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How to Use Social Media and Email Marketing to Influence Repeat Business

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repeat businessThe probability of selling to an existing customer is 60 – 70%. The probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20%.” (Source)

So, now that opens up the question of why businesses only want their marketing budget spent on acquiring NEW customers. Why not focus a portion of your marketing spend to nurture your existing customers? Every business should focus at least a portion of their marketing budget to have former/existing customers become second, third, or even ongoing buyers of their product or service.

Email marketing and social media work together to create effective return customers when done right. If you have already accumulated a good amount of customers over the years and kept their information – you have the ability to reach out to those same customers in the hopes that they will buy from you again.. Staying in front of your customers is extremely important and showing them appreciation for being a customer is equally important. Here’s how to utilize these two marketing techniques to increase those repeat customers:

Stay in Front of Your Customers with Social Media

Social media can be a great way to connect with your audience and customers on a regular basis. By telling your story and giving out exclusive offers you will keep your audience, as well as past customers, influenced by your brand. Here’s how to have your customers think of your business first when they need a product or service you offer again:

Make Sure Your Customers Know You Have a Social Presence

To do this, you can put social links in your email signature. Maybe even send out a welcome email or regular newsletter to encourage them to follow your business on social media. A little blurb about exclusive deals and offers isn’t a bad idea here.

Establish Trust with Your Social Followers

You don’t want to spam your audience with a million offers a week. You want to strategically build trust which then helps build your overall brand. Building trust can be done by sharing company achievements/awards, employee stories and pictures, and useful information for your customers, such as industry news.

Promote Your Lead Generating Resources

This means landing pages that will capture customer data. If you see the same customer wanting to learn more information, they may be interested in purchasing a second time. Encourage this by sending them a follow up email asking them if they need any help. Don’t forget to thank them again for being a valued customer.

Nurture Customers with Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective techniques for generating repeat business with an extremely high ROI. According to Experian, for every $1 spent approximately $44.25 is the average return on investment. Talk about generating repeat business on a budget! Definitely doable with email marketing.

Email marketing is the gateway to nurturing those past customers into becoming on-going or repeat customers with personalization techniques. Personalizing your emails makes customers feel all warm and fuzzy inside because they feel they’re personally valued. Win, Win

Create Separate Email List for Previous Customers

The best way to mass-target your former customers is by separating out your email lists. This way you can personalize your emails and specifically thank former clients for being a customer! While thanking them, link to some featured products or services. You want to push for that second purchase and remind them why they chose to purchase from you in the first place.

Try to Accumulate Customer Data

I know it can be hard to do this part, but try. If you have information such as product purchase date, birthdays, etc. you can send anniversary style emails, such as the anniversary of when they first purchased from you. Did you follow up and ask for a review or testimonials? This is a great time to do so to get some useful feedback. Also, birthdays are a great time to email your customer and send a Happy Birthday card with a special discount. This will get them into your store and they may possibly order more products from you with their exclusive discount code.

Personalize Your Subject Lines

If you’re targeting a former customer, personalize it in the subject line with their name. This increases the chances of your email being opened by roughly 22%. Or, use other compelling text, such as “We Miss You, So We Have a Special Offer for You!” This can be tested, just try various compelling subject lines and track which ones get the best open rates.

Monitor the Behavior of Your Customer Email List Carefully

In order for you to understand what type of content is valuable to your customers, you should be monitoring their behavior through your email campaign tools and your website analytics. Is the content you’re sending them providing them value? In order to tell, look and see if they’ve clicked on links to specific landing pages in your analytics. How long did they stay on that page? What’s the bounce rate look like? Those are some valuable key performance indicators that will help you to know if your content is gaining the attention of your users.

Another key indicator you can use is the data of your past customers, for example look to see when the last time they purchased from you was. For past customers that haven’t purchased from you in over 3 months, send them an email blast with an exclusive offer. Monitor the conversion rates for this to see if your offer was valuable. If so, make this a primary campaign you can utilize every 3 months for past customers to get them back in the door.

