looming over your shoulder like a fasting vampire breathing on your neck. Now that you have that visual [...]
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How to Reduce Stress and Boost Productivity in the Workplace

Happy Employees Are Productive Employees Stress in the workplace is unavoidable. However, you don’t have to let it get the best of you. Instead, take control of it and watch your productivity soar. Find ways to create peace of mind and focus before, during and after each work day. You will find that not only [...]
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How to Find a Qualified Content Marketer to Add to Your Team

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Effective content marketing can take your entire company to another level. It can spread awareness of your brand, as well as create a following that’s hooked on the material you release and eager to consume your future offerings. Content marketing that is done well should lead indirectly to more sales for the company that produces [...]
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How to Inspire Employees to Become Leaders in Your Company

You can build game rooms and throw all the free pizza at your employees that you want, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to be more invested in your company and that you’ll get the best work out of them. If employees feel like your company’s leadership is lacking and that they’re limited or [...]
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Unroll.Me | Making Your Inbox Manageable

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So let’s face it you have a ridiculous amount of email in your inbox, right? Instead of receiving multiple coupon and eblast emails throughout the day, Unroll.Me let’s you ‘Rollup‘ those emails and has made it possible to combine those selected subscriptions into a daily digest email, thus cleaning up your inbox. Last but not [...]
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