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Vol. 104: Working from Home with Kids?

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Working from Home with Kids?

Eminent SEO owners, Jenny Stradling and Chris Weatherall have 6 KIDS. And, right now, we are all working from home. So, if you are like us we thought you might need some tips on working from home with kids.

Lighten Up

Lighten Up
This is an unprecedented time. Parents need to cut themselves slack. No criticizing or beating yourself up over the kids’ extra screen time. This is temporary, and it’s OK to shift the rules.

Do It Your Way

Do It Your Way
As long as your work gets done, you can work in the early morning, at night or while the kids nap. Take a few hours midday to take a walk with the kids. Think of it as “sanity time” and take time during the day to exercise or do something else for yourself. Other parents cop to hiding out in the bathroom to answer e-mail or make calls. Whatever works… right?

Divvy Up Child Care

Divvy Up Child Care
Are there two adults working at home now? Or an older child who can look after young ones for a few hours? If so, alternate shifts. it’s totally unrealistic to think you can operate on a regular eight-hour day. Parents can discuss their work schedule as a team the night before to determine who is more available at different times of the day. Also consider swapping baby-sitting time with neighbors in the same situation. You watch their kids in the morning, and they watch yours in the afternoon.

Set Up a Workstation

Set Up a Workstation
Find a sunny room with a door you can shut, if possible. Even a table in a bedroom is preferable to working at a kitchen table, Gulliver advised. Otherwise, clear a shelf or dining room table to create a dedicated workspace. Parents with babies and toddlers may choose to set up shop in a child’s bedroom or play area to keep an eye on them. Getting a headset with a noise-canceling microphone and mute button is helpful to block out testy children and dogs during calls.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate
What tends to get squeezed out when telecommuting is communication and relationships with colleagues. People still need to call each other to stay connected and reduce isolation. Ask your employer for guidance on communication tools to maximize your touch points. Using multiple communication channels to stay in touch—video, Slack, instant messaging, Zoom calls—can help avoid misunderstandings. Body language and tone get lost in e-mail.

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