What do you do?

Eminent SEO is a website and internet marketing service provider. We specialize in SEO which means many of our products and services are geared towards optimizing your website and increasing your organic website traffic. We aim to create beautiful, functional websites that are optimized for the search engines AND the potential customers so that ultimately you have a website that not only gets traffic, but converts that traffic into sales.

How much do your services cost?

We have dozens of services, packages and custom solutions. Because of this there isn’t one standard cost. We have some clients spending an average of $250.00 per month while others spend over $50,000.00 on a monthly basis. We understand not everyone can afford to begin an aggressive marketing campaign that includes multiple service offerings, so instead of pre-packaging everything we offer a-la-carte pricing. Generally we start by getting to know you and your website goals and then we can create a custom strategy that works for you and your current budget.

How long have you been in business?

Eminent SEO was born in October of 2009. However, our owners – Chris Weatherall and Jenny Stradling have both have several years of previous internet marketing experience that they bring to the table. Many of our team members came to Eminent SEO with some form of marketing or content development experience, so collectively we have dozens of years of experience.

Where are you located?

The corporate headquarters for Eminent SEO are in Mesa Arizona, about 30 minutes outside of Phoenix. We operate out of a house office, which is comfy and easy to collaborate in. Most of our team comes to the office Monday – Friday, however, we do a have a few full time team members that work remotely. We love visitors but most of our clients are outside of Arizona, so we rely on phone, email, Skype and other online tools to communicate. If you are ever in the area, please come see us – we’ll take you to coffee!

What is SEO?

SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. A lot of people in our industry started rebranding their SEO company and calling it “Digital Marketing” or something similar. We believe in the old saying, “A rose by any other name is still a rose”… so, call it what you will, but SEO is still a necessity and a powerful tool for gaining visibility for literally any and all of your online brand and website collateral. For example: Have a Facebook? You should optimize your page and posts for increased search engine rankings and better clicks. Writing a blog? You should optimize the title and content. Adding an image to your site? The alt tag needs a keyword from your SEO strategy. SEO literally overlaps with everything you need to do for your business online.

Will I have a dedicated account rep?

Yes. Our team works collaboratively on each and every project that comes in. However, it is important that you have one main point of contact who will coordinate everything for you internally. When you begin with us your Dedicated Account Manager will prepare your strategy, place your order, work with billing, assign your order for fulfillment, answer any questions you have throughout the course of the campaign and deliver your monthly reports. You will have direct access to your Account Manager but you can also always reach another member of the team if your Account Manager is ever unavailable.

Does Social Media help with SEO?

Yes, it does! Social indicators are a big part ranking a website organically. They help Google and the other search engines see your website, brand and content as more of an authority. When people talk about you and link to you socially, that tells Google your business (content, etc.) is something to buzz about. Because of this we integrate social in many of our organic marketing campaign recommendations. We do everything from manage your social platforms to produce thoughtful social media link bait campaigns.

Do you make websites too?

Yes, we do! We have built 1,000’s of websites. We can help you build from the ground up through full website branding, design, content and development. Or, we can take your existing website and freshen up the design, content or move it to a better platform – such as WordPress. Although we can work on an outdated site and piece it together, clients who have found the most success are those that allow us to work on every aspect of the website that needs improvement. When your site represents who you are, your sales skyrocket. Outdated websites do not sell.

Do you write blogs?

Yes, content is such a big part of on-line marketing. Blogging is a great way to keep your website up to date with fresh information. Google and the other search engines want to rank sites that have up to date information on the subject being searched. However, updating your product and service pages regularly just doesn’t make sense. By leveraging a blog on your website you can write about a number of things from what is happening at your company to industry specific news and always have something fresh for your readers (and Google) to see when they visit your site. Our content writers are also professional SEO’s and will not only produce quality content, but ensure it is properly optimized as well.

What is your reporting like?

We believe in total transparency. Our reports vary per customer depending on your specific campaign and order details. However, all clients can expect to see a full report of all work completed for the month as well as a report containing all key performance indicators (KPI’s). During the month you can always ask for an update or call with questions, however, we generally fulfill our orders over the course of 30 days and then report back on the work completed at that time. It’s important to us that you understand exactly what you are getting, so we also like to schedule a call to review your progress and talk about strategy. Because our work is flexible, we can adjust your campaign as often as needed to ensure you are getting the very best results you can for your money.

What is your minimum term?

We are a results based firm and believe clients should base their decision to continue off of their monthly results. Because of this we don’t have monthly minimum contractual obligations. All of our work is paid for up front, by phase (generally a phase is one month) and renews each month thereafter. For example, if you pay for your first phase on the 15th, your campaign will automatically renew on the 15th each month. However, if you ever want to cancel, you simply cancel prior to your next billing day (we prefer 30 days’ notice) and we will wrap up that months order, deliver the final report and no more invoices will be sent out. We figure our work speaks for itself and if a client isn’t happy they shouldn’t be forced to continue to pay.

Do you do reputation management?

Yes, we do. Many clients don’t even realize they’re brand has a bad name until it’s too late. Our services can help brand your company and develop a strong, positive brand presence before you receive a bad review or negative mention. However, if that has already happened, don’t worry – we can help! We will evaluate the issue, benchmark everything and develop a custom, reputation management campaign to combat the negative press your company or brand has received. Sometimes this takes one month, other times this can take several months, it all just depends on the severity of the issue.

What is the difference between a reseller and a referral partner?

Eminent SEO offers a number of products and services. Some of them can be difficult to fulfill and require a team of dedicated, skilled experts. Because of this companies in our space or individuals who work with websites will come to us for help. We offer two different partnership opportunities: reseller and referral. The main difference is a reseller will manage their client and simply outsource some or all of the fulfillment of the work ordered to us. Whereas a referral partner will simply refer business over to us without continuing to manage the client. Resellers bill their clients which means they can make a monthly residual. Referrals hand over the client and pocket a onetime fee for the referral. Learn more about the reseller and referral partnership opportunities on our We Love Resellers page.

Still have a question? Don’t worry – just give us a call at 1.800.871.4130.