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, both social media and email marketing are great ways to generate repeat business. You need the social media to stay in front of your customers, but you need the email marketing to nurture those customers and turn them into repeat customers. Building a trusted relationship is the goal with both marketing techniques. Former customers trust your business more when they have a memorable experience and feel valued. On-going customer communication also encourages your former or current customers to become public supporters of your brand and recommend your product or service to their friends on social media – opening even more doors for an expanding customer base.

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Eminent SEO provides strategic SEO campaigns with measurable results along with expert website design, development, pay per click, content and social media and organic website marketing. 800.871.4130.

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Effective Ways to Market Your Small Business Online

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small business marketing

In honor of small business week, we’d like to share some tips on how to market your small business online. Just because you have a small business doesn’t give you the right to make excuses for not marketing. There are so many different, creative approaches that can be done to market your small business that can be extremely cost-effective. Here’s some ideas we thought of:

Have A Professional Website to Capture Quality Leads

Before you do anything related to online marketing, look at how well the website you currently have is converting. Look at Google Analytics, how high is your bounce rate? Is it within your industry standard or is it high? If you have a high bounce rate, consider redesigning and rewriting the pages that people are bouncing off right away. Make sure your calls to actions are strong on each page. You should have a primary goal for each page and the steps the user should take should be clearly laid out and easy to follow.

Is your site mobile friendly? If not, consider moving to a responsive design. This way your website will automatically scale to fit all mobile and desktop devices and be more user-friendly. Google favors mobile friendly design and therefore responsive sites get better visibility and more mobile traffic.

Make Blogging One of Your Primary Focuses

The list of benefits of blogging can go on forever. Your blog is your hub where you can share important information related to your product or service. Blogs also allow you to create more pages that can get indexed in the search engines. Where do people usually go to find information? Search engines like Google. If your blog comes up because it was properly optimized and provides educational information, that person will most likely remember your brand when it’s time to buy or is in need of your service. Pull your customers in with educational information instead of only talking about your company and specials.

Build Up Your Email Lists

Email marketing is cheap and effective as long as you have the right content that people are interested in. Create separate lists that are tailored to different offers those people are interested in. For example: If someone subscribes to your blog, create a blog list. In that email campaign, only send out emails that provide your hottest blog topics from that month.

If someone downloaded a coupon for Air Conditioning repair, create a list only tailored to AC. Distribute emails with information and specials related to Air Conditioning specifically instead of all of the services you offer. The more personalized your email lists and email campaigns become, the higher the conversion rate will be.

Build A Strong Local Presence

If you’re a local business, this part is a given. List your business on all of the high authority local directories such as: Yelp, Google+, Yahoo Local, Bing Local, Angie’s List, Yellow Pages, and Merchant Circle. Once your listing is out there, be sure and keep it up to date with current business information. This will help search engines recognize your location which will help drive more local traffic to your website.

Actively Maintain Your Social Media Accounts

This doesn’t mean you can just setup a Facebook page and expect people to engage with you. You need to be active and post relevant, useful information that your followers are interested in. Some social media tips to consider:

  • Post multiple times per week
  • Optimize your profiles with accurate, up-to-date information
  • Provide social media only specials to track ROI
  • Follow other companies and engage with them
  • Share useful information not just from your blog, but other resources as well
  • Promote posts that are important and make sure to target people that match your buyer persona

Sponsor Local Events

These types of sponsorships work particularly when it’s related to your niche. This way you’re communicating directly with people that are interested in your product or service. Types of local sponsorships could include:

  • Community Events: There are plenty of community events to sponsor. Think of big holidays coming up. Are there any festivals happening? Look into how you could become a sponsor for them. Make sure you can get a link back to your website if you become a sponsor. This will help build authority to your site which can lead to higher rankings.
  • Nonprofit Organizations: If you partner with a nonprofit organization and decide to be a sponsor for their annual event(s), this can bring a lot of great brand awareness to your company. Again, don’t forgot to ask about them linking to your website. Depending on the event and how much you’re sponsoring, your logo and branding will be shown quite a bit throughout the event. Create something with your logo on it to give away to people. Something that people will most likely use.

