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Healthcare and Medical
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Healthcare Industry Evolving As Patients Put Trust In Technology

Through our expert medical marketing services, we help healthcare providers link up with patients searching for treatment online. 

Online Resources Influence Patient Decisions
Today’s increasingly Internet-savvy patients are more likely to check out healthcare providers online before reaching out to schedule an appointment or visit your facility. According to a national study of healthcare providers performed by Compete, Inc. and Google, 84% of patients are heavily influenced by online resources when they begin to make care decisions.

Where are they focusing their research? The same study noted that patients prefer hospital, health insurance and trusted health information sites when doing research about their symptoms or treatment options. Medical professionals in these fields have a unique opportunity to connect with patients searching for treatment information online.

At the same time, practices and organizations that fail to develop a strategic health and medical digital marketing strategy will find it harder to consistently attract new patients. Even missing out on something as simple as optimizing online content for mobile can negatively impact a healthcare provider’s ability to earn trust from potential patients.

Let Eminent SEO modernize your approach.

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Medical Expertise
That Builds Trust

Studies show that today’s patients are just as concerned with a healthcare provider’s reputation as they are with whether or not their insurance is accepted. The same patients are likely to do medical research on their mobile devices and build trust with brands that supply them with useful, professional content. Healthcare providers will need to deploy a combination of content marketing, organic outreach and search engine optimization to connect with these prospects. 

Eminent SEO has helped health organizations of all sizes to develop comprehensive, HIPPA-compliant digital marketing strategies. We are experienced generating scientific yet highly readable content to inform patients and enhance your medical organization’s brand. We also understand the challenges of adopting new technology in a climate where management of medical information is under intense scrutiny.





“As an intervention specialist, I have a special appreciation for the social dynamics that help families understand the importance of an intervention and the role they play in their loved ones addiction. Working with Eminent SEO makes my job easier because they recognize the difference in speaking to the many audiences (addicts, families, other professionals, etc.) in this industry. They are able to translate that message into the best images and content for my website.”

– Mike Loverde, CIP – Family First Intervention

Health And Medical
Marketing Services

Health and medical providers must adapt as more and more treatment decisions are driven by online sources, rather than by physicians. In order to ensure that patients are getting access to accurate, helpful medical information, healthcare organizations must have skills and tools needed to build trust online.

Eminent can get your organization up to speed.

Digital Marketing, “SEO” and Paid Advertising have always been the backbone of success for our healthcare partners. We’ll perform deep analysis on your organization, website and digital marketing campaigns. Then we design a custom website and multi-channel marketing strategy that will allow you to reach your short-term goals while moving closer towards your long-term objectives.

Our Healthcare and Medical Marketing Services Include:

  • Custom Branding for Digital and Print
  • Modern Website Design
  • Data Driven SEO
  • Well Researched Quality Content
  • Organic Marketing Campaigns
  • Effective Paid Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Engaging Social Media
  • Local Marketing
  • Digital Reputation Management
  • Call Tracking and ROI Reporting
  • HIPAA Compliant Tools

We invite you to learn more about how we can make it easier for potential patients to find your medical organization online.

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