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Words Will Sometimes Hurt You: How to Use the Right Words on Your Website to Drive Conversions

Use The Right Words Engagement And Conversions - Eminent SEO

“It’s not what you said. It’s how you said it…”

We’ve all played the role of victim or accuser, whether in a relationship with a significant other, a parent, sibling or even those with whom we work. Miscommunication is at the root of most conflict.

Therefore, effective communication, while subtle, can pay huge dividends – in relationships and business alike. But don’t just take our word for it: Social psychologists and copywriting experts have done the research and strongly agree.

One Word Can Make or Break You

Did you know that a single word can mean the difference between someone buying in or opting out of your message? Social psychologist Ellen Langer once conducted a study that tested the power of a single word. In her experiment, she asked respondents if she could cut in line at a Xerox machine, varying her phrasing slightly in three separate trials to test the effect of her wording.

And what were the results?

  • When Langer phrased her request as, “Excuse me, I have five pages. May I use the Xerox machine,” she found that 60 percent of respondents agreed to let her cut in line.
  • When the request was rephrased as, “Excuse me, I have five pages. May I use the Xerox machine because I’m in a rush,” she noticed that 94 percent of respondents acquiesced.
  • When the request was rephrased to, “Excuse me, I have five pages. May I use the Xerox machine because I have to make some copies,” the number changed to 93 percent.

It’s interesting to note the differences between the first and the latter two of Langer’s experiments. As strange as the last question sounds, the real lesson of note is in the barely noticeable drop in positive responses.

What Does This Mean for Me and My Business?

Simply put, if you want people to take action, you need to give them a reason. In fact, the presence of the reason is more important that the reason itself.

People just need a why. If you think about it, it makes sense: Your why is your value proposition, or your mission statement. Which of these requests sounds more enticing to you: “Click here!” or “Click here to find out how to save on your next vacation”?

Clicking on a link, subscribing to an email list, opening an email, and clicking on a new product are just a few examples in a long list of small “sales” that ultimately lead to the final sale, and revenue for your business. And those sales can come oftentimes down to a single word.

Turning Clicks to Cash

Word Choice Definition - Eminent SEOAs you can see, getting new customers to buy into your brand or product is tricky business. There’s a reason why companies and universities spend millions of dollars annually to study what makes you say yes or no.

When it comes to conversion rate, especially, wording is everything. Fortunately, companies like Ogilvy & Mather have done the dirty work for us, compiling lists of the most persuasive and influential words to use to increase conversion rates.

It should come as no surprise that words like you, free, because, instantly and new are at the top of the list for most persuasive words in the English language. Here are some examples of email subjects using those words to generate high open rates:

  • “Thank you, Chris!”
  • “Sneak peek of our new video”
  • “Update your profile instantly”

Of course, email opens, while important, are not the only type of conversion. David Ogilvy, the marketing mastermind behind Ogilvy & Mather, went a step further and published a list in 1963 of the most influential words in his industry. Some examples are:

  • Suddenly
  • Now
  • Announcing
  • Introducing
  • Amazing
  • Sensational
  • Remarkable
  • Revolutionary
  • Startling
  •  Miracle
  •  Magic
  •  Quick
  •  Easy
  •  Hurry
  •  Instantly

If you look carefully at these words, you should notice some thematic similarities between them. Each of the terms on this list either appeal to a sense of novelty, or to a sense of instant gratification. This is a powerful concept – one taps into the complex wiring of the human brain.

I Want It Now!

Think back to the first time you tried a new flavor of ice cream that you loved, or the first time you made it to a new level on your favorite video game. The rush of satisfaction that you felt was your brain’s production of dopamine, the chemical released in our brains that signifies a reward.

According to Kelsey Libert in her article This is your Brain on Viral Content: What Psychology Says You’ll Click On, the region in the brain that is responsible for motivation and reward-processing (aka consumer decisions) responds better to novelty than to the familiar.

Put simply, “When the brain discovers a novel idea, it releases a reward (dopamine) that inspires us to go searching for more.” In the wrong hands, this is the root of insatiable drug addictions. In the hands of savvy marketing, it is the foundation for an effective conversion.

When you consider that the same rush of dopamine happens when we experience instant gratification, it is no wonder that Ogilvy’s list of influential words all trigger novelty and instant gratification.

Use The Right Words at the Right Time

Thought Corrupts Language George Orwell - Eminent SEOYour work isn’t done once you have chosen powerful words. The best marketing involves the most powerful words in the right situations. For example, Leo Widrich of Buffer and Social Media Today once compiled a list of “189 Phrases That Influence, Persuade, and Convert.” Widrich told us that in order to encourage community, use phrases such as:

  • Join
  • Become a member
  • Come along

Remember that pyramid by Abraham Maslow that you had to memorize in high school Psychology? As it turns out, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs brilliantly explains why marketing that encourages a sense of belonging satisfies a deep psychological need within our brain. Similarly, by using influential phrases that imply scarcity like “only 3 left” or “limited offer,” marketers can appeal to our most basic needs.

Final Word(s)

At the end of the day, it seems that no matter how smart we think we are as consumers, we’re all slaves to our desire. Any self-aware business will partner with a marketing firm that understands these desires and knows how to turn them into sales.

To put it bluntly, we want what we want when we want it. And even if we don’t want it, you can convince us that we want it if you can use the right words at the right time, give us a reason, and associate it with our basic needs.

If you need help with optimizing your website with high-quality, strategic copy that can drive clicks and conversions, try out Eminent SEO. Learn about our Landing Page Optimization Services here, or call 800.871.4130 today.

