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SEO and Marketing Tips to
Successfully Grow Your Business in Phoenix, AZ

Over the past few years, Phoenix, AZ has enjoyed a recent surge in recognition as a preferred location for tech startups and small businesses, helping attract even more young talent to the area.

In fact, Forbes listed the Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale metropolitan area as #11 in their list of America’s Fastest Growing Cities in 2018. The low cost of living, comfortably warm winter climate, beautiful desert landscape and convenient accessibility to one of the busiest commercial airports in the United States (Phoenix Sky Harbor International) are all factors that contribute to why Phoenix is so appealing to young and old professionals.

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Whether you’re new to the area (welcome to Phoenix!) or have been a longtime resident, our Phoenix SEO and marketing guide provides useful strategies for any business owner looking to enhance their growth and minimize costs – all while taking advantage of Phoenix, AZ’s convenient features.

Are you a budding entrepreneur who wants to take advantage of Phoenix’s low cost of living and other alluring qualities by setting up your business here?

In 2018, WalletHub ranked the state of Arizona as the #9 best city in the United States for starting a business. The majority of small firms in Phoenix conduct their business within the Professional & Technical services sector, followed by the Real Estate sector. The rate of job growth for the Phoenix metropolitan area is expected to continue increasing in the next coming years, alongside more projected population growth.

1. Pros and Cons
of Starting a Business in Phoenix

First, it’s good to understand that owning a business in Phoenix is not without its flaws. We’ve touched upon some of the benefits of having Phoenix, AZ as the perfect backdrop to skyrocket your career, but what if you are a business owner?

Allow us to quickly recap:

The Pros

  • Low cost of living expenses – especially when compared to other densely populated metropolitan cities, such as San Francisco or New York.
  • Low cost of doing business, including low property taxes.
  • Recognized by Forbes in 2018 as one of the country’s fastest growing cities.
  • Growing expansion of a skilled workforce, with close proximity to internationally renowned universities such as Arizona State University (ASU) and University of Arizona (UA).
  • Great location with easy access to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and only a few hours’ drive or a quick flight to Los Angeles, Texas, or Mexico.
  • Warm, stable and appealing year-round climate, most notably during the winter, with a minimal risk of natural disasters.

However, there are a few key factors to consider as a business owner in Phoenix. Only by fully understanding the pitfalls and limitations of the city can a successful brand owner hope to strategically work around in spite of them.

The Cons

  • It can get really, really hot. There’s no way around the dry heat that characterizes summer in Phoenix.
  • Out of all the states, Arizona has the least accessible financing options for startups. That’s why it is even more important for Phoenix business owners to prioritize the most cost-effective marketing expenses and look for ways to get more bang for their buck.
  • More business owners are discovering why setting up shop in Phoenix is so appealing – which indicates the likelihood of potential increased competition for your brand in the coming years. It’s more crucial than ever to get a head start on building your reputation with your consumer base through digital and physical means.

But what exactly does that mean for a small business owner in Phoenix, AZ?

An expanding city population equals more potential customers – how are you going to reach them, in the most cost-effective way?

More businesses setting up headquarters in the valley translates into more competition moving into your turf in the next five years – what’s your game plan for quickly establishing a solid reputation for your brand in the community?

Lastly, more young and talented professionals are finding themselves moving to Phoenix looking for employment – how will you recruit and retain the next generation to join you in your vision?

Maintaining strong online AND offline presence is necessary for your business to succeed.

2. Budgeting & Minimizing
Unnecessary Costs

Because of Arizona’s limited financing options for businesses, brand owners need to be strategically allocating their money and resources into the most cost-effective avenues with the highest returns on investments.

That sounds nice and all, but what does that really mean?

How can you maximize employee productivity? Would you benefit from purchasing powerful software to automate certain responsibilities, and how do you know which software will really be worth the money? How often should you revisit your budget to evaluate what is and isn’t working? These are all questions a new business owner in Phoenix needs to be considering.

Acknowledge that Time is Money

A savvy business owner needs to not just budget their finances, but to budget their time as well. For example, investing in automating certain processes could make a huge impact on an employee’s day-to-day efficiency, leaving them more time to focus on strategy development or even sales. Taking the time to research different software and its features before committing to a purchase could be a lengthy progress, but could potentially save you hours on the dollar in the long run.

