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Marketing is necessary for every business, as the saying goes “It takes money, to make money”. However, there are limitations to budgets for a variety of reasons, and we do not want that to stop you from achieving success. Are you a small business or just getting started? We created these SEO and Social Media Marketing Packages with you in mind, to give your business the initial boost into cyber space and help you grow for years to come.

Small Business

Inbound Packages


Organic & Local Marketing


Content & SEO

Social Media

Custom Reports

Dedicated Account Manager

Webmaster Retainer



2 Hours

1-2 Posts

2 Hours

1 Platform

Add-on Only



5 Hours

2-4 Posts

4 Hours

Up to 3 Platforms

Add-on Only



Starting at $10,000






Customized Inbound
Retainer Packages

Custom Website Design & Marketing Packages

Do you have a complex project? Do you need a custom website?

Before we get started, we want to get to know you. We offer smaller packages, and full multi-channel marketing campaigns each customized to your needs. Please fill out the form and an Eminent SEO specialist will review your needs and, if needed, help you scope out and price a custom solution for your business.

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Webmaster Retainer

“White Glove” Website Management Services

If there is any issue with the site, we deal with it: 24/7.

For websites off all sizes, we offer managed hosting, SSL, website backups, content changes and updates, plugins management and so much more. Add it to your package for a discounted rate.












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How Our Pricing Works:

Eminent SEO works with individuals and companies from a wide variety of industries. Each client, product, service and brand goal is unique. We’ve discovered that the only way to offer an effective design and marketing solution is to get to get to know the business first.

Once we’ve held an initial discovery call, we can help you determine which package is right for your needs. If you have a larger company and are looking for a more customized approach, we offer an audit and enterprise-level solution instead.

Flexible Marketing Packages

Brands evolve. The internet changes. Marketing tactics fizzle out.

Our team knows this and remains flexible, always focusing on what is most important now. This means we are constantly monitoring and reporting to ensure we are always getting results.

Each month when the work is complete, we deliver a full report on what we completed, your performance results and what we have in store for you next.

Our Packages Include:

Our introductory SEO and Social Media Marketing Packages include everything a small business needs to find success in the digital marketing realm. If you have a new brand, are in a highly competitive industry or need to get leads fast, you may want to add paid marketing or other channels of marketing.

  • SEO Services
  • Content and Blogging
  • Organic Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Local Marketing

Optional Services:

Our packages are designed for effective, sustainable growth, but to meet your specific needs and help you grow, we can may also recommend the following services:

  • Paid Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Branding
  • Design
“As the founder and C.E.O. of Redimere Inc. Behavioral Health Consulting Solutions I highly recommend Eminent SEO to all of my clients for all services related to branding, marketing and overall success in the complicated world of advertising in today’s marketplace. Eminent not only has the highest level of skilled professionals on their team, their agency is organizationally sound, ethically driven and they operate like a finely tuned, well-oiled machine. In doing all of the aforementioned they also keep the human compassion factor intact. I was astonished at how well they were able to adapt to my eclectic personality, capture the essence of my company’s services and create the sexiest brand for Redimere I have ever seen in my industry!

Thank you team Eminent SEO, your guys are unicorns at the highest level!”

Christian Morris
C.E.O. Redimere Inc.

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