Team Eminent SEO

Eminent SEO provides strategic SEO campaigns with measurable results along with expert website design, development, pay per click, content and social media and organic website marketing. 800.871.4130.

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How to Find a Qualified Content Marketer to Add to Your Team

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Qualified Content Marketer - Eminent SEO

Effective content marketing can take your entire company to another level. It can spread awareness of your brand, as well as create a following that’s hooked on the material you release and eager to consume your future offerings.

Content marketing that is done well should lead indirectly to more sales for the company that produces it. However, many businesses are lagging behind when it comes to actualizing the power of this type of marketing.

According to a recent Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs survey, although 88 percent of the business-to-business companies that were surveyed said they use content marketing, only 30 percent of them considered their organization effective at it. Additionally, only 44 percent thought their company was clear on what a successful content marketing program looks like.

The same survey revealed that companies that excel the most at content marketing use an average of 42 percent of their total marketing budget on this particular strategy, which is much higher than the current norm. These proficient companies also use a higher number of content marketing tactics and social media platforms on average than businesses that are struggling with this discipline.

One of the most critical steps in boosting your company’s content marketing game is to find a competent and qualified content marketer. This means looking for someone who can bring more to the table than just copywriting competence. Hiring a qualified content marketer can be a time-intensive process, but it will be worth it if you find the right individual.

Before we get into how to find a qualified content marketer, let’s back up a bit and make sure we’re on the same page about what content marketing is.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing aims to educate or entertain consumers in hopes of retaining customers or attracting new ones. This type of content eschews a sales pitch and makes little-to-no mention of the company behind it. It also has the potential to change or enhance consumer behavior, according to the Content Marketing Institute. This material hasn’t always been free to the consumer, but as it has reared its head in the online world, it more commonly appears at no cost to the public – or even to its subscribers.

Content marketing was actually known as “branded content” for several years before marketers started to glom onto the newer term. What we now know as content marketing has existed since before the 20th century. Its origins are often traced to John Deere’s creation of “The Furrow” agricultural journal for consumers.

Other Non-Digital Examples of Content Marketing

Did you know soap opera got its name from the soap manufacturers such as Proctor & Gamble that used to exclusively sponsor this type of radio and television content?

Content marketing really started taking off in the 1980s, led by Hasbro and Marvel’s creation of a “G.I. Joe” comic book. LEGO launched what is now known as the “LEGO Club” magazine a few years after. These were indirect methods of trying to boost the sales of certain action figures and kids toys.

Other industries have followed suit, such as Red Bull launching “The Red Bulletin” magazine roughly 10 years ago. Meanwhile, beer manufacturer Leinenkugel’s has included a self-published newspaper in every 12-pack of its product for several years now.

There are countless other examples across almost every industry. For an example local to us here at Eminent SEO, the renowned “Arizona Highways” magazine is actually operated by the Arizona Department of Transportation.

What are the Main Channels for Content Marketing Distribution?

Mail Notification - Eminent SEOContent marketing online is generally cheaper to produce than past print- and TV-based material, and the barriers to entry are lower than they used to be. However, this content has to be released at a much faster rate than before. Online content marketing material almost always involves some amount of writing, but it goes well beyond just the company’s blog.

The most common digital content marketing channels include:

  • Social media
  • Blogs and other website articles
  • Videos
  • Email
  • White papers and eBooks
  • Infographics
  • Webinars, webcasts and podcasts
  • Online presentations, such as through SlideShare
  • Research reports

Many businesses that are committed to content marketing have also cited in-person events as an effective outlet for expanding their message.

According to the aforementioned Content Marketing Institute-MarketingProfs survey, the most effective social media platforms for B2B content marketers are (in order):

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • SlideShare
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Google+

What it Takes to Find and Hire a Qualified Content Marketer

Now that we’re clear on what content marketing is, let’s explore the process you should put in place in order to find a highly qualified content marketer. The right candidate is going to need a mix of skills that goes beyond copywriting. You should probably establish this process as more of an audition rather than a series of interviews.

Start by Writing a Targeted Job Posting

Help Wanted Sign - Max - Eminent SEOGet the ball rolling by writing a strong job ad. This posting needs to catch a content marketer’s eye, and it needs to be clear and specific to the open position.

Using boilerplate language about your company will hurt your chances of finding the perfect candidate. You need to tailor the job posting to the specific tasks involved as well as the skills and qualities you’re looking for.

Don’t overwhelm the job seeker by listing every minute responsibility they would have. Nonetheless, you still don’t want your posting to be overly open-ended regarding which tasks they would be doing and which programs they need to know.

As far as where you should post your job ad, here are a few ideas:

  • LinkedIn
  • Indeed
  • Inbound.org
  • Glassdoor
  • We Work Remotely (if it’s OK for the marketer to not come into your office every day)
  • Your own blog or eNewsletter

What to Ask For

For your job posting’s submission requests, here’s what you should ask for:

  • A resume (not a C.V.)
  • Three links to exemplary online writing samples
  • A sample pitch email for three topics that would mesh with your company’s existing blog

On your end, the resume doesn’t need to have as much emphasis as it would for most other positions. However, it’s still important to receive one so you can see if the candidate’s history of achievement in academia and the workforce translates well to your open content marketing position.

With your candidates’ writing samples, you need to look for someone whose writing isn’t dull and who can handle relaying high-brow or technical information in an engaging way. You also want to see if they can handle writing longer pieces, such as 1,000-1,500 words or more. And finally, if the samples they gave you have social signals, take a look at those to make sure the writer has been able to reach a sizeable audience.

