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Build upon your current audience—and reach a brand new one—by publishing essential content on our network of major industry and media websites.

Content Is King

You’re an expert in your niche, and clients, potential clients, and even the general public need to know it. If you’ve kept a finger on the pulse of the SEO and marketing complex within the last few years, you’re well aware that the best way to showcase your knowledge—and build public perception of your authority and trustworthiness on all things related to your business—is by publishing your own expert content. The starting point, of course, is your own official webpage.

Unfortunately, unless you’re already operating a well-established blog with thousands of followers, this is where the next hurdle comes into play—how do you make sure people within your target market are actually putting your content to use? An even better question may be, how can you get expert content out there and in front of potential clients in the first place?

Get Your Content More Views

Getting your content seen often isn’t as simple as posting to a blog—most likely, you’ll need to see that your content is published to a major media or industry website. Imagine the impact reading your expert opinion could have on a potential client in the market for your product or service—there’s just nothing like it. Unfortunately, however, publishing to major media usually involves getting your content past a team of editors who may or may not give your story the time of day.

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Is there a way to ensure your content will get published, lending it the ability to reach all your major markets across the US (as well as some you probably haven’t even considered, yet)? In a word — yes.

What Is Syndication and Distribution Through Eminent SEO?

Eminent SEO syndication and distribution services skips the writer-editor-media source middleman and gives you direct access to the thousands of readers you’ve been trying to access since the day you published your website. Simply order new content—or submit your own—and ESEO will guarantee publication on a wide array of respected, established news and industry sites across the country. Better yet, you can choose to create new content or reinvigorate existing content.

Order, Create, and Distribute New Original Content

ESEO’s content ordering and distribution service will put new, original content in front of the eyes of a large range of new readers. You’ll be able to establish your expertise while banking on the authority and respect of the publishing site—as well as its high ranking with leading search engines. As a result, your own content benefits from the higher ranking being associated with the big media players affords. What’s more, you can include a clear, concise call to action with each publication to increase your own referral traffic back to your homepage.

Republish and Distribute Your Existing Content

You haven’t wasted your time creating your existing quality content—in addition to creating new content, you can republish your existing content with a much-improved distribution model. This means your content is suddenly in front of the audience you meant to access to begin with. Once the publisher features your content, they’ll use a rel=canonical tag to link back to your original piece, avoiding duplicated content and providing increased traffic to your blog.

Who Uses Content Syndication and Distribution?

The biggest names across all sectors of business, including media and Fortune 500 companies, have been relying on content syndication and distribution for years. Unfortunately, up until relatively recent years, this strategy was only available for the biggest players who could afford to spend the time, effort, and money necessary to navigate the tricky editorial waters we mentioned earlier. It’s one reason even the most successful small-, mid-, and large-sized companies were relegated to industry blog space.

Now, however, ESEO can get you the same distribution and syndication access as the Fortune 500 companies—and at a much lower price! Even better, you’ll have the confidence of knowing that your content is built by a dedicated SEO and marketing expert with access to the stage of media powerhouses across the country. That’s all part of what puts Eminent SEO far above the other guys and your content in front of the eyes of thousands of new readers in your most coveted markets.

How Does the
Process Work?

To get your content out there and visible to the masses, all you’ll need to do is follow four very simple steps (don’t worry—ESEO is here to help).

  1. Order or Submit Your Content.
    Fill us in on the specs and Eminent SEO’s content ordering service will provide you with expertly crafted content designed to meet the needs of your target market—and build your authority and trust in the process. Or, submit your own new or existing content for syndication.
  2. Purchase Eminent SEO Services.
    This step ensures the content you’ve ordered or submitted will receive the Eminent SEO treatment—we’ll take care of the rest.
  3. ESEO Syndication and Distribution.
    We’ll handle distribution and syndication of your content to over a hundred major news and industry publishers across the country. Whether the content was ordered through our service or submitted by you, we guarantee publishing, or we’ll return your money!
  4. White-label Reports.
    After distribution, we’ll provide you with a clear, concise, white-label report detailing the service we’ve provided. You’ll be able to track your content across hundreds of publishing URLs, so you’ll know the whereabouts of your content at all times.

Need Answers?

Still have questions regarding any step in the process? Talk to one of our dedicated SEO analysts live and toll free at 1.800.871.4130, or submit an inquiry via our online form. We’ll get back to you with answers, info, and more as soon as possible!