Awesome for website design. With this tool you can pick a specific color from any webpage and store it in your history or copy to clipboard for later use. We love it!

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Firebug integrates with Firefox to bring you a ton of cool web development tools while you browse. You can edit, debug and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live on any web page.

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This app and Firefox plugin makes it super easy to save articles, blog posts, videos or pretty much any URL into your “Pocket” – which is a quick save service, similar to bookmarking, you can access later. You can save directly from your browser or from apps on your phone like Twitter, Flipboard, Pulse and Zite.

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Moz ToolbarMOZ Toolbar

The Moz toolbar is one of our favorites. You can quickly see important website SEO information like Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA) as well as easily click to the website toolset. We have the paid version which means we have access to the full toolset but they have some pretty neat free tools as well.

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Lightshot is a kick-butt little tool that allows you to easily take screen shots of any selected area in a browser tab. We use this all day every day.

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SEO BookSEO Book

SEO Book offers a whole suit of search engine optimization tools- they are all legit, but here are a few MUST haves:

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SEO ToolbarSEO Toolbar

This SEO toolbar pulls in several useful marketing data points all at once – such as Google PageRank, Archieve.org data and Compete.com data. It’s super helpful for quick website audits and in evaluating the competitiveness of the marketplace.

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SEO for FirefoxSEO for Firefox with SEO X-ray

You need SEO for Firefox, but make sure you get it WITH SEO X-ray. We love SEO X-ray as well because with one click of a button you can quickly see the important on-page SEO elements, such as the meta data of a page. We find this super useful for a quick glance at the web page data.

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Rank CheckerRank Checker

Once you install this tool it shows up in your SEO Book Toolbar. It’s great for a free organic rank checker and has the option of delaying the query so you (hopefully) don’t get flagged for checking Google rankings from your IP. We try to avoid overusing it so we don’t get flagged, but it’s handy for quick rankings reports.

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SEM RushSEM Rush

This tool is awesome for a quick view of a website’s current website rankings and includes: AdWords Ad copy and current Ad positions, organic rankings with their associated URL’s, search volume and other really useful information. You can use the tool for free or upgrade to see more.

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SEO DoctorSEO Doctor Stats

This SEO tool shows you how to better optimize your website for the search engines through an easy to understand scoring and recommendation system. It’s pretty high level, but useful nonetheless.

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Link Extractor

Enter a URL to check the status of all offsite links found on a page. The output will display status codes for each offsite link the tool can follow, including 404s and 410s, so you can find any broken links on the page.

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