In the pitch email, the candidate should feature three ideas for your company’s blog. In this email, you should also look for an engaging hook, and an overallmessage that’s concise and in line with the style of communication in your industry.

Going Beyond the Resume: Putting Their Writing to the Test

For the candidates that pass your initial assessment, you should put their writing to the test with an assignment. This will give both parties an idea of what it’s like to work with each other.

Choose one pitch for each candidate and ask them to begin bringing the idea to fruition. It’s best to pick one of the pitches that’s a little out of the candidate’s wheelhouse – judging by their resume – so that they have to do some research in order to return with the first draft. Give the candidates a few days (maybe even a week) and ask for about 1,000 words.

For each applicant, if you see potential in their first draft, give them feedback and suggested revisions. Once they have acknowledged receiving your suggestions, give them two hours to return with a revised piece. This step is crucial to see if they can work on deadline. If the applicant has incorporated your suggestions to your liking and the piece meets your company standards, then he or she gets to move on to the final evaluation.

Interviewing In-Person or via Webcam

Webcam Interview - Eminent SEONo, you don’t need to wait until this far into the process to conduct the first interview. You can actually do it right before the revision deadline if you want, as it will be clear when the two-hour deadline starts – when the interview concludes or as soon as they get home. Otherwise, you can just schedule the interview sometime after the applicant submits his or her revised written assignment.

You should block out an hour for the interview, at minimum. Ideally, an interview for a qualified content marketer would last 2 to 2.5 hours. The first half should consist of you asking them questions, while the second half should be their questions for you. As you’re probably aware, if the candidate isn’t asking very many questions about the job or the company, he or she will have a harder time earning the job offer.

As you interview the applicant, you’ll get a better idea if his or her personality will mesh with your company’s culture, which will be important in a position that usually involves a lot of collaboration. You’ll also want to ask about which platforms and digital tools the candidate is comfortable with, as well as what ideas he or she has for raising brand awareness beyond simply writing a good blog post.

Making Your Final Decision

A qualified content marketer will not only be able to write for various platforms, but will also need to possess the following qualities:

  • Networking skills (online and in person)
  • Research skills
  • Basic design knowledge (image and web page)
  • An idea of which topics can generate interest
  • Basic SEO knowledge
  • Familiarity with multiple digital tools
  • Willingness to learn new programs, platforms and methods
  • Forward-thinking ideas on how to boost your marketing efforts

Interview Candidate Checklist - Eminent SEOIt can be hard to gauge each candidate’s competence in those areas based on their writing samples, the writing exercise and an interview, but you should be able to come pretty close. Some of these skills can be acquired along the way if you find an applicant who is flexible and astute enough. Once you’ve aligned all of the variables and decided on the right person, try to make your offer within a couple of days.

Also, don’t forget to notify the candidates who didn’t make the cut. They longer they made it through your process, the more detailed of an email they should receive. Tell them where they impressed you and where they could have improved. The ones who went through the ringer to land a job with your company deserve at least that much.

Now That You Have Your New Content Marketer

With your new content marketer on board, make sure to give the individual the support they need and be open to hearing their ideas on where to go next. As you read earlier, effective content marketing involves allocating a reasonable portion of your marketing budget to this area.

Even great content marketers won’t succeed if the company doesn’t have a solid strategy in place. The B2B companies that excel the most at content marketing meet weekly to discuss their strategy (not daily, not monthly, etc.), according to the CMI-MarketingProfs survey.

What are your goals with content marketing: Brand awareness? Lead generation? Engagement Boost? Customer Retention? It’s going to differ by the industry you’re in and the existing resources you have within your company. No matter what your strategy is, it’s going be much more successful if you’ve chosen the most motivated and proficient content marketer that replied to your job listing.

Andrew Gilstrap

Content Manager at Eminent SEO - I enjoy writing, editing and photography. I'm here to make YOUR website read better and rank better!

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6 Reasons You Need Website Marketing Services for Your Small Business

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website marketing services

Building a company is a huge investment in both time and money. Website marketing isn’t always the first thing that you think about when it is number crunching time. You have to think about employee payroll, insurance, taxes, equipment, material… and yes, marketing. Have you been hesitant to invest in website marketing services? Don’t be. Here are some top reasons why you should invest in website marketing for your small business:

More Affordable Than Traditional Marketing

With the use of social media and local marketing, you have the capability of reaching thousands for just a few hundred dollars per month. In comparison to traditional ads, like commercial and radio, you’re reaching a smaller demographic for a larger spend. Your return on investment is much higher with online marketing. The data doesn’t lie.

24 Hour Brand Visibility

When your social platforms, local listings and website are all setup and properly branded – your business is visible to your potential customers 24 hours per day. This means when a potential buyer is researching your service or product, you have a better chance of being visible to them – even if it’s the middle of the night. Make sure your brand fully represents what your company is all about and what separates you from the competition and you can literally make money while you sleep.

Your Competition is Already Doing It

If it is working for them, it will work for you too. In today’s digital age, most buyers are searching on Google or looking for a referral on Facebook or another social platform. If your website is not visible in the search results and easy to find on social media but your competition’s is, you are missing out on a lot of potential business.

Easily Target Your Geographical Area

If you have a small local business and you know exactly where your customers are located, you can target that area specifically. You can do so with Facebook ads, Google Adwords, social media and organic SEO campaigns. With the combination of all these online mediums, you have a much higher chance of reaching your target demographic geographically, which will dramatically boost your conversions.

You Can Keep in Touch with Your Customers

The beauty of online marketing is you have so many different ways to keep in touch with your customers. Email marketing and social media are two ways to easily interact with your past customers, which opens up more opportunity for repeat business. This also shows off your great customer service skills, which could really open up opportunity for new business as well.

