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Professional Hemp, CBD and Cannabis Branding and Marketing Services

The hemp, CBD and cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S. today. It’s full of diverse and exciting startups, looking to revolutionize the way we do business, treat mental health, addition and other diseases and illnesses – it’s a fun time to be in the industry!

Cannabis Branding and Marketing Services
However, marketing has still proven to be challenging for many brands entering this space. Medical marijuana dispensaries, cannabis and CBD products are all still considered “high risk”.

Because cannabis isn’t legal at the federal level, both Google and Facebook are currently providing no real opportunities for paid advertisements. In fact, even organic posts on Facebook can be removed if they include mention of purchasing marijuana.

You can sell some hemp products online, such as CBD oil, but even that has it’s advertising restricted on the major platforms.

So, how can new hemp, CBD and cannabis businesses raise awareness for their brands and get in front of their customers?

We can help.

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Eminent SEO Knows
How to Market Cannabis

Marketing cannabis takes a knowledgeable team who understands the current challenges and opportunities facing this industry today. 

Eminent SEO has been providing health and wellness brands with digital marketing strategies for decades. When the laws around medical marijuana and hemp started changing, local businesses started asking us for help. Right away we began educating ourselves on hemp, CBD and cannabis. We found an incredible amount of uses and potential medical benefits. We also know how changing working within a political landscape can be.

Challenge accepted.

“Eminent SEO grew our following on social media in just 6 months, all organically. We are incredibly happy with the quality work that their team has supplied us. We did not have an existing website or presence on social media prior to the relationship with Eminent, and we’re pleased with the growth our business has seen from their efforts in such a fast growing, competitive industry. They really know what it takes to help create a professional and recognizable cannabis brand. Their team is an invaluable resource to our growing company.”

– Gabe Gomez – Kind Meds, A Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Arizona

Cannabis SEO &
Marketing Services

When we started working with our first cannabis client, we knew we would be relying primarily on organic marketing. As with all new clients, we performed research and discovery before developing a solid marketing strategy, including regulatory and legal requirements .

Our marketing strategy included:

Branding and a Quality Website:
We helped them create a beautiful, really high quality new website and other branded digital assets to be used as a tool to help drive conversions.

Photography and Video:
We took high definition photos and videos of their store and products to use on the site, their Leafly account and social media posts.

Social Media Channel Optimization and Marketing:
We setup their video and social media platforms, added branded designs and optimized them for on-going organic social media marketing.

Professional and Educational Content and SEO:
We created well researched, professional content pages and blog posts, implemented on-page SEO and added user experience optimization to the website.

Local Setup and Website Integration:
We developed the Google My Business and other local listings as well as integrated the local citations into the website for quick, geo-targeted rankings with Google.

Link Building and Organic Outreach:
We applied our organic outreach and link building techniques to earn the website links for higher organic rankings with Google.

Email Marketing:
We added a newsletter to the website to allow users to subscribe for events, news and specials. Email campaigns allow us to deliver messages right to our audience.

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Cannabis Branding
& Marketing Results:

Digital Marketing
for Hemp and Cannabis Businesses

Through our organic efforts, within only four months we saw a huge increase in organic rankings in traffic to their website. This tells us that despite the challenges and limitations of not being able to utilize paid ads, there is still a lot of opportunity with organic SEO. Because hemp products and medical cannabis is still new online, now is the time to jump on digital marketing.

A lot of hemp, CBD and cannabis businesses are not digital yet, or just doing basic online marketing and not investing in their websites and branded asset development (videos, blog posts, press, infographics, deeply researched articles. etc.). This leaves a lot of opportunity for anyone willing to invest in SEO for their hemp or cannabis business.

If you need to advertise your hemp, CBD or cannabis business online, give us a call. We can build you an exciting brand, quality website, get you organic traffic and build you a solid foundation through outreach and SEO that will crush the competition and benefit your business for years to come. It’s all about sustainability! 


Can you advertise on Google or Facebook for CBD or cannabis?

There are restrictions on paid advertising on both Google Adwords, Facebook and Instagram Ads currently. We have to follow strict policies in order to have a social presence online. With paid ads, you cannot advertise the use, distribution or purchasing of CBD oil or medical marijuana, even if it is legal in your state. We can, however, promote the potential benefits of CBD and cannabis use for medical conditions. Promotion must be done carefully to avoid any removal of posts or ads.

Do you provide photos and videos of product for social campaigns?

Our team understands how important digital asset development is for effective social media campaigns. We develop custom graphics utilizing real photos that we can take ourselves or use any existing photos already taken. Monthly product photos and videos are needed for a successful hemp, CBD or cannabis marketing campaign especially since products change all the time.

