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eCommerce Digital Marketing Vital As More Consumers Head Online

We equip eCommerce businesses to excel in the digital marketplace.

eCommerce Product Sellers
As traditional retailers evolve in response to the rise of the digital marketplace, eCommerce businesses continue to experience unparalleled growth. In 2016 alone, online retailers brought in $394.86 billion in revenue. Much of these gains were driven by consumers who are spending more time researching business, reviewing products and making purchasing decisions based on what they can find online.

The most successful eCommerce companies are making sure that information about their product and services is as accessible as possible. They are using their website, social media and other digital assets to engage with potential customers and to protect their reputation online from negative feedback and reviews. According to data compiled by Marketing Sherpa, eCommerce brands spend anywhere from 39%-81% of their marketing budgets on digital marketing solutions.

Competition between eCommerce brands has never been fiercer. Companies will need to take a proactive, intentional approach to digital marketing if they hope to keep pace with their competitors. If eCommerce brands lack this capability in house, they’ll need a partner who specializes in digital marketing services.

Eminent SEO can make it happen.

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Strong Branding
Drives eCommerce Sales

When consumers research companies and products online, their purchasing decisions will always be swayed by comments and reviews. This goes double for negative evaluations. That’s why it’s absolutely necessary for eCommerce brands to be aware of what is being said about their company, who is saying it and where it’s being said. This type of reputation management is key to any successful branding campaign.

In addition to locating and responding to negative feedback, eCommerce brands must proactively create positive feedback by building relationships with customers, engaging with influencers via social media and using content marketing to establish themselves as an authority in their industry.  This will require a coordinated effort of multiple digital marketing channels all being utilized in synch with one another.





“A special thanks to Eminent SEO folks. I was a little skeptical at first, not understanding the technical side of online marketing, but after I was presented with a plan in a simplistic manner and given a very thorough, step by step walk through, I was given a sense of comfort and understanding.
The technical side of things still eludes me, but the results speak for themselves.”

– David Jacobsen, Fremont Furniture Company

eCommerce Digital
Marketing Services

eCommerce retailers don’t need to become digital marketing experts overnight. They can work with trusted partners that are adept at helping businesses get their online content, social medial and outreach strategies up to speed. By investing in digital marketing now, eCommerce companies prepare themselves to reap the rewards as more and more consumers do a majority of their shopping online.

Eminent can optimize your web presence for success.

Digital Marketing, “SEO” and Paid Advertising have always been the backbone of success for our healthcare partners. We’ll perform deep analysis on your organization, website and digital marketing strategies. In addition to these strategies, Eminent SEO has experiencing partnering sellers with major eCommerce platforms like Amazon. Online retailers can count on us to help them reach a larger audience of ideal customers.

Our eCommerce Digital Marketing Services Include:

  • Custom Branding and Product Design
  • eCommerce Website Design and Development
  • Custom Shopping Cart Integration
  • Expert SEO
  • Quality Content
  • Organic Marketing Campaigns
  • Effective Paid Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Engaging Social Media
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Amazon Marketplace Setup and Management
  • Tracking and ROI Reporting
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