It Grows Your Business

Everything mentioned above will help lead your business to the ultimate goal of increasing sales. Your business will grow as you progress with your website marketing strategy. Instead of simply hiring sales staff, why not consider investing more money in your website marketing services?

Closing Thoughts

You need website marketing services to grow your brand and business if you want to keep up with today’s marketing trends. If you have a small business, you also might have a smaller marketing budget. Stop wasting your money on outdated marketing techniques and spend that budget building your online presence. Organic website marketing is proven to deliver the highest ROI.

Need help growing and maintaining your online presence? Call today for more information on how we can partner and help grow your business together: 800-871-4130

Lacey Chic

Account Manager at Eminent SEO - Passionate About Digital Marketing. I love music, pitbulls, traveling, hiking, yoga, and learning.

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2015 Digital Marketing Trends

digital marketing trends

As we approach 2015, it’s time for marketers to prepare for the upcoming trends. The state of digital marketing is constantly evolving, so it’s important to keep up with these never-ending changes in order to continue thriving in this industry. Take a look at some of the marketing trends for 2015:

High Quality Content Continues to Evolve and Become a Prominent Ranking Factor

Google continues to release algorithm updates to rank high quality websites higher in the search results. High quality, detailed content is in and Google continues to favor high quality content because it provides a better user-experience. Educating potential customers with quality content will become the primary mission for most brands this upcoming year.

Personalization Will Thrive

The old marketing techniques where sending email blasts to random emails is out. It’s ineffective and will only result in a banned email list. Personalization is in. Personalizing your email marketing strategies by tailoring email blasts to specific lists is highly effective.

This can also be done with social media. Connecting with those who are going to benefit from the content will increase engagement and leads. Utilizing social media as a means to build up reputation and reach out to customers helps build that relationship. Who cares about the amount of followers when nobody’s engaging? Having the right followers is key and connecting with them on a personal level with educational content that’s going to benefit them will help increase brand awareness.

Focus on Internal Communication with the Use of Technology

We believe that communication is one of the most important pieces to building a relationship as well as executing any marketing strategy effectively. With the right team and systems in place, this allows communication to be seamless and clear. The usage of CRMs, SEO tools, and marketing automation platforms allows everyone to access data and understand where the marketing campaign stands. Making it clear when there’s an issue with the campaign or when certain people aren’t fulfilling their duties.

Video Becomes a Primary Content Advocate for Conversion Rates

Videos are becoming more important for users because nobody really wants to sit around and read a landing page on a website that has 1,000 words. Not saying that’s bad, it’s still great for search engines, but we need to supplement that content with a video option as well. Having short length videos will entice users to watch and become educated, staying on the landing page longer. Having users on a landing page longer helps build trust for that landing page since the content seems highly relevant to the user and triggers the search engine to assume the same thing. When a user finds the content they’re looking for, they’re more likely to convert into a lead, increasing the conversion rate for that page. An example might be a “How To” video on a product page showing how the product can be installed correctly.

The Connection of Content, Social Media, and SEO Emerges More Than Ever

This was a marketing prediction for 2014 as well, and it has come a long way in this one year alone. Business owners are beginning to understand that SEO alone isn’t going to be as effective as blogging, social media, and SEO combined. This trifecta of marketing channels is emerging more than ever before and people are noticing larger increases in organic traffic because of it. Really, what’s the point of having a blog with nowhere to share it? What’s the point of having content when no one can find it? Google is ever-changing and continues to include fresh content and social signals in their algorithms as a means to rank websites higher. This is becoming a trend that’s no longer an option, but a necessity to receive the results anticipated.

Mobile Search Surpasses Desktop Search

It’s been predicted that mobile search is on track to surpass desktop search by 2015. This seems to be on track by the end of 2015. Users are becoming more and more comfortable completing transactions on their mobile device as well as searching for local businesses on their mobile device. According to Marketing Land, mobile will be the primary channel for paid search by the end of next year. The average conversion rate for tablets is already higher than desktops for paid search.

Smart marketers are focusing on building a presence online, not just for desktop users, but mobile users. Think about email templates being responsive as well as websites being responsive. Would an app be beneficial for potential customers? If so, create one. It’s another chance to capture information and generate leads while providing an incentive to users. The point is, keep mobile user-experience in mind when developing next year’s marketing plan. Mobile experience will be a key ranking factor for mobile searches, and if the user-experience is lacking, so will the rankings.

Marketing Automation Becomes a Normal Way to Generate Leads

It’s no secret that the usage of marketing automation platforms such as HubSpot are vastly expanding. 2015 isn’t going to be any different. In fact, it’s going to become a primary focus for lead generation for businesses of all shapes and sizes. The benefit of these platforms? Higher quality leads. With capabilities to see exactly who’s prospecting a website, who’s engaged with a social post, who’s clicked on an email, who’s downloaded a case study, etc. is a huge benefit for those looking nurture the leads that come to their website. There’s no way to do that type of lead generation/nurturing without a system that’s able to track those primary metrics. By having those metrics available in one centralized location along with the overall campaign analytics, there’s less room for error, and more room to focus on gaining qualified leads. The best part – the ability to show real ROI.

Closing Thoughts

High quality content and data driven results are going to continue to thrive. Mobile is going to dominate search like never before, and marketing automation platforms will be primary reporting tools for lead generation. Digital marketing is more than just writing a blog post and sharing it on social media. It’s technology, communication, experience, content, and data all working together to reach goals. Don’t fall behind the digital marketing trends of today or tomorrow. At a loss of how to build digital marketing campaigns for 2015? Learn more about our services here or give us a call: 800-871-4130

Lacey Chic

Account Manager at Eminent SEO - Passionate About Digital Marketing. I love music, pitbulls, traveling, hiking, yoga, and learning.

