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Email Marketing Is Far from Dead: Here’s Why

Many marketers are quick to tout the power of social media. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram provide quick and easy avenues for engaging our customers. When it comes to building a brand, there are few better outlets than social media. Facebook has roughly 1.7 billion users, according to Statista, and it’s hard to compete with that [...]
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Unroll.Me | Making Your Inbox Manageable

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So let’s face it you have a ridiculous amount of email in your inbox, right? Instead of receiving multiple coupon and eblast emails throughout the day, Unroll.Me let’s you ‘Rollup‘ those emails and has made it possible to combine those selected subscriptions into a daily digest email, thus cleaning up your inbox. Last but not [...]
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Commitment issues with Social Media? Keep the Romance alive!

Know what your consumers are saying about you? It’s really the best and only way to maintain your relationships via Email, Facebook and Twitter. Granted, communication is key in a relationship, but don’t be quick to forget it goes both ways. Your consumers are listening to you, but are you listening to them?  If not, [...]
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