Expert Google Penalty Recovery Services

Did you recently see your website take a dip in organic rankings in Google’s search engine results? Has your website experienced a significant loss in traffic? Are you receiving multiple notifications or warnings from your Google Search Console?

Each of these examples describes a scenario where the likely culprit is a penalization from Google. Generally speaking, Google punishes sites that violate their terms of service. Examples of infraction include the use of duplicate content and spammy marketing strategies. Sometimes companies are completely unaware that their website is violating Google’s terms until their site is hit with the penalty. Thankfully, Eminent SEO specializes in penalty prevention and recovery.

Google Penalty Removal

Our Penalty Removal and Recovery Services

Here at Eminent SEO, we know firsthand how to respond when all the SEO rules seem to change overnight. From Panda to Penguin, we’ve helped clients recover from penalties related to every major Google algorithm update for the last 13 years.
You can trust that we have a high level of direct experience when it comes to helping sites recover from search engine penalties.