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Do the Fields of PR and SEO Overlap? A Closer Look at How One Can Strengthen the Other

Fresh out of college with a public relations degree, I found myself stumbling into the world of search engine optimization – specifically, link building. I wondered how the two realms would overlap, if at all. A quick refresher: Link building is an SEO tactic that refers to the method of increasing a webpage’s number of [...]
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Is Keyword-Rich Anchor Text No Longer Necessary?

Ask any SEO specialist about anchor text, and you may unwittingly spark a lively debate. It’s often a source of both angst and confusion. With the Google Penguin series of algorithm updates, knowing anchor text best practices is even more important. Here, let’s look into all about anchor text, its role in SEO, and how [...]
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Vol. 49: Eminent SEO is Moving, Google My Business Shakeup, November Roundups

Eminent SEO News: We Are Moving, New Hire One month after our sixth anniversary, we signed a lease and got the keys to a bigger and better office space! We’re currently in the process of moving just few miles down the road, and Mesa, AZ will continue to be our home base. If you’re in [...]
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How and Why to Go Beyond Basic Keyword Research When Optimizing Content

When we talk about keyword research, it starts with opening up Google Adwords Keyword Planner or a similar online tool. From there, we’ll type in a prospective phrase and perhaps pick a geo-location before seeing a page of results, identifying the most appropriate keyword and then calling it a day. OK, maybe we don’t really [...]
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Understanding the Future of SEO: What to Expect in 2016 and Beyond

Search is an ever-changing landscape of different variables that quantify what makes a website strong enough to rank. As we approach the end of 2015, some of us may be wondering what to expect in 2016 for SEO. My team had the opportunity to attend the Pubcon event in Vegas recently, and I’m happy to [...]
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How Content and Links Work Together for Better Organic Marketing

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Link building has dramatically changed in the past couple years with all of the Google algorithm updates. With the changes a lot of people started thinking that content marketing is the new SEO. That isn’t true, but SEO has changed to include a lot more content in the strategies. Both are needed to build a [...]
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Organic Link Building Post Penguin

With the Google Panda and Penguin algorithm updates there is a lot of question as to what is going to be an effective strategy for organic marketing moving forward. Let’s just clear this up right now. Links are more important than ever before – but the right kind of links. It’s not about volume, it’s [...]
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Organic Search Engine Optimization Services and the All-Important Backlink

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You may think your do-it-yourself approach to SEO is working just fine and you’ve got no reason to worry about outsourcing your online media marketing solutions, but have you considered your website back-end? The search engines do – in the form of backlinks. So just what exactly is a backlink? Simply put, it’s a link [...]
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