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Inbound Marketing: The Most Effective B2B Marketing Solution

In order to continuing growing your B2B business, you need quality leads. Many businesses may be thinking “Yeah, if only it were that easy.” We’re with you on that. It’s not fast and it’s not easy. It takes a team of professionals who are proficient in the different areas of inbound marketing to really see results.

What Is Inbound Marketing?

inbound marketing









Inbound marketing, a coined phrase from HubSpot, is the process of attracting the right visitors, converting those visitors into qualified leads, nurturing those leads into customers, and retaining ongoing customers. In other words: Attract, Convert, Nurture, Delight.

Inbound marketing pulls customers into conversation via SEO, social media, blogging, and email marketing. Whereas the old techniques of marketing known as outbound marketing, interrupts customers into seeing your product or service. This comes in various forms including: TV ads, print materials, cold calling, pop up advertising, banner advertising, and more.

The Benefits of Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing for B2B Companies

I could go on about the benefits of inbound vs. outbound, but I’ll keep it straight to the point.

Benefit 1: Build Long-Term Relationships

business relationships

Your content is the face of your business with inbound marketing. It’s what attracts those potential customers to seeing your brand and website. Your content is also the piece that’s going to convert, nurture, and retain your customers. Content = communication.

Just because a potential buyer doesn’t immediately call to purchase your product or service, doesn’t mean they aren’t researching you. In most cases, businesses are going to research you before making initial contact. They will follow your social profiles, read your blogs, and hopefully sign up for your newsletter. To justify it, you need content to build these relationships and stay in front your prospects. They will think of your brand as a trusted resource if you’re pushing out quality stuff. That’s ultimately what builds business relationships today.

With the outbound marketing techniques, the goal isn’t to build relationships. The goal is to get the most visibility possible without keeping your ideal audience in mind. See how costs can add up quickly here? This leads us into the cost comparison.

Benefit 2: More Cost Effective

Per Hubspot, the average cost per lead is 61% lower with inbound marketing than outbound.

cost per lead

If you’ve ever done any form of advertising, you know how expensive it can be. But why spend all the money when you can create better results for less? That’s a question I’m sure a lot of marketers are asking their clients.

Benefit 3: Marketing Provides Value to the End Consumer

With B2B inbound marketing, the ideal way to getting those clients is by educating them. Showing them the value in your product or service through your content. This can be done with eBooks, white papers, webinars, and speaking conferences. The goal is to get your ideal client to understand your product or service and how it will directly benefit them as a consumer.

With outbound marketing, there isn’t much education done by marketers. The goal here is creating ads that will stand out over their competition. Creativity is the core strategy for ad visibility.

How to Use Inbound Marketing to Quantify Leads into Customers

Let’s break it down. When employing inbound marketing to generate B2B leads, you get a much higher return on your investment. And here’s what you need:

A Properly Optimized Website

This is the first and most IMPORTANT part to your inbound marketing strategy. Your website should be set up to where unique visitors can easily understand what their next steps are. When a visitor lands on a page from the search results, it needs to be relevant. It then needs to provide a call to action (CTA) leading the visitor down a path to ultimately meet their end goal. See our Landing Page Optimization Checklist to learn more.

Identify Your Target Audience

This is also known as developing your ideal buyer persona. Age, gender, geographic, industry, etc. Who is that person? When you’re developing your content strategy, it’s important to know who that is. That way you can tailor your content voice toward your buyer persona.

Solid Keyword Research and SEO Strategy

Keywords are the backbone of your content strategy. Ultimately the goal is to have more visibility in the search results to attract the RIGHT visitors, right? This is done with identifying keywords that are going to convert visitors into leads. Make sure your website and content marketing is making the most of these keywords.

Set Goals

set goals

In order to know if your inbound marketing strategy is successful, you need to set realistic goals. Goals that are attainable would include percentage increases like: conversion rate, visitor to lead, lead to customer, traffic increases, etc. Set milestones and expectations for your client and team.

Concrete Content Marketing and Social Media Strategy

With B2B marketing, you want to be known as the leader in your industry and raise awareness. To do so, you need a solid content marketing and social media strategy to get that content visible. Create editorial calendars that include eBook topics, blog topics, social topics, and focus keywords. This will help you stay on task with your content.

content marketing

Blog frequency should be at least once per week, ideally twice per week with valuable content. Topic ideas should stem from frequently asked questions, keywords, industry news, etc. Each blog should have a final CTA and this is where eBooks and other resources strongly come into play.

When you’re attracting visitors via blog posts, the best CTA for B2B, is another related resource. Ideally you want this resource to have a landing page where they fill out their information. Related sources like eBooks, white papers, webinar signups, newsletter signups, etc. can help keep those qualified visitors engaged on your site. This will lead to an increased volume of leads and increased visitor duration.

Social media is so important! Yes, even for B2B marketing. Specifically, LinkedIn which is a lead generating machine for B2B marketing. You want to be posting AT LEAST 20 times per month because it’ll increase the overall visibility of your company page by posting more frequently. If you don’t have a huge following, promote posts that are important such as your eBooks and blog posts. This can help increase engagement which also increases your content and profile visibility. Make sure you’re targeting your buyer persona when engaging and posting here.

Email Marketing and Marketing Automation

This is the final piece to the puzzle. Now that you’ve done the work to attract the right leads with your SEO, content marketing, and social media, you need to convert them and retain them. Email marketing and marketing automation play a huge role in this.

