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The Power of Online Video for SEO and Brand Trust

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Power Of Online Video For SEO Brand Trust - Eminent SEO
There is some truth to the phrase “seeing is believing.” And in today’s world, skepticism isn’t just for the paranoid. Business owners and clients believe they aren’t as gullible as they used to be, thanks to Snopes.com, E-Verify and a social culture that’s never heard of doing business on a handshake.

To provide a visual of what the initial interaction with a potential customer looks like, picture a stone-faced man or woman seated with arms crossed on the chest, void of emotion, waiting for the next round of B.S. to present itself.

Think about most of the marketing pitches you get online, whether through organic search or pay per click. Expecting a bait and switch? How often is that delivered? Right. No wonder we’re so distrustful.

Marketing Without Video Is as Reliable as Online Dating

YouTube Second Largest Search Engine Behind Google - Eminent SEOWith much of our business-to-business and business-to-consumer relationships made across local, regional and national borders, any opportunity to engage in face-to-face communication is essential to building trust.

Remember when the idea of having your photo on your email signature was introduced? The reason behind it is the same. But it’s anticlimactic to have a conversation with a photo.

If you’ve ever engaged in the online dating process, it’s easy to get the message about why marketing with online video is such a powerful tool. You begin by conversing online with photos being the visual that entices.

You have no idea what these people sound like, how their mannerisms dictate the way they move, how they react to the unexpected or what drives them as human beings. And yes, you really can’t authenticate whether that photo is really him (or her).

Apply this to your business. If your online presence only includes the use of static imagery, there is no dimension to your brand and you’re missing a key opportunity to increase the reach of your SEO.

Every Business Is in the Business of Telling Stories

Now that social media has superseded print and physical collateral for marketing agency and business owner spends, as well as footing heavy competition for the television space, how your company represents itself is dictated by the stories it tells.

Breaking Down the Art of Storytelling

Whether you are a brick-and-mortar operation or solely online, the moment customers enter your facility or website, they are expecting a story. The visuals need to speak to them. The words need to engage emotion so that they stay long enough to purchase or at least remember who you are and why they should come back and/or share the experience with the people they know.

This is relationship marketing; it’s based on the ability to create a story that has dimension and depth. Nothing does that for you better than online video.

Salespeople Are the Biggest Storytellers of All

Business Video Marketing Spend 2018 Statistic - Eminent SEOThere remains an ongoing, friendly feud between creative marketers and salespeople. Salespeople generally have a disdain for marketers and believe that marketing content is nothing but fluff.

On the other hand, marketers know that a good story is needed before a salesperson ever gets the chance to tell their own story.

Marketers and salespeople aren’t that different. Here’s why:

  • Marketers – Devise a story, direct or indirect, meant to get the attention of a prospect and lead them to the sales department or immediately convert a sale.
  • Salespeople – Listen to the prospect and, based on what they hear, create a story that will resonate to convert a sale.

Online video supports marketing and sales initiatives because the story can be retold over and over again. Just hit play.

Video: The Next Best Thing to Being There

Marketing in motion (that’s what video is) provides a unique layering of flexibility to your creative campaigns. You can adjust the tone, the language, the lighting and effects on the fly. If it’s realism you want to convey to your audience, this is how it’s done.

For a more polished look, high-end equipment and professional videographers are the way to go as they better understand the mechanics behind the machinery and how to maximize the production to get better results. Make sure to create your own YouTube channel to post the videos, and incorporate keywords to help boost views and increase organic rankings.

Remember that Google sometimes chooses to show videos on page one of a user’s search, and that YouTube itself is the second-largest search engine on the web. Leverage your videos accordingly.

Why Video Is Business Marketing Royalty

According to a 2017 video marketing survey by Wyzowl,

  • On average, 90 minutes per day are spent watching online video.
  • 15% of those who watch online video do so for three hours or more daily.
  • 99% of businesses who already use video will continue this year.
  • 82% of businesses plan to increase their marketing spend on video in 2018.
  • Two out of three businesses that do not have an online video presence will start in 2018.

Where does your business stand? How are you capturing audience, brand awareness, SEO and conversions? If you’re not doing video (or creating the right kind of video), you virtually don’t exist.

What Does Online Video for SEO Do for Your Business?

Nothing creates a sense of believability and credibility to online users like video. It allows you to craft a message and deliver it in a way that keeps you in control.

If you like the response it generates, you can build other videos around it for a full-bodied campaign. If the response is not what you’d hoped for, you can repurpose some of the content, add new footage to shift direction and monitor audience reception from there.

Remember these numbers when it comes to video marketing:

  • 57% of online viewers feel more confident about purchasing a product or service after watching a video.
  • 74% purchased a product after seeing a tutorial video.
  • 78% of businesses who use online video realized positive ROI.

Love it or hate it, Google runs the online SEO show. Might as well make friends with the virtual giant. By the way, Google adores video. If your website doesn’t have an embedded video on it, you’re missing out on a 53 times greater chance of showing up on the first page of search results, according to Moovly.

Optimize Your Optimization

If you already have a strong online video presence, your business no doubt is already receiving the benefits it brings. But if the back end isn’t working just as hard, your videos aren’t reigning in what you justly deserve. The right long-tail keyword phrases, headlines and descriptions also add value to your SEO positioning.