On a similar note, automating too many processes without carefully considering your needs could hurt you – for example, to what extent does your company rely on quality human interaction for success? Replacing a personable front desk agent with an automated AI phone answering system may seem off-putting if you’re running a bed and breakfast that advertises cozy and welcoming services.

“Phoenix is such a welcoming environment for the solopreneur, with a variety of start-up community events and networking opportunities. There is no lack of resources for brand new businesses, and Redemption Market, our ethical boutique, has received so much support as a woman-owned business in the Valley. Possibly the biggest challenge in Phoenix is having to choose among so many offerings!”
– Rhonda LaBatt, owner of Redemption Market (Phoenix, AZ)

Closely Examine Trends in Arizona for Potential Risks to Your Business

Like all major cities, Phoenix, has specific quirks and characteristics that make it unique from others. Unless you’ve just recently moved to Phoenix (or live under a rock), many of these qualities are obviously apparent. Still, it is best practice to consider how Phoenix’s distinguishing traits could affect your strategy for business growth.

Here are just a few points you may want to consider about Arizona that could potentially impact your business:

  • How will the heat affect the way you conduct your business? Phoenix can get unbearably hot, especially during the summer. Restaurants with outdoor patios need to have cooling water mists to allow patrons to stay comfortable in the desert heat. Commercial properties or company vehicles may benefit from powerful window tinting services to reduce costs on air conditioning bills.
  • How heavily do you rely on the patronage of snowbirds? Snowbirds are people who temporarily migrate to Arizona during the winter to escape the snow from another state. Many of these individuals are retired seniors who will rent or own a home in Arizona, and snowbird season is typically from November to April. Come springtime, these snowbirds leave Arizona and go back to their homes. If you are relying on the business snowbirds can bring you, keep in mind that their patronage is only seasonal and plan your cash flow accordingly.
  • Currently, Phoenix’s public transportation system is poor at best. If you are coming from cities with highly developed subway systems such as New York or Boston, this could be a big change. Not having a vehicle in Phoenix is going to be a huge inconvenience, and spending money on rideshare services like Uber and Lyft can be costly in the long term. Expect your customers and employees in Phoenix to be using cars as their main mode of transportation, and consider private parking features when purchasing property.

There are certainly more distinguishing features of Arizona that could impact your business, so research accordingly so that you know what to expect.

It was my husband’s idea to buy a business, since he felt confident I had a pretty good understanding of both sales and operations. I’ve always loved fitness, so a gym seemed like a perfect fit. My first year in business was a STRUGGLE. I didn’t realize how much I had to learn.
– Laurel Roach, owner of TriFit Wellness (Phoenix, AZ)

Useful Resources for Business Owners

Still looking for more useful tips? We have created several free downloadable guides and blog posts for business owners in Phoenix, filled with our team’s expert advice on successfully managing your company. For free.




3. Develop Your
Local Marketing Strategy

A local marketing strategy takes into consideration your business’s surrounding areas and community. While the benefits from a comprehensive local marketing campaign are obvious if your business is a restaurant or brick-and-mortar store that relies on foot traffic, companies that conduct the bulk of their businesses online should also be interested as well in order to build strong relationships and visibility within the community.

Mirrored Memories started out as a dream of ours when we attended the Arizona Bridal Expo and saw the technology in action! Newly engaged and full of motivation, we set out to become the #1 name in the Phoenix mobile photo booth industry. We are your everyday average Joe (and Sally) so juggling full time jobs, wedding planning, parenting and starting a small business hasn’t been easy. After hard work, hours of research, and loving support from our family, Mirrored Memories changed from a dream into our reality.
– Scott & Margaret Poling, owners of Mirrored Memories (Phoenix, AZ)

Effective local marketing in Phoenix could help your brand establish a repeat customer base and increase overall brand awareness. Some proven ways that businesses interested in enhancing their local marketing strategy can include tactics such as:

  • Sponsoring a community sports team or extracurricular club.
  • Offering discounts or coupons via direct mail marketing.
  • Participating in community events, such as having a booth at a local fair or selling your product at the Phoenix Public Market.
  • Hosting an event, such as allowing a Phoenix networking group to use your space for a meeting.
  • Joining the local Chamber of Commerce and being an active member.
  • Purchasing advertising space in Phoenix billboards or bus stops.
  • Creating relevant content specifically to benefit your local consumer base, such as writing a blog post with tips on what to expect for Phoenix’s monsoon season or providing clear directions for how to reach your Phoenix office from major highways.

