Why Going Green in Business Is Good for Your Bottom Line

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Going Green In Business Is Good For Reputation - Eminent SEO

Business mentality has shifted. Profitability remains important. Notoriety is often more important than profitability, as good and bad attention can help drive profitability. (Reputation management can fix the online backlash.) Perhaps now, more than ever before, what you do in business is second to how you do it.

Why the collective enterprise shift? Why is going green in business good?

Millennials. According to the Census Bureau, millennials outnumber baby boomers. In order for businesses to be competitive and stay competitive, their product or service offerings should appeal to the millennial mindset.

Because millennials possess a DIY mentality and appreciate acquiring knowledge, knowing how to save time and financial resources whenever possible will provide you with some clues. Certain business practices will also need to align with cost- and time-effectiveness on a local, national and global scale. After all, the accepted business mantra is “Think Local, Grow Global.”

So how do we do this, attain, maintain and grow financial success without sacrificing human consciousness? Be green.

Being green in business today is far different than it was 10 years ago. Your green initiatives must go beyond a mere positioning statement. It has to literally define your existence. Seriously.

Being Green Before Was the Seed for What’s Blossomed Today

If you were in business within the first decade of the year 2000 or worked for a company back then, having the ability to say you were a “green” corporation was all the rage. There were changes to the way employees experienced the office space, eliminating the use of paper, unnecessary lighting, and low-flush toilets.

This was all a very big deal. Companies wanted to boast about these changes. So they’d do a press release about how green they were. They’d add a tab on their website menu dedicated to their green initiative so that the public would know how important the environment was to them.

Green in Business Is Good and Even Better for Industries

Construction and real estate companies seized the opportunities available in green. Energy efficiency was proving to be big business. Properties, both residential and commercial, that had low-e windows, artificial grass or solar panels seemed more attractive to buyers and tenants who were looking for built-in ways to lower operating costs. But this wasn’t enough – and that’s a good thing.

Public Outcry and Government Support Create a Brighter Hue

“The use of green products generated more than $500 million in energy-efficiency savings and more to come in 2017.” Inc.com

The spiritual floodgates of consciousness have opened up about thinking greener. With government programs now supporting the private sector in selling green products to consumers, the opportunities appear, in a word, limitless. Business, maybe even your business, needs to step it up.

What was good enough before isn’t enough today.

Baby Boomers, Millennials and Generation Z Demand More

Many of today’s baby boomers came from a more holistic approach to living. Remember hippies? For them, in the 1960s and 1970s, life was all about peace, love and harmony. Those desires still live in the hearts and minds of many mid-lifers and young seniors.

Millennials and Gen Zers invoke a deeper consciousness about the products they buy. They don’t take our natural resources for granted. Water is treated like a gift: It is used for washing and rinsing in the sinks and showers of America but turned off during those moments in between. Additionally, if your business, at its core, doesn’t have an environmental social consciousness, your product or service – no matter how good – isn’t even considered.

Green Today Must Translate to a Greener Tomorrow

Consumers want to feel comfortable in the products and services they sign up for, not just for today but how they impact tomorrow. It’s a strange paradox really. Although people don’t want to “own” anything, when they do make a decision, it should make a positive difference to someone else down the road, whether it’s their family, friends or strangers abroad. Doing business green-minded allows this to play out, naturally.

Green Is Good for Business Profitability and Longevity

Studies Show Consumers Buy From Environmentally Conscious Companies - Eminent SEOIf you watch what’s trending (and who doesn’t), people are demanding that feelings matter. Many business success stories are not led by how magnificent their sales are but by how their business connects people. The sales funnel lives in the relationship-nurturing process.

So is there room for sentiments in business? Absolutely, and sharing them through your green philosophy is a great way to communicate them.

Going green in business is good for producing cost and time efficiencies in logistics, production, employee head count, and more. When businesses can minimize operating expenses and increase customer satisfaction, not only do they have a better ability to expand their market share, but grow positive brand awareness and existing customer loyalty, which collectively goes a long way in building longevity.

Incorporating green into your company doesn’t have to be a long-winded, complicated process. For example, allowing employees to work remotely lessens gas consumption and pollution. There are little modifications that can be made to help all of us realize the big picture: Together, we can create a more sustainable way to live and thrive.

Even if your business doesn’t directly fall into the following types of industry, you can certainly think of ways to use them to help your company’s environmental stance.

