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What Marketers Can Learn from the Top 5 Viral Facebook Live Videos of 2016

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Just a little over year ago, Facebook Live went viral. The service allows users to broadcast video from their phone where it can be viewed and commented on in real time by friends on Facebook. After the live recording is complete, the video can be viewed, liked and commented on – just like regular videos [...]
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Why Well-Written Social Media Copy Makes a Difference

To succeed in the social media sphere, businesses must populate their various accounts with consistently strong writing (in addition to strong imagery). It might surprise you to learn, however, that not all social media managers deem themselves writers. The good news is that writing social media copy isn’t complex. Nevertheless, learning how to write for [...]
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10 Ways Social Media Can Help You Stand Out in the Job Search Process

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We live in an era of convenience where we have the ability to access information with the click of a button in a fraction of a second. Technology has allowed us to accomplish tasks and reach out to people we never thought was possible even 20 years ago. Social media, in particular, is the beast [...]
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EminentSEO.com Monthly Newsletter Vol 10

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Happy Independance Day from Team ESEO! Here’s a few fun 4th of July facts for you: Independence Day was first celebrated in Philadelphia on July 8, 1776. The word ‘patriotism’ comes from the Latin patria, which means ‘homeland’ or ‘fatherland.’ The first public Fourth of July event at the White House occurred in 1804. How [...]
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Facebook announces “Interest Lists”

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  Looks like Facebook decided to borrow an idea from Twitter and Pinterest as it introduced its idea of “Interest Lists” today, that you create by incorporating posts from pages and public figures under a designated label. Once you’ve created your ‘Interest Lists’ you have the ability to allow other Facebooker’s to subscribe to them or keep them [...]
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Google Search Just kicked it up a notch with “Search Plus Your World”

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Google search received one of its biggest updates in a decade yesterday. Essentially Google has made it pretty much mandatory for any and all individuals as well as companies to get a Google+ account to gain any search accreditation. Google+ will be a part of everything Google does on the web and mobile, and being [...]
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Facebook Launches the ‘Timeline’ [updated]

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Facebook announced the “Timeline” design in September and for those who were eager and antsy who wanted first dibs at it, signed up for the developer test run. The Facebook network of 800 million members will have the opportunity to convert their profiles today. The official roll out will go live December 22nd, but you [...]
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Spotify is the social soundtrack to your life on Facebook

Facebook revealed at it’s F8 Developers conference, that they are coupling with Spotify to bring the ability to stream and share music to Facebook. As part of its new Open Graph app platform, Facebook has partnered with a host of music companies to bring real-time music streaming and discovery to the timeline. Launch partners include [...]
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Facebook Timeline coming Sept. 29th (or now)

I know there is bound to be an uproar about this whole ‘Facebook Timeline’ but quite frankly I love it… so many unique features and ‘featured’ areas to share with friends and family. And activity amongst your friends just got that much easier to filter out. Facebook Timeline is what you’d call a recap of [...]
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