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Marketing Campaign Tracking and Reporting

Learn More About How We Do Marketing Reporting and Why It Is So Important

When it comes to marketing, measurable results matter. The only way to accurately gauge the impact of your digital marketing efforts is to use a reliable tracking and reporting process. Reporting is even more vital when your company takes a multichannel approach. You’ll need all the help you can get to manage the numerous moving parts involved in digital marketing.

Marketing Campaign Tracking

Marketing Campaign ROI Reporting

At Eminent SEO, we develop custom ROI reports for our customers that measure the effectiveness of each marketing channel. By understanding and comparing performance between channels, your company can better prioritize its digital marketing efforts. Here are just a sample of the diverse marketing channels that we track and report on for our clients:


Traffic from visitors who found your website through an organic search engine result.


The number of leads who were referred directly to your website, typically visitors who typed in your URL instead of using a search engine.


This channel measures visitors from a third party site that isn’t a search engine or social site.


Traffic from visitors who were directed to your site via search, display and/or another paid ad campaigns.


Visitors who clicked on a trackable link from an email marketing campaign will show as an email lead.


Tracking through social media networks allows you to separate paid social traffic from leads drawn in by your activity on social media.

Eminent SEO can also help you track traditional and local marketing sources, including TV, billboard, radio, direct mail, brochures, bumper stickers or other forms of print.

We can leverage dynamic call tracking tools to combine traditional and digital advertising methods into one multichannel campaign.

Each month we will review the conversion data and produce a marketing ROI report that shows the return on your marketing investments, per channel group. If you have a channel that isn’t converting well, we can evaluate why and make suggestions to improve it. Likewise, our data makes it easy to spot where advertising investments are driving engagement from the right type of customer.

Tracking Tools and Metrics

As a data-driven marketing agency, we look at more than changes in website traffic. We follow your website visitors all the way through the sales process so we can better understand where your conversions are really coming from and how to leverage this information for an even better ROI.

Marketing ROI Report

We use several tools to track and report back on the important metrics that matter to you. This approach allows us to customize each report to meet the needs of your project. For example, if we are running a Facebook ad campaign, we would pay special attention to ad budget conversion rates. Then we would compare the data against the following tracked metrics:

  • How much traffic did we get to the site?
  • How many calls did we generate?
  • How many website leads did we generate?
  • How many sales did we make?
This all-inclusive approach translates to real results.

Monthly Digital
Marketing Reports

We often hear nightmare stories from new customers who are skeptical about starting another digital marketing campaign. They might have had a bad experience with another service that only provided analysis of vanity metrics or hurt their search engine rankings with black hat SEO practices.

Ethical, transparent reporting is a cornerstone of all of the work we do. We believe the only way we can be successful is to work well with our clients. That means building a culture of trust and working toward mutual goals. Accountability plays an important role of establishing that relationship.

That’s why our monthly reporting process keeps our clients informed about what was fulfilled each month and tracks key performance indicators to make sure we’re meeting our goals. We also add our expert insights and host a call to review the report with your team.