With Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising you partner with Google, Bing, Facebook or another search or social platform.

They agree to host your ads; you agree to pay a cost for each click on the ad. Unlike organic search traffic to your website, which can take several months to achieve, PPC can bring targeted traffic to your website starting day one. But, because you are paying for each click, it’s important that you have a solid, well researched campaign or you can quickly blow through your marketing budget and have nothing to show for it.

Here at Eminent SEO, we develop a strategy through a keyword research and competitive analysis process. We create well written ads to target your keywords and target market, while avoiding negative terms and terms that have become inflated through bidding wars. During the course of your campaign we carefully monitor your ads and key performance metrics and make adjustments based off of performance.

Our goal is to help you select keywords that convert into leads, without simply bidding on the highest volume terms, but rather low hanging fruit terms that tie in with your specific website offers. Campaign optimization is an on-going process that leads to proper position placement while still working to lower the average cost per click and increased conversions.

Our Pay Per Click Set Up and Management Services Include:

  • Google or Bing PPC Audits
  • Google PPC Set Up and Management
  • Bing PPC Set Up and Management
  • Facebook Ad Campaign Set Up and Management