Here’s how it works. Someone fills out the form for an eBook on your website or blog. Upon request, you send an automated email with the link to the eBook and a friendly welcome. Now that you know what this lead is interested in (based off the content), you can gear your email marketing to be targeted to their needs. For instance, the lead downloads an eBook about “What a Website Needs to Be SEO Friendly”. You’re not going to email them about social media. You’re going to continue sending emails with case studies, webinars, other eBooks that are related to website design and SEO. This is what keeps them engaged and where marketing automation is so crucial because you’re staying in front of the potential buyer.

After a series of engagement has occurred, then it’s time to email them personally and ask to set up a call to go over their needs. If they accept, that’s a qualified lead that should now begin going through your sales process. Click here for tips on Effectively Selling SEO.

Why This is the Most Effective B2B Marketing Solution

In terms of B2B marketing, the ultimate goal is building relationships. Whether that’s with other companies or individuals with specialties, you need to know people to get the business. One of the best ways to get to know new people is by engaging with them on the internet. There’s only so many people you can meet in your city at a conference… With the internet, you can pinpoint your target demographic, connect with knowledgeable individuals, and educate them without pushing them to buy your product or service. Pulling them into conversation instead of bombarding them with cold calls and annoying ads is how you get people’s attention in today’s world.

Inbound marketing is effective for small and large businesses. It’s where technology, creativity, and knowledge come together. Those powers can go a long way and help effectively build your brand and quantify leads online.

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Lacey Chic

Account Manager at Eminent SEO - Passionate About Digital Marketing. I love music, pitbulls, traveling, hiking, yoga, and learning.

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5 Reasons to Hire a Website Marketing Company

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website marketing
If you’re a business, you probably want potential customers to find you online. By having more online impressions, it increases your business’s chance of accumulating quality leads without having to cold call. This is especially important for businesses who sell their products solely online.

According to Forrester Research, US consumers will spend approximately $327 billion online by 2016. Don’t be that company that falls behind!

Having a website marketing company can bring so many advantages for businesses who are struggling to increase their online visibility. Learn why:

1. You Have An Expert’s Touch

Have you ever shopped online or done online research and come across a website that looked hoaky and unprofessional? Do you trust those websites? If it looks hoaky on the outside, how can you trust that your information is secure and that the product or service is high quality?

Does your website follow all of the best practices and look professional? If not, you could be losing out on a lot of business. Having an expert design and development for your website is crucial. Design experts know what’s fresh. Development experts know how to secure your database and maintain your shopping cart and website to prevent security threats and downtime. Having the expert’s touch will help create that visually appealing and fully functional website you need.

2. You Have More Time to Focus on Your Business

By hiring a website marketing company, you have more time to focus on what’s important: your business. Let the marketing experts worry about the marketing, while you focus on your business strategy, maintaining your staff, and financial obligations. This will provide ease of mind knowing that your business marketing is in good hands.

3. More Cost-Effective Than Having an In-House Marketing Team

This is a no brainer. You can save thousands of dollars by hiring a marketing firm versus an in-house marketing team. Think about the salaries. To hire a Marketing Director alone is a big cost to cover. That’s just part of the team. This also doesn’t include the hard costs that go into marketing and advertising either.

For website marketing, you would also need a Website Developer, Graphic Designer, Social Media Manager, Search Engine Marketing Professional, and more. Don’t rely on someone who says they can do it all because it won’t be as quality of work as an entire company that specializes in all of the services and focuses each one individually.

4. You Have Access to SEO Professionals

Every website needs optimization in order to be found by search engines and easily navigated by users. It can be difficult to find people who understand search engine optimization (SEO), and the strategy that goes behind building your website rankings. This takes knowledge and someone who dedicates their time to SEO strategies and keeping up-to-date with the latest Google algorithm updates. By having a dedicated website marketing firm, you can feel more comfortable knowing that your website is in good hands and you have a better chance of capturing more qualified traffic. Be careful though! There are a lot of companies out there that still practice “bad” SEO techniques that can get you penalized in Google. Here are some important services to look for that fall under the category of good practices today:

  • Keyword research: no matter what type of marketing you are buying into, you need to know your important key phrases.
  • Landing page optimization (LPO): optimizing your website for better conversions.
  • On-page SEO: optimizing your website for better search engine visibility.
  • Content marketing (such as: blogging, article writing, press release writing, and website content writing): look for SEO and LPO friendly content for your marketing strategies.
  • Custom link strategies: links still matter, but they need to be relevant and have authority. Don’t buy into mass directory submission and low quality microsites as these can get your site penalized.
  • Social media management: to increase your brand visibility and referral traffic.
  • Local optimization: to help your local key phrases get better organic placement.
  • Monthly reporting: Any legitimate marketing company should provide you with a full monthly report of all work performed and key performance indications (KPI’s).

5. Constant Education of Website Marketing

By investing in a website marketing company, your business will not only gain more online exposure and sales, but you and your staff will constantly be educated with the latest online marketing trends. Since this industry is constantly evolving, the agency that you choose to partner with should be educating you as you go with the evolving trends. Not only will you be educated, but your campaign will also evolve and change as the industry changes.


Don’t be that company that falls behind. We can’t stress this enough. If your business doesn’t have a website marketing strategy or hasn’t hired a website marketing company, you’re already way behind and your competitors are most likely already getting ahead by spending hundreds or thousands on marketing to their website. Technology is our future, and the internet has an endless amount of opportunities for any business to grow.

Print (like the Yellow Pages) is dead. The Internet is now.

