We heart Resellers

Are you thinking about becoming an Eminent SEO reseller or referral partner?

Although we are here to help you every step of the way, resellers do have a certain amount of responsibility. Eminent SEO will be here as your partner throughout the entire process, available to answer questions and educate, you, the Reseller Partner. However, you are responsible for the client relationship from the “front end”, Eminent SEO will be your “back end” partner, consulting you, the reseller.

The “Front End” Reseller Responsibilities Generally Include:

Lead Generation
We can make suggestions and help you market your website and on-line business, but you are responsible for acquiring your own leads and clients.

We are here to help educate and support you on everything from industry to our SEO and marketing products and services, but you are responsible for closing your own accounts. You sell, we fulfill and report.

Customer Support
Throughout the course of the campaign your client will have questions and need support – you are their Account Manager – but your internal Eminent SEO Account Manager will be here to support you and can help answer questions.

Directly Billing the client
It’s simple. You sign the agreement with us, your client signs an agreement with you. So, you are responsible for billing your client directly under your company name, we then invoice and bill you. Your client hires you, you hire us.

Managing the Client Relationship
The majority of our marketing services are monthly recurring, so as long as you maintain your client relationship, you’ll be making residual income.

How is the Referral Partnership different?

You are responsible for Lead Generation ONLY. Refer us a client and when we close the deal, you get paid! Easy peasy!

Need more information? Fill out the Reseller/Referral Qualification Application and get