Local marketing strategies can utilize both traditional and digital methodologies, so don’t make the mistake of only choosing one or the other. Capitalize on location-based marketing techniques and target your surrounding areas to help drive your overall marketing campaign.

4. Invest in Cost-Effective
Digital Marketing & SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of strategically building and improving all aspects of a website in order to earn better visibility on search engines, such as Google or Yahoo. Keyword research, UX design, link building, social media and quality content writing are just a few of the key aspects to a sound SEO strategy.
It is arguably the most cost-effective form of marketing, making it especially appealing for businesses that are working with limited budget.

In our expertise, it has the most potential for the greatest return on investment.

The catch?

It’s a lengthy process… and requires a lot of patience. Any SEO agency in Phoenix that is promising you instantaneous results and guaranteeing that your brand name will “go viral” is either 1) lying through their teeth to sell you their services or 2) completely unaware of how SEO really works.

Hire someone with proven experience. This is key.

Deciding between organic marketing or paid marketing is also important. Can your business afford to invest in both? How do you know which avenue is going to prove more profitable in the long term?

These are all good questions – but if you have no previous knowledge of SEO and have never tested the methodologies, how can you expect to get an answer?

You can certainly try to manage the SEO aspect of your business in-house. But, if you don’t already have access to powerful (but expensive) website analysis software, purchasing them can be costly and often come with a monthly free. Additionally, auditing a website and knowing how to effectively read the data to help create a strategy are also skills that can take years of experience to fully develop. Consider hiring a full-service digital marketing agency to help you develop your SEO strategy – a skilled digital marketer will be able to give you a proper evaluation on what your website’s needs are and provide recommendations for effective marketing strategies.

Here are a few resources and blog posts we’ve created to help business owners like you to better understand and improve your own SEO strategy:


Check out these resources help business owners like me to better understand and improve your own SEO strategy!

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5. Consider Hiring
a Phoenix SEO Agency

Working with an agency that understands the Phoenix metropolitan area well and knows how to develop a custom approach tailored for your niche will elevate your marketing strategy from good to phenomenal.

For well over a decade now, the team at Eminent SEO has been offering expert digital marketing and SEO services to clients in Phoenix and all of Arizona. Although we service businesses all over the world, Phoenix holds a special place in our hearts.

It’s not just the metro area where our beautiful office is located, but it’s also the hometown of many of our staff members and beloved clients. Whether we’re cheering on the Arizona Diamondbacks (go D-backs!) at downtown Phoenix’s Chase Stadium, admiring Fernando the sloth at the Phoenix Zoo or enjoying the smoked-to-perfection fatty brisket at Little Miss BBQ (mmmmm), we are always in awe of the wonderfully diverse and thriving city of Phoenix, Arizona.

Our Client Portfolio

In our years of experience, we have developed and implemented countless high-level marketing campaigns for hundreds of Phoenix-based companies. Our marketing experts play a hands-on role from start to finish: from the initial research stage, to the execution, to the campaign evaluation and data analysis. We personally oversee every stage, allowing for multiple checkpoints so we are able to make adjustments to your strategy if needed. For a closer look at some of our favorite projects, please take a look at our client portfolio.

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A Key Understanding of Marketing a Business in Phoenix

Is your company looking for expert SEO services in Phoenix? We specialize in SEO and offer full-service digital marketing services, from web design and development, to inbound-strategic content writing, to social media management, quality link building, and more. Discover why we’re the top SEO agency in Phoenix Arizona.

  • Brand Design
  • Website Design
  • Expert SEO
  • Content Blogging
  • Organic Marketing
  • Link Management
  • Paid Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Local Marketing
  • Penalty Removal
  • Reputation Management

For a comprehensive description at each of our services, take a closer look here:


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