Sustainability businesses include:

  • Printer Ink Recycling
  • Cleaning Services
  • Solar Installations
  • Energy Auditing
  • Home and Commercial Property Improvement
  • Landscaping
  • Organic Foods
  • Restaurants

These Companies Should Make You Green with Envy

There are three different companies that I’d like to highlight as complete purveyors of green. I believe their missions will serve to inspire and remind us all that it’s never too late to do business better.

Every business that uses water, plastic or fuel, with the right alternative, can strengthen their green. Here are a few examples of how it gets done.


With its consumer focus on the millennial market, Airespot took a look at urban living and wanted to make it more proficient for professionals and local businesses. They’ve done it with one seamless app. The Airespot app is available for those living in specific high-rise apartments where getting to and from anywhere can be a challenge.

The purpose of the Airespot app is to connect apartment owners or property managers with their tenants and also put them in touch with local service providers who can make their life easier, all at a discount. Dog sitters and walkers, cleaning services and restaurants are part of the mix.

Through app use, residents can get what they want with a swipe, but what makes this even sweeter is that the more people that use the same business service, the deeper their discount. Residential logistics issues are solved.

Dynamic Water Technologies, LLC

Large-scale enterprises like resorts, hotels, industrial and manufacturing plants need expansive water systems to keep their businesses running. Over time, these systems require upgrades to sustain safety and health requirements, costing millions of dollars in new equipment and production delays.

Dynamic Water Technologies in Scottsdale, Arizona, part of Universal Environmental Technology (UET), provides businesses a cost-effective and time sensitive solution. Through best-in class technology and sustainable engineering, chemical additives to water are removed and water consumption is reduced. In fact, Dynamic’s clients experience up to 80 percent in water savings and up to 40 percent in energy savings.

The Plastic Bank

Imagine combining two of the world’s largest problems and solving them with one multifaceted idea: world hunger and oceanic pollution, eradicated. The idea behind The Plastic Bank is for people – in both private and public sectors – to work together to remove the plastic waste in our oceans and prevent it from ever getting there. But who and how?

Some of the worst offenders in oceanic plastic waste come from the most impoverished countries. The Plastic Bank offers the poor a way to generate income and sustain their own livelihood, simply by cleaning up the plastic.

Individuals can bring plastic to designated recycling centers where they have the option of being paid in local currency, or in green-generated goods or services. Sustainability drives The Plastic Bank’s entire business lifecycle.

Is Your Business Green Enough?

Truly green companies use sustainable solutions at every possible opportunity. How green do you think you are? Could your business pass the judgment of your customers on this subject?

If you’re not sure, use the following questions as a guideline:

  1. Does your business give back to the community in every business transaction?
  2. Does your business represent a green mentality in operations?
  3. Does your business represent a green mentality in its culture?
  4. Does your product or service (in its use) support a lower carbon footprint?
  5. Do you partner with other green-minded corporations?

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Melanie Stern

Looking at the world through word-colored glasses, I am continuously in awe of how we evolve as people in business. We strive to communicate in a direct approach and, when we see fit, through subliminal channels. As a content strategist, I look forward to sharing all perspectives to help entertain, enlighten and engage more in others.

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Looking at the world through word-colored glasses, I am continuously in awe of how we evolve as people in business. We strive to communicate in a direct approach and, when we see fit, through subliminal channels. As a content strategist, I look forward to sharing all perspectives to help entertain, enlighten and engage more in others.

24 thoughts on “Why Going Green in Business Is Good for Your Bottom Line

  1. Avatar for Melanie SternPhillip Staddler

    Very interesting read and never would have thought that these little things could matter so much. It is definitely the attention to detail which can determine the difference between a successful company and an average one. Very insightful and a lot of great material to think about and incorporate in my own work!

    1. Avatar for Melanie SternTeam Eminent SEO

      Hi Phillip. I think it’s cool how our business culture is transcending into some mode of accountability. Hopefully it will trickle down into how each of us, as consumers, makes decisions in our everyday lives. After I first learned (and interviewed) the head of The Plastic Bank (noted in this article) I quickly shut down the amount of plastic water bottles I was using and I don’t take water for granted – ever!

      1. Avatar for Melanie SternNicola

        If given the choice between purchasing from a company that practices CSR (corporate social responsibility) versus a competitor that doesn’t – I definitely lean towards the more charitable brand. TOMS comes to mind immediately.

        Melanie, your article reminded me of the man who invented the Keurig. Apparently, the inventor regrets creating his product because of all the waste K-cups have created. Poor guy; I’d feel bad too.

