Although fresh, relevant content is important to the overall health of any website, it’s not realistic to update your home page and main service pages more than every few months.

However, Google is still looking for current information on the web to serve to its users. A great way to keep your website up to date is to host a regularly updated blog.

The key to a successful website and blog content strategy is up-to-date content, yes – but it’s actually a lot more than that. The blog content should be beautifully designed, offer high quality content and images, target important key phrases and when placed on the site should incorporate other important SEO fundamentals, such as: proper meta data, an alt tag for the image, internal linking and so on.

Our dedicated website blogging services not only ensure that your blog is regularly updated and properly optimized, but they also ensure your content is notable and shareable. Our goal is to help your fresh content gain viral visibility that generates additional buzz and social shares that lead to more direct clicks and increased search engine visibility.

Our Website Blogging Services Include:

  • Dedicated Blog Writing and Management for Website Blogs
  • Website Blog Marketing Services
  • Blog Creation, Writing and Management for 3rd Party Blogs