On-Going Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Organic rankings can be difficult to come by especially if your business falls in a competitive space. That’s okay! Having an on-going SEO strategy will help produce keyword rankings over time. Don’t listen to a company that promises rankings in one month, chances are they using negative SEO practices which can get your website penalized. The best way is to combine quality backlinks, social media, and content marketing to help build those keyword rankings. Some ways below:

  • Content Marketing: Build your presence in the media. When you sponsor those local events, write a press release about it! This will help boost your overall website traffic as well as build brand awareness in your community. Create relationships with bloggers in your industry. See if they allow guest posts? If so, allow them to guest post on your blog as well.
  • Local Citations: As mentioned above, get listed on as many local directories you can! Make sure they are quality directories. Cite your full business name, physical address and phone number as much as you can, particularly on other local websites.
  • Quality Backlinks: Custom link placement would be your best option in providing quality backlinks. You can find relevant sites by searching in Google or going through your competitor backlinks using Open Site Explorer. Or, find a quality link provider, such as us, to help you build up your backlink index in a safe and effective way.


Owning a small business is so important to our society because you’re providing opportunities, stimulating the economy and most time doing so with quality customer service and valuable products. The tips above provide cost effective solutions to help you brand and market your small business online. Do you have other ideas that I didn’t mention above? I’d love to hear your small business marketing strategies! Let us know in the comments below, and happy small business week!

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Team Eminent SEO

Eminent SEO provides strategic SEO campaigns with measurable results along with expert website design, development, pay per click, content and social media and organic website marketing. 800.871.4130.

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Vol. 16: Oh Look, It’s 2013 – What Are Your Company’s New Year’s Resolutions?

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Max-monster-new-yearsHoly cow, is it 2013 already?!? 
As Team Eminent SEO moves into 2013, we look back at the last year and reflect on what we did well, what we struggled with and what needs to change.

Jenny Stradling, our CEO, wrote a blog post related to an internal survey she conducted to get the team involved on making improvements going into the new year. She mentions in the post how important feedback from your team is, “I think that in order to have an effective team and productive teamwork, you have to continually get feedback, have group and individual discussions and integrate team ideas wherever possible.”

You can read the full post here: Why Teamwork is Important and Why We (Eminent SEO) Love Our Work

Business New Year’s Resolution

We all make personal resolutions at this time of year – resolving to finally go on that diet or hit the gym regularly, perhaps you want to travel, quit smoking, spend more time with your kids… all good, positive goals. But what about your company resolutions? Perhaps you have a company vision and maybe you even have a detailed mission statement that breaks down exactly where you want to take your company this year. Or, maybe you don’t.

Someone smart once said “A goal without a plan is just a wish”.Think about it. If you are looking to market a new product, raise awareness for your brand, dramatically improve company revenues… it’s not enough to have the vision, you have to have a plan.

First, you have to know what you want – be specific. Saying “I want to make more money” isn’t enough. You need to detail out exactly what you want. Think it through. Write it down.

Second, you have to develop a strategy that you can put into motion. How else are you going to get what you want? It would be nice if what we wanted simply fell into our laps, but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. If you want to achieve a specific goal, you have to have a solid plan.

Third, put that plan into motion. If you aren’t sure how to reach your goals, reach out – have a team meeting, discuss your plan with the members of your company or others that you trust. Or, reach out for expert help. If you know what you need to do but don’t have the time, know how or in-house staff – hire someone who does!

Forth, start, implement, track and adjust. Knowing what you want, developing and plan and putting it into motion is a nice start – but even the best business strategy can fail. External sources can interfere, life can get in the way – don’t worry! It’s important to remain open minded and flexible. Keep an eye on what is happening and if something isn’t working, don’t be afraid to change course!