        1. Avatar for Melanie SternChris Weatherall

          I try to go green but little things like the waste a Kcup makes you don’t even think about. I feel like a big chunk of my greeness could be getting offset by something I’m unaware of?!?!?!?!? Like Leonardo DiCaprio driving a Prius but taking private jet flights regularly and having dozens of staffers drive around town doing his small chores/errands.

          1. Avatar for Melanie SternMelanie Stern Post author

            Yes… there are definite instances of hypocrisy in “green” but I’d like to think that most of us are well-intended. I’m thinking that if we each did just one thing, adopt one new habit that supports “cleaner” living at home and at work, and add another green habit every few months – over time, it could make a difference. I ran across a man here in Phoenix who changed his swimming pool into a garden, and recycled his personal water usage to help grow the garden. Ingenious!

        2. Avatar for Melanie SternMelanie Stern Post author

          I know what you mean about the Keurig cups. It’s the reason I haven’t purchased that brand or type of coffeemaker. For me, the convenience isn’t worth the damage to Mother Earth. 🙁

  2. Avatar for Melanie SternNadya Korytnikova

    Interesting article. I personally think that going green is simply more convenient. I agree, millennials are concerned about environment more than other generations, but they also move a lot, so receiving a bunch of flyers in mailbox is just irritating. It would be much more convenient for both business and the client to send notifications via email.

    1. Avatar for Melanie SternMelanie Stern Post author

      Nadya, most of those mailbox flyers go in the “circular file” (trash bin) anyway so they aren’t as effective a marketing tool as they used to be – before the digital age. But many businesses, especially small businesses, don’t want to spend the money to buy email lists or build their database of prospects. Business, modernized, seems to have “green” initiatives built in, such as email notifications. So what do you do with your mailbox flyers? And do you take a moment to look at them? 🙂

  3. Avatar for Melanie SternMd zubyer

    I Very interesting read and never would have thought that these little things could matter so much. It is definitely the attention to detail which can determine the difference between a successful company and an average one. Very insightful and a lot of great material to think about and incorporate into my own work!

    1. Avatar for Melanie SternMelanie Stern Post author

      So glad you found the content thought-provoking and useful. It’s nice to see that we all take a deeper dive into how we consider our business choices. Have a great work week!

  4. Avatar for Melanie Sternchris

    Loved the questionnaire at the end to see if a business is green enough. It’s a good idea to make sure your business is green and appealing to the younger generation. Enjoyed the post!

    1. Avatar for Melanie SternMelanie Stern Post author

      Thank you! It’s part of what we love to do around here… maximize content through actionable SEO.

  5. Avatar for Melanie Sternlauren

    I really like how you made it connect to millennials, by saying they are really into DIY. I know as a struggling college student myself, I am always looking for ways to save money, and get the cheaper alternative. Going green is always a plus for me too.

    1. Avatar for Melanie SternCal Hanson

      What do you do to go green? Me and one of my roommates recycle plastic, metal, and cardboard. We are big sticklers on it, while the other two roommates aren’t. Sometimes it’s frustrating!

  6. Avatar for Melanie SternCal Hanson

    Nice article. These things should be talked about way more! I liked how you included reasons why going green could HELP businesses, because it’s usually viewed as doing the opposite. Thanks for your words and time!

    1. Avatar for Melanie SternMelanie Stern Post author

      Thank you Cal. I find that sometimes people don’t talk enough about living ‘green’ because it takes an extra moment out of their day and many people are consumed with how ‘busy’ they are and that being environmentally responsible is big governments’- or big corporations’ problem. It’s everyone problem. And everyone is responsible for the solution. 😉

  7. Avatar for Melanie SternAlice Trellakis

    Nice article! Going green i think is important for millennial and a lot of age groups at this day in age. If it helps a business’s profits as well, there should be no hesitation I think to pursue that!

    1. Avatar for Melanie SternMelanie Stern Post author

      Thanks Alice. Appreciate your feedback. Our office here is completely digital. We don’t print anything on paper. And guess what? I don’t miss it at all!

  8. Avatar for Melanie SternShaurya

    Hahah, great title!

    Another advantage of going green apart from these is that it is very easy to get backlinks to a piece of content that focuses on going green. Green blogs are always ready to link out to any resource which promotes going green so it is a great linking market.

    1. Avatar for Melanie SternMelanie Stern Post author

      Nice to know Shaurya. “Green” isn’t a mere trend nor just a lifestyle, it’s who and how we all need to be.

  9. Avatar for Melanie SternCrystalann

    Hi Melanie,
    Thanks for this exquisite post! Business is part of every company which they are following to grow by time and needs and know future of business is digital marketing to the brand.


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