Creating content (videos, blog posts, images, games, etc.) that is shareable on the internet can be defined as viral marketing.

You are creating something interesting that people would not only want to watch or read but also share with their friends, family and co-workers. Because social interactions online are such a big part of our everyday lives, when a business creates a piece of content and it goes viral, it can mean 100’s of 1000’s of shares and referral traffic to the website.

Here at Eminent SEO, we believe in leveraging the power of viral marketing. We develop a custom marketing campaign for you that incorporates content that can go viral. For example:

  1. A piece of content that is funny, interesting, sentimental or even controversial – such as:
    • An Image
    • A Video
    • An Article
    • An Infographic
  2. A product or service giveaway or discount

We then help promote your content by sharing it socially and syndicating it across the web. The more visibility your viral piece(s) get, the more your brand, website and services get seen. A successful viral marketing campaign can help increase your organic search engine traffic (through increased links back to your site), as well as referral traffic (through direct clicks to your site).

Our creative viral marketing agency will provide your brand an opportunity to go viral. Collectively, our creative team creates a custom campaign that will enhance the exposure of your brand. Our experts also understand social media and how to gain the most exposure.

Our Viral Marketing Services Include:

  • Custom Viral Marketing Campaigns
  • Viral Social Link Bait Packages
  • Much more!