How long does it take for a new hemp, CBD or cannabis brand to see results?

Search engine optimization and social branding require continuous high-quality content creation. With a brand new business, such as a marijuana dispensary, it will take several months to establish the brand presence on social media and Google search. The first phase will typically consist of developing your brand, the website and content strategy. Typically websites will start seeing results within 6-12 months as long as they are investing in the correct channels of marketing and have an effective strategy in place for long-term growth. Read more about how long SEO takes here.

Why do hemp and cannabis brands need an SEO friendly website?

Your website is your online storefront, open 24 hours a day. Every hemp, CBD seller and cannabis business needs to invest in a website because it is your very own asset to keep forever. With SEO, you’re always investing in your website because it can provide useful information for potential clients for years to come. By developing assets for your website, you’re investing into the future of your business. Over time, assets, such as educational blog posts and videos, will not only help the site rank, but also educate and help convert traffic into sales. 

What other types of marketing do I need for my hemp or cannabis business?

With an industry that’s evolving quickly, you’ll want to make sure you make connections with potential hemp, CBD and cannabis influencers. By partnering with other cannabis companies, you can cross promote products and brands on social media to attract more potential clients. We offer a B2B network for businesses and influencers to connect and work with like minded people. Ask us more.

The State of
Cannabis in America

The need for cannabis SEO and content marketing rides the coattails of an emerging industry and (now legal/more accepted) pastime.

The statistics establish the need for canna marketing:

  • 2% of Americans are “active” marijuana users
  • Cannabis sales increased 67% in the US (2020)
  • Support for legal marijuana is at an all-time high (68%)
  • The U.S. cannabis industry is worth $61 billion (and growing)
  • Senior-level salaries increased in 2020

You’re in the industry, so there’s no need to remind you of the industry’s potential. But, we want to remind you of the best time to invest in SEO. Now, if not sooner.

Search engine optimization is an investment in your online assets. In 2021, your cannabis business needs social media marketing, keyword research, creative displays of products, etc. It’s all a part of being online and relates back to search engine optimization.

So, when it comes to the cannabis industry, specifically, how can SEO help your business make more money and grow?

Light-Up Your SEO Potential

Congratulations on your new cannabis website! (If you don’t have one, we can help with that too!) Having a website is a start. Now, you must drive traffic to the site. What’s great about SEO is that the investment is always at work. Here’s an example of how a canna client helped get more traffic to their site in recent years, all with SEO:

Light-Up Your SEO Potential

Get Your Cannabis Products Noticed

Get Your Cannabis Products Noticed

Your customers may seek advice, news, or an array of offered products. As the industry gets more competitive, it becomes more valuable to rank well in search. It’s advantageous to track how well your web pages rank for the most important keywords.

You may sell or offer advice upon marijuana flower strains, CBD, tincture, and more. That means you’ll need to qualify the kind of traffic by targeting specific keywords. This particular client is doing well in ranking for keywords related to their most popular products:

They’re in the top position for a large number of queries related to their products and services. Even better, they don’t need to consistently pay for those rankings as they would with PPC ads.

It’s a growing and increasingly competitive industry, so we take pride in our expertise in keyword research, application, and revision.

We consider things such as:

  • Average monthly searches and trends over time
  • Search intent: Does the keyword match your service/product?
  • Position changes that take place over time
  • Domain and page authority of the ranking pages compared to yours
  • Keyword difficulty

Become the Source of Information

In addition to ranking well for associated terms, you’re concerned that your customers want more value out of their experience. Sure, they want quality products, but they want a brand experience too. They can buy elsewhere, so why remain loyal to you?

Making your website the place for industry information is one way to raise brand awareness and customer loyalty. It requires offering bits of information in the shape of social media announcements, online videos, and reusable resources, etc.

For example, experts estimate there to be over 700 strains of marijuana. That’s overwhelming for anyone, especially someone who is initially curious. Therefore, a Strain Guide is not only incredibly appreciated and useful to a newcomer, but it’s a way to educate and convert a new customer. So, we helped one of our clients create one!

Or, how about an interactional, online quiz that educates customers on products while helping them make the best decision based on their preferences? That’s a winner too!

Online Quiz

Create Calls to Action

Ultimately, whether you’re doing business in-person, in-store, or online, you want your customers to take action. We help you create, execute, and examine calls to action that find new customers, keep the ones you have coming back, and foster lifelong customers.

From the description of your products to your latest tweet or Instagram post, we create attention-grabbing calls to action that get results.