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GIF Images Are Clever Tools in the Right Marketer’s Hands

A Graphics Interchange Format image, better known as a GIF, consists of picture files compressed to decrease transfer rate. GIFs possess several pictures in one file to create an animated effect. GIFs are prevalent in modern day cyberspace because the images are quick to download and the animations are often entertaining. For marketers, animated GIFs [...]
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What Killed the Vine App – Or Is There Still Some Hope Left for It?

What Caused Vine to Wither? Social media has exploded since the mid-2000s, when Facebook began to rise to prominence. The social landscape changes every day, with old apps and platforms giving way to new technologies and services. This was certainly the case for Vine, a Twitter-owned video-sharing service that appears to be on its way [...]
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10 Ways Social Media Can Help You Stand Out in the Job Search Process

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We live in an era of convenience where we have the ability to access information with the click of a button in a fraction of a second. Technology has allowed us to accomplish tasks and reach out to people we never thought was possible even 20 years ago. Social media, in particular, is the beast [...]
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What Are the Consequences and Prevalence of Internet Addiction?

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On this Eminent SEO blog, we generally offer marketing advice, website and social media tips, as well as SEO and tech news. On this go-round, however, we’d like to slightly deviate from our usual offerings and talk about an issue that more closely relates to something many of our clients would usually cover: addiction. But [...]
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Like It or Not, Vertical Video is Here to Stay: How Marketers, Brands Can Adjust

Trying to watch an entire video that was shot vertically might be like nails on a chalkboard to a design expert or videographer. However, much to their chagrin, vertical video has expanded well beyond Snapchat and isn’t going away anytime soon. It seems to fly in the face common of sense, but a market has [...]
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Boost Your Social Media Marketing Efforts with These Online Visual Tools

As 2016 approaches, you’re probably looking for fresh ways to deliver compelling content to online users, particularly those in the social media realm. Rather than trying to get people to focus on run-of-the-mill blog posts and straightforward service and product pages, why not focus on what you can do for them, not what they can [...]
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Vol. 43: ESEO New Hire, News and Magazine Websites Get an SEO Boost

Eminent SEO News The Eminent team continues to grow, as Content Manager Andrew Gilstrap started with us in May. Andrew assures the highest level of quality assurance for Eminent SEO and its clients by editing, writing and placing web content, including web content pages, blog posts, press releases and various video/image media. Learn More About [...]
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How To Use Twitter For Your Business Without Sounding Spammy

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You’ve wanted to use Twitter for your company, or maybe you’ve already established an account, but if you’re a small- or medium-sized business, you’re probably having trouble gaining interaction or any ROI on the social media platform. Heck, even many large corporations have trouble getting many Twitter users to care about what they’re tweeting. But [...]
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Vol. 42: New ESEO Team Members, What Is Happening With Mobilegeddon

Eminent SEO News We are still expanding our team! We are excited to welcome Casey Hansen and Kayla Haskin! Casey is the new Executive Assistant to our CEO, Jenny Stradling. She also is a Jr. Graphic Designer and has been developing the social creatives for Eminent SEO and Eminent Social Media as well as several [...]
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Vol. 40: Good to Know in SEO, Social Media Design Optimization, Monthly Blog Roundup

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Good to Know in SEO As you know, internet marketing is dynamic and is literally changing every day. If you want to know what is going on in SEO now, you need to read… a LOT! Here are a few great posts from across the web we think you should read this month: Google Reveals [...]
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