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Why Well-Written Social Media Copy Makes a Difference

To succeed in the social media sphere, businesses must populate their various accounts with consistently strong writing (in addition to strong imagery). It might surprise you to learn, however, that not all social media managers deem themselves writers. The good news is that writing social media copy isn’t complex. Nevertheless, learning how to write for [...]
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What Killed the Vine App – Or Is There Still Some Hope Left for It?

What Caused Vine to Wither? Social media has exploded since the mid-2000s, when Facebook began to rise to prominence. The social landscape changes every day, with old apps and platforms giving way to new technologies and services. This was certainly the case for Vine, a Twitter-owned video-sharing service that appears to be on its way [...]
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10 Ways Social Media Can Help You Stand Out in the Job Search Process

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We live in an era of convenience where we have the ability to access information with the click of a button in a fraction of a second. Technology has allowed us to accomplish tasks and reach out to people we never thought was possible even 20 years ago. Social media, in particular, is the beast [...]
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How To Use Twitter For Your Business Without Sounding Spammy

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You’ve wanted to use Twitter for your company, or maybe you’ve already established an account, but if you’re a small- or medium-sized business, you’re probably having trouble gaining interaction or any ROI on the social media platform. Heck, even many large corporations have trouble getting many Twitter users to care about what they’re tweeting. But [...]
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Eminent SEO.com Monthly Newsletter Vol 2

It’s our goal here at Eminent SEO to keep you in the know on SEO, marketing, social media and what’s happening in the Eminent offices. SEO Roundup: SEO and marketing tactics, tools and best practices can change daily! Over the last month, here are the main things we think you need to know in SEO: [...]
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Eminent SEO.com Monthly Newsletter Vol 1

Welcome to the VERY FIRST EDITION of the Team Eminent SEO Newsletter…. YAY! Since this is our first newsletter, we are still going to have some tweaking to do before it’s just right, so we welcome your feedback, ideas and comments here: hello@eminentseo.com (P.S. You can send us special requests for blog posts for the Eminent SEO Blog [...]
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Commitment issues with Social Media? Keep the Romance alive!

Know what your consumers are saying about you? It’s really the best and only way to maintain your relationships via Email, Facebook and Twitter. Granted, communication is key in a relationship, but don’t be quick to forget it goes both ways. Your consumers are listening to you, but are you listening to them?  If not, [...]
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