Is SEO on Your “To Do” List this Year?

Website_Checklist.1Well if it isn’t, it should be. SEO is an important part of any online marketing strategy. If you think SEO is dead, well you are wrong. Read more on why SEO will never die and get some free tips on how to do SEO the right way here:Why SEO is Not Dead

Grow Your Business in 2013

We hope that you’re enjoying your new year so far! If you are looking for expert help in growing your business in 2013, give us a call (800) 871.4130– we develop custom business marketing strategies that increase revenues and exceed your goals.

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You can pretty much find us everywhere (right now we are SUPER excited about Pinterest), so be sure to connect with us on your favorite social media site… Let’s get social, it’s fun!

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Team Eminent SEO

Eminent SEO provides strategic SEO campaigns with measurable results along with expert website design, development, pay per click, content and social media and organic website marketing. 800.871.4130.

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EminentSEO.com Monthly Newsletter Vol 12

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Maximizing Visual Appeal, Visual Content and Getting Ready for the Holidays

Happy end of summer to everyone!

We here at Eminent SEO have had a great summer and are preparing to roll into our fall/winter season.

As we move into fall, marketing strategies and goals must change for every type of business E-commerce companies need to start strategizing for the up-and-coming holiday season, while service-based companies must solidify a balanced, and precise marketing strategy to continue through the rest of the year.


September Planning Leads to December Revenue

To help put the end-of year-goals into perspective, we have focused our September newsletter on services and products that can give you an edge over your competition in the next quarter.

Campaign Overhaul

By reassessing long-term goals and implementing new short-term goals, the scope of your marketing campaign can be rejuvenated and new prospects and niches can be discovered.

Maximizing Visual Appeal

How does your website look to your audience? Is it appealing? Do your design, content and website images evoke the right user response? Now is the perfect time of year to take a step back and view your website as your audience views it and make those little changes that have been put off this year. Those little aesthetic changes can maximize conversion rates and add to your ROI.

Strengthening Social Standings

Trends and analytics prove that social network traffic increases exponentially in the fall months. The audience is there, are you attracting them to your site?

Technical Touch-Ups

Take some time this fall to survey the technical aspects of your website. Whether you have API, shopping carts, automated email, site plug-ins, or simply CSS, take some time and budget this month to optimize those back-end functions and make sure your website functions are running smoothly. Fixing back-end issues will not only provide users with a pleasant experience, but may also increase the “crawl ability” of your site and positively affect rankings in Google.

The Growing Power of Visual Content

While written content is still very important to both functionality and appeal of a website, visual content is becoming more and more sought-after by the majority of the online community. Sites like Pinterest and Instagram have leapt in popularity in the past 6 months, proving that eye-candy is a great attractor. Recent trends point to the fact that viewers are 4 times more likely to share and recommend web content with an appealing image, over typed content alone. This being said, Eminent SEO has expanded our graphic services for clients and plans on using the following techniques for our own branding and marketing.

Images as Content for Marketing:

  • Social Link Bait: Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram… what one thing do they all have in common? Images! If you want “free links” you have to create great, sharable images. Ask us about our new Social Link Bait services.
  • Social Media: You might have a Facebook, a Google + or a Twitter account, but who is managing it? Are they sharing images? Updating your page with new images regularly? No? Ask us about our Social Media Management Packages.
  • Website Images: By optimizing and enriching your images with keywords, you can draw traffic to your website through the indexing of that image file in Google and the other major search engines. Ask us about our Image and Video Optimization Services.

Connect with us!

You can pretty much find us everywhere, so be sure to connect with us on your favorite social media site… Let’s get social, it’s fun!

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Team Eminent SEO

Eminent SEO provides strategic SEO campaigns with measurable results along with expert website design, development, pay per click, content and social media and organic website marketing. 800.871.4130.

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