As a digital marketing agency we are always testing new ideas, tools and solutions. For clients, we suggest helpful tools to help them manage their websites, digital assets, client records, leads, marketing campaigns, phone call tracking and so much more.

Below are some of our go-to tools for digital marketing and customer lead management.

Eminent SEO Link Extractor IconEminent SEO Link Extractor

Using our free link extractor, you can easily determine which of your offsite links are supporting SEO and which ones are actually taking your visitors to defunct or dangerous websites. All you need to do is paste in the site’s URL and you’ve got the information you need.

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Zapier IconZapier

This helpful workflow automation app makes it possible to integrate the rest of your web apps together. Want Gmail attachments to automatically copy to your Dropbox? That’s just a small sample of what you can accomplish with Zapier.

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Similar to Zapier, IFTTT is an automation tool that reduces the time that individuals spend navigating between each app. The tool is free, making it a great option for companies looking to try out app automation before investing to Zapier’s premium features.

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Typeform IconTypeform

Typeform makes it easier for you to collect useful information from clients and employees. Creating colorful, eye-catching registration forms, job applications, event invitations and customer feedback forms is a snap with Typeform.

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Canva IconCanva

This streamlined design program simplifies the process of creating blog graphics, presentations, posters, invitations, flyers and digital ads. This tool empowers employees to produce some of their own graphics, freeing up your design team to focus on bigger projects.

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Pixabay IconPixabay

Need photos for your blog, homepage or anything else? Finding professional stock photos can be a challenge. This resource for free stock photos will make that problem easier to solve.

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Responsinator IconResponsinator

More users are making buying decision and researching their purchases on mobile devices than ever before. That’s why it’s vital that your website performs as well as it does on a smartphone as it does on a laptop. Use this tool to test the performance of a website on the fly.

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Hubspot CRM IconHubspot CRM

Efficient customer communications is absolutely necessary. Investing in an expensive customer resource management solution shouldn’t have to be. The free Hubspot CRM offers all the organization, tracking and nurturing features you’re looking for in an application without the hefty price tag.

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Eyedropper IconEyedropper

Using this tool, users can choose a specific color from any webpage and store it for later use. This tool is essential for any graphic designer who works with images taken from the web.

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Firebug IconFirebug

Firebug integrates with Firefox to bring you several unique development tools while you browse. You can edit, debug and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live on any web page.

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Pocket IconPocket

This app, when used along with the Firefox plugin, allows you to efficiently store articles, blog posts, videos and any other useful URL addresses as bookmarks in a your personal “Pocket.” Using this tool makes it easy to work with and refer back to images you found while browsing Twitter, Flipboard, Pulse and Zite.

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Moz Toolbar IconMOZ Toolbar

The Moz toolbar allows users to quickly review website SEO information like Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA). The popular paid version of this too adds additional functionality as well.

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Lightshot IconLightshot

LightShot is a simple, easy-to-use screen capture tool that allows you to quickly take screenshots of any selected area within a browser tab.

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SEM Rush IconSEM Rush

This tool is great for a quick view of a website’s current website rankings. Users get to view their AdWords Ad copy and current Ad positions, organic rankings along with associated URLs, search volume and other useful information. You can use the tool for free or upgrade to get access to even more functionality.

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SEO for Firefox IconSEO X-Ray

SEO X-Ray is a plugin designed specifically for Firefox. It allows users to view an entire page’s worth of relevant SEO elements and meta data with a click of a button. This solution is especially valuable when revamping a website’s optimization strategy.

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Pexels IconPexels

Hiring a photographer isn’t always an option, because of time of year, budgets, etc. So using stock photos for your website, blogs, or social is a simple solution. Here is another resource for free, professional stock photos for whatever your campaign needs might be.

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