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4 Ways News Websites Fail to Deliver the Optimal User Experience

By design, news organizations have the resources to research, report on and publish an online story much quicker than the average B2B or B2C business is able to produce and publish a blog post. And for that, news-focused websites are generally rewarded by being featured more prominently in search engine result pages, trending social media [...]
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Keep Your Domain Game Strong: Setting Up Your HTTPS Address Improperly Can Cause SEO Issues

Be honest: Have you ever tried to fix a problem and accidentally made it worse? Perhaps you were trying to update your operating system on your computer to make it run faster, only to realize that the new OS isn’t compatible with all your most-used programs. How about when you’re out to eat with friends [...]
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Why You Shouldn’t Neglect to Optimize Your Website’s 404 Page

A 404 webpage is returned whenever a user mistypes a URL, follows an errant link, or lands on a page that has moved or been deleted. This type of page is only returned in the event of an error, so there’s little point in putting effort into your website’s 404 offering, right? Won’t users just [...]
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What is an SSL Certificate and Why Should Your Website Make the Upgrade?

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Pinterest Going off our last post on responsive design, another area where you should try to upgrade your website in 2016 is security. Just as you likely enjoy logging into certain websites and knowing that your information and passwords are kept secure, so should you try to foster the same experience [...]
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5 Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Producing Sales

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Experiencing high traffic volume, but low conversion rates? It’s probably because of your website. Your website is the face of your business, your online storefront, your brand identity. You want it to be a good representation of your business. When it’s not, you’ll experience very low conversion rates. There are several important variables that go [...]
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3 Creative Ways to Keep People Coming Back to Your Website

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You are familiar with the “standard” website. It usually contains a home page, about us, services/products, a contact page and sometimes a blog as well… *YAWN* A few years ago, this was enough to keep people’s attention. But fast forward to 2014 and you’ll see that this “standard” website format isn’t really enough to stand [...]
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Happy 15th Birthday to Google

Google – Are You Really 15 Already? Believe it or not, this Friday, September 27th marks the 15th birthday of Google!  For a search engine, that’s like being a 90-year-old human. Because it serves up the search results better than any other search engine currently available, Google has a dominant position in the marketplace.  How [...]
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5 Reasons You Need a Responsive Website Design

“Response design” – it’s a fancy term for a simple concept:  making sure your website functions well across all major devices people use to browse the internet these days (smartphones, laptops, tablets, iPads and PCs). In 2011, approximately 1.15 billion of all internet users browsed the web with a mobile device, which compares to the [...]
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