If you want (no, you need) to learn more about how the right online video marketing strategy can bring big changes to your business, ask the experts in digital marketing and brand strategy: Eminent SEO.

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Into The Portal – YouTube Optimization

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These days, it’s not so much what you say, but the way you choose to market it. Whether you own a small business, play in a band or are looking to be the next big viral internet sensation, having a basic understanding in regard to best YouTube practices is imperative in getting your brand the recognition it deserves. Not only will proper use of these tactics place your content at a higher view count, but ultimately serve to broaden your potential web traffic overall. For the purpose of this entry, we will focus on YouTube video title and tagging optimization.


Let’s say you own a small electronics supply company and have a new video describing how to wire a new light switch. In order to ensure your message is heard by your target audience, you must first determine which keywords will best serve your title.

Head on over to Google Adwords (adwords.google.com/select/keywordtoolexternal) and input some relevant keywords into the search bar to gain a basic understanding of your available options. With the information provided in this search, you will be best able to determine a proper title. Next, head over to YouTube and use suggested search with your keyword options to figure out which searches are most popular. Check out a few of the results of your suggested search to determine whether they are actually relevant to your video topic.

Once you’ve finished researching, it’s time to decide on your title. The process is quite experimental, but with a little time and data, you’ll be able to figure out which ideas work best. Keep in mind that you can always alter your video’s title down the road.


If you’ve already determined the best keywords for your title, chances are the same words will serve you in tagging. Because YouTube users are so prone to click random videos, tag optimization is imperative to your video’s vitality.  Users searching for particular terms within YouTube will be provided with results that include relevant videos determined by the tags used to describe those particular videos.

A simple technique in determining which tags to use is locating similar videos that have garnered a fair amount of attention. Click the drop down link under the video and check to see which tags are being used.

A Word Of Warning

DO NOT BE MISLEADING! Some users opt to include popular tags that are mostly irrelevant to their videos in hopes of gaining additional views. An example might be adding a Lady Gaga tag to a video that just happens to include a split-second shot of a Lady Gaga t-shirt…. When really, you’ve just uploaded a 2-minute silent opus of your new puppy. These types of practices will only serve to annoy users, and can ultimately get your video disabled. Lesson learned.

Still confused?  Give us a call today to discuss how Eminent SEO’s team of search engine specialists can help optimize your videos and get the traffic and ranking they deserve.

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Eminent SEO provides strategic SEO campaigns with measurable results along with expert website design, development, pay per click, content and social media and organic website marketing. 800.871.4130.

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What Are Videos Doing for Your Marketing Strategy?

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Do you have videos?

Videos tell a story. Videos share a message. Videos are the marketing method of the future. According to a quote by Borrell & Associates, “Online video spending is forecasted to account for more than 1/3rd of all online advertising in 5 years.” Read that again. That is huge!

Why you need videos:

Online videos, when marketed properly, increase your online brand awareness, drive targeted website traffic to your best converting landing pages, and statistically result in dramatic increases in conversions.

Check out these stats:


Videos increase conversions by:

  • 55% more visitors to your website
  • 30% more direct visitors to your physical store
  • 24% more purchases/phone calls

40% of consumers watch online videos one or more times a week – that’s over 70% monthly!

How to market your business with videos:


If you don’t already have videos, consider your strategy. Are you looking to spread a compelling message about your business that you want to last for years to come? Or, are you looking for a cheap, quick fix?

If your answer is a solid branding campaign that offers a specific message that you want to share – you need to first invest into professional video production. Just like marketing a website, if you don’t already have a website that converts – you are wasting your marketing dollars by driving traffic to it. If you want to use videos to market your brand and give the viewer a clear picture about what you want, you have to create quality videos that provide a clear message and start and end with branding and a call to action.

If you are looking for a cheap fix, you’ll have to be prepared for low quality, generic or “less professional”. Or, there are companies that will create something for you that is affordable, but still does the trick. You just have to make sure the content matches your message, incorporates a call to action, and, ideally, is something you can use on your website as well as syndicate across the web.

Now that you have a branded video with a clear message and call to action – it’s time to market your investment. Marketing your videos online can range from strategically optimizing your YouTube Video Channel to boosting your videos with links and syndicating them online. We have Custom Video Packages – including:

  • YouTube Channel Creation and Optimization
  • YouTube Channel Background Design
  • Vimeo Channel Creation and Optimization
  • Vimeo Pro Upgrade with Customization
  • Video Upload and Optimization (YouTube or Vimeo)
  • Video Boosting (for increased visibility to the video on your website as well as other hosted locations)
  • Video integration with your website
  • Video Social Management (integrating your videos into your social media strategy)


You need multiple ways to communicate your message(s) to your online audience. If people are watching more video then they are reading content – you better jump on board. Videos can relay a message within 1-2 minutes. Look at your analytics. How long are your website visitors staying on your website?

If you have videos and you are ready to get started with a video marketing campaign, give us a call: 1.800.871.4130… if you need videos and don’t know where to start – CALL US! We know what you need and can help you find the right video production company to fill those needs at a rate you can afford now.


P.S. We are always adding to our list of partners…

If you are interested in becoming an approved Video Production Vendor or you create affordable videos and you want some extra work – please e-mail: hello@eminentseo.com

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