If you need help with your website marketing, contact us today! We have professionals standing by waiting to help grow your business online.

Lacey Chic

Account Manager at Eminent SEO - Passionate About Digital Marketing. I love music, pitbulls, traveling, hiking, yoga, and learning.

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5 Website Metrics You Absolutely Have to Track

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Google Analytics Online marketers have a notorious (and unfortunate) reputation for not being able to concretely demonstrate the ROI of the services they provide. This statement holds true even with sophisticated marketing, tracking and analytical tools because it can be very difficult to determine where sales come from.

For example, if someone reads your blog for 6 months and then suddenly decides to give you a call, how do you attribute all revenue generated from this client to your internet marketing efforts?  If you ask them about what convinced them to work with you, will they simply say “the blog?”. Probably not. Besides, how did they find your blog in the first place?

Even though you can’t always precisely track your website and marketing ROI, you can track some very important metrics which tell you how successful your marketing efforts are and how well your website is converting.

Here are 5 of the TOP Google Analytics metrics we recommend you track:

1.      Bounce Rate

This metric measures how many people view only one page on your website and then leave.  A fair to good rate is somewhere between 40 – 60%. If your rate is any higher than 60%, your page (or ad copy) likely isn’t resonating with your visitors well. Look for low bounce rate pages and compare them to pages with high bounce rates to evaluate the differences. Once you’ve identified the “bad” pages you can work on the headline, copy, images, etc. and improve the content there for a better user experience, which should lead to lower bounce rates.

2.      Conversion Rate

Your conversion rate measures how many people took the desired action on a particular page, or perhaps across your entire website. For example, conversions could be the number of people who download a free report, contact you using your online form, subscribe to a newsletter or purchase a certain product. If your website has low conversion rates, you know that the offer isn’t compelling enough or that the ad/organic keyword they clicked through from wasn’t relevant enough to the goal of the page. Make sure your keyword strategy, ad copy and website information match for improved conversion rates. And don’t forget to add a clear, compelling call to action on EVERY page of your website.

3.      Traffic Sources

By tracking where you traffic is coming from, you can better understand how successful your organic marketing, PPC campaigns, content strategies and/or social media efforts have been. Google Analytics can make it difficult to understand which exact keywords drive traffic to your website, but you can at least get an overall picture of where your traffic is coming from (referral sites, social, organic, paid, etc.). If you tie your traffic sources to leads and conversions, you can really nail down exactly where you should be spending your marketing dollars and in house efforts for a better ROI.

4.      Keywords

It’s not so easy to rank organically for specific keywords anymore, but it’s still important to track them to get a decent gauge of which keywords not only drive targeted traffic – but traffic that converts! Another way to analyze keywords is to look at how many people click through on your search listing for each keyword (click through rates). This tells you how relevant your search listing is compared to what people are searching for. You’ll be able to see which keywords convert the best, and then you can reasonably surmise additional variations of those keywords to pursue in your future internet marketing efforts. You can also try different meta titles and descriptions to help you identify which keywords and benefits get you a better click through rate.

5.      Visitors

By examining the total number of visitors to your website, you can start to track month over month increases. We recommend diving deeper into this metric and looking at overall visitor’s verses unique visitors. If your goal is to drive NEW traffic each month, it’s more important to have unique visitors than repeats. However, the number of visits – unique or not – is secondary to conversions. Ultimately the most important metric is your website conversion rate. If you only get a small amount of traffic but most of it converts, then you are on the right track.

Happy Tracking!

This is really only scratching the surface of Google Analytics and tracking important metrics, but if you can nail down these metrics then you can rest assured you have at least begun to understand your SEO and marketing campaigns and how effective they are in helping your website convert.

Of course we recommend hiring a professional SEO firm if you are struggling with website traffic and conversions… oh, and guess what? That’s what we do best. Just give us a call if you need help: 800.871.4130.

Jenny Stradling

Owner and CEO at Eminent SEO in Mesa, Arizona. I started doing SEO and marketing work in 2005. I'm a {very} busy mom of 4 and I owe my sanity to my partner in work and life, Chris Weatherall. I love sharing and engaging in business and marketing conversations, and I'm heavy into social media and blogging on these topics. I love coffee, wine, food and other people who enjoy the adventure of seeking out the best places to eat and drink. In my free time (what's that?) you'll most likely find me studying philosophy and spirituality, cooking for my family or relaxing with a nice glass of wine, a funny movie and the people I love.

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SEO: Post-Penguin Era Craves More Promotion than Content

Much confusion still abounds within the web-world as to how exactly the recent Google algorithm updates have affected rankings for established and new websites. While great debates over links, content, and keyword strategy still rage – often times contradicting from source to source – one marketing practice has remained virtually unaffected by the updates: promotion.

The bottom line of search engine optimization is, and always has been, increasing visibility. Many websites and pages’ rankings on Google’s search results immediately declined right after the algorithms had been updated. While their placing slipped on Google, placing remained virtually unchanged, or – in some cases – had risen higher on other engines such as Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Increased rankings on other search engines are always a good thing, though Google is still the most widely used search engine, by far.

There still is no 100% effective way of guaranteeing your site a high Google ranking, but promotion is a 100% effective way of gaining visibility to your site. Whether your content is informative, entertaining, or just simply “sought-after,” good content will draw-in traffic, if only it is properly promoted. Guest-blogging on other sites, advertising, social media interaction, and reaching into new forms of media are all very good forms of promotion.

