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Nicola Yap

Organic Marketing Strategist

About Nicola:

I grew up in San Ramon, CA and graduated from Boston University as a public relations major. I have held several copywriting and social media management internships, as well as handled PR for clients within the health food industry. Being a millennial that basically grew up alongside the internet, I am extremely interested in learning the ins and outs of search engine optimization, link acquisition and inbound marketing strategies. As an Organic Marketing Strategist, I focus on developing and implementing outreach campaigns for Eminent SEO’s clients in order to generate organic traffic.

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Skill Sets:

  • Blogging
  • Social Media Management
  • Public Relations
  • Media Outreach
  • Copywriting & Copyediting
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Media Pitching

Fun Facts About Me:

  • I have three cats: Yoda, Marceline and Lambert.
  • I can understand Tagalog (native language of the Philippines) relatively well, but I speak it relatively poorly.
  • I’m ¼ Chinese and ¾ Filipino.
  • If given the option, I will ask for the spiciest level for all my food.
  • Sometimes people think I am being sarcastic … but I swear it’s just how I talk!
  • I’m a big fan of horror movies, and video games in the horror genre (such as Resident Evil before the zombies became intelligent and started shooting back at me, and Silent Hill).
  • When I was younger, I used to be really upset that I only grew to 4-foot-10, but I have long made peace with my height.
  • I love organization and tidiness, and make my bed every morning.
  • The very first time I went to the East Coast was to attend Boston University. Growing up in California, you can imagine my shock learning how to endure the crazy snowstorms.
  • I’m the only one in my immediate family still living in the United States. The rest of my family moved back to the Philippines when I was in college!

I Love:

  • My cats
  • My family and friends
  • My Fitbit
  • Hiking and exploring beautiful areas
  • Desserts
  • Pokémon
  • Video games (most RPGs, anything in the horror genre, some first-person shooters, and Minecraft)
  • Zombies
  • Acrylic storage – I love organization!
  • Spreadsheets
  • Matcha lattes
  • Lord of the Rings (I’m secretly a hobbit, but without the hairy feet)
  • Spicy ethnic food