SEO and Marketing Reseller Partners

  • Do you want to make a profit on recurring residual from reselling SEO or other online marketing services?
  • Are you in need of a White Label or Private Label Reseller Service?
  • Sick of the small returns you are receiving from Affiliate SEO programs or commission based opportunities?

Our Qualified Referral Partners eliminate the need to fully understand SEO or the need to sell SEO to your clients or leads. By becoming a White Label Reseller Partner you the opportunity to mark up our pricing 2, 3 and even sometimes 4 times! You own your clients and you establish your own margins. Eminent SEO acts as your SEO Team under you or your company’s name. Our rates are under fair market value, making it easy for you to take the wholesale price and resell it at fair market retail.

Fill out the Reseller Qualification Application to find out if you qualify for full White Labeling services. Don’t quite qualify? Don’t worry. All Resellers are accepted and you can still resell our services even if you don’t qualify yet for full White Labeling services.

What does the Eminent SEO White Label Reseller Partnership include?

White Labeling or Private Labeling refers to Eminent SEO operating as your in-house team and delivering all documentation, reports and other communications with your branded company logo.


  • Custom Proposals (We can even deliver with your markup incorporated into the price)
  • Keyword Discovery and Research
  • Product Deliverables
  • Ranking and Tracking Reports
  • Sales Copy

We also work with our Reseller Partners on SEO training, Website Consulting, Custom Packaging and any other specific needs that you have in order to successfully resell our services. Your success is our success!

SEO and Marketing Referral Partners

Our Qualified Referral Partners eliminate the need fully understand SEO or the need to sell SEO to your clients or leads. Referral Partners simply send their clients to a direct contact at Eminent SEO and we take it from there. When we close a new order for a new client you referred, you will be given a referral fee or credit towards Eminent SEO Services. Although we believe you can make a greater amount of income from becoming a Reseller Partner, the Referral Partner Solutions are perfect for those that cannot manage the SEO client long term.

Ready to sign up? Now what?
STEP 1 – Fill out the Reseller/Referral Qualification Application here.
STEP 2 – The Application will help Eminent SEO recommend the most suitable partnership from the following 3:

  • Qualified Reseller Partner
  • Qualified White Label Reseller Partner
  • Qualified Referral Partner

STEP 3 – An Eminent SEO Representative will contact you after reviewing your application to discuss your specific needs. You will be asked to sign an agreement that includes your specific Eminent Partnership terms.
STEP 4 – Upon receipt of the final signed agreements, your Eminent SEO Representative will send you a Reseller/ Referral Partner Kit. This kit includes:

SEO and Marketing Reseller and Referral Partner Kit

  • An introduction to the Eminent SEO team and contact details for your assigned Account Manager
  • Legal Agreements
  • Eminent SEO product and service information
  • Eminent Billing Options and Processes

Click here to learn more about the Reseller and Referral Partner Responsibilities.

Still not sure if you are a fit? Who makes a good Eminent SEO Reseller or Referral Partner?

  • SEO Companies
  • Link Building Companies
  • Online Marketing Consultants
  • Business Consultants
  • PPC Management Companies
  • Web Design and Branding Companies
  • PR Firms
  • Marketing Firms
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Hosting Companies
  • Accounting Firms
  • IT Professionals
  • Social Media Consultants and Companies
  • Any business who feels their clients would benefit from internet marketing services

As an Eminent SEO Reseller Partner you get a virtual marketing department without any of the hassles and with all the profit!