As regular web-users become more savvy and comfortable with delving into new devices, hardware, and software; brands and companies also need to feel comfortable reaching into these media outlets. Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, and other apps/sites are virally becoming more and more popular. With their growing popularity, comes a necessity for businesses and websites to acquire an understanding of and familiarity with these products.

Though promotion within these various sites and applications is a growing necessity, maintaining and creating new and relevant promotional content in numerous locations is requiring more and more time, making it a full-time job for not only one person, but a staff of dozens.

This need for promotion management is boosting business and requiring more employees for marketing and SEO firms alike. While marketing and advertisement agencies had been hit hard by the move from print to web promotion in the past, businesses that embrace classic promotion tactics and implement them into new forms of technology have a wealth of opportunities ahead of them.

“The more things change, the more they stay the same,” was quoted by Alphonse Karr in the 19th Century, but as we are reaching further into the 21st Century, the quote is still relevant. While big changes are afoot within the online community, adaptation and promotion continue to produce great results that allow your brand and company to remain visible, successful, and profitable.

Zachary Ankeny

After attaining my Associates Degree in Visual communications in 2000, I set off on a long career as a freelance writer and graphic designer. I have designed and headed many marketing campaigns for companies big and small all around the country. It is my belief that graphic design and writing go hand-in-hand, as they are both forms of communication. My non-fiction works have been published in dozens of magazines and publications. I have written for – and worked with – organizations such as: Banner Hospitals, The Jerome Historical Society, The Arizona Historical Society, City of Tempe, City of Bakersfield, Town of Gilbert, Wildhorse Ranch Rescue, Cynic Magazine, e|Fiction Magazine, and many more. Writing and designing is my passion and I look forward to continuing on with it for many years to come.

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3 of the Best Games for iPad that are Changing the Media Market

In 2009, the video game industry sold 273 million units, leading to $10.5 billion dollars in revenue (according to NPD Group). This astounding number has been growing exponentially in the past few years as video games have moved into the corners of social networks and telecommunications.


With the growing popularity of handheld devices such as tablets, iPhones, and Android phones, these devices have become another platform for entertainment and games. From quick and basic games to full-on hi-resolution epics, games designed specifically for handheld devices are creating a whole new side to gaming, and simultaneously opening the industry as a marketing tool for businesses in other markets.


Here, we will highlight a few games that are changing the classic view on marketing and gaming…




“The Dark Meadow” – A true game-changer, this game has some of the most intense and well thought out storylines for a game on any platform, making its strict iPad-only availability so surprising. The game’s high definition graphics, mind-boggling special effects, and frightfully realistic sounds and voices pull the player into a surreal world. Furthering the limitless interactivity of the game is the fact that the player is given incentives to try out other products. These incentives and bonuses are given to the player if they view sponsored sites, demo other games, or order products. Certain items in the game are only obtainable with “Sun Coins.” While these coins can be purchased with “real-world money,” the gamer can also earn these coins by interacting with their sponsors’ web pages or advertisements. This, of course, is not the first game to employ real monetary costs into its storyline, but Dark Meadow has brought it to an all new level.


“Six Guns” – Following Dark Meadow’s marketing tactics, Six Guns employs the same sponsor and advertisement techniques as its dark predecessor. The one difference is that Six Guns is an open ended game that doesn’t have much of a beginning, end, or straight storyline. The plot and how the stories unfold is based on the user controlling the character. Similar to the Everquest and World of Warcraft realms, an ever-growing collection of cities, states and regions are constantly being created and updated. This move keeps the gamer interested in the game for years to come. Coupling this long-term use with the ever-growing list of sponsors and advertisers, the platform has the potential to generate a never-ending amount of revenue.


“Dominos Pizza Hero” – Quite possibly the most ingenious marketing ploy every created, this app/game took the act of purchasing a product and turned it into a highly addictive game. Tens of thousands of consumers order pizza every night. Many of those ordering have given up the traditional phone call order for the web-based ordering system – as it is more dynamic and fun. With the unveiling of the Pizza Hero App, many are soon to move to a new system of ordering. With this app, you quite literally make your own pizza. From rolling out the dough to saucing the pie, to placing your choice toppings, you control exactly how your pizza will be made. After you’ve made your entire pizza, you can browse through a list of coupons for your area, enter payment information, and even receive promotional news, deals and more. Both fun and functional, you can expect to see more brands taking a cue from Dominos and implementing this same tactic in their own ordering procedures.


These are just a few of the newest marketing opportunities being coupled with mobile-gaming, and new apps are appearing in app stores every day. In the days, weeks and years to come, we are sure to see increasingly dynamic and original uses for marketing in video games.



Zachary Ankeny

After attaining my Associates Degree in Visual communications in 2000, I set off on a long career as a freelance writer and graphic designer. I have designed and headed many marketing campaigns for companies big and small all around the country. It is my belief that graphic design and writing go hand-in-hand, as they are both forms of communication. My non-fiction works have been published in dozens of magazines and publications. I have written for – and worked with – organizations such as: Banner Hospitals, The Jerome Historical Society, The Arizona Historical Society, City of Tempe, City of Bakersfield, Town of Gilbert, Wildhorse Ranch Rescue, Cynic Magazine, e|Fiction Magazine, and many more. Writing and designing is my passion and I look forward to continuing on with it for many years to come.

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Happy Easter from Eminent SEO!

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Happy Easter from all of us at the Eminent SEOEminent Social Media office!

Give yourself and your company an Easter gift this holiday- let us create & manage your online marketing strategy and social media. Give us a call today!

Team Eminent SEO

Eminent SEO provides strategic SEO campaigns with measurable results along with expert website design, development, pay per click, content and social media and organic website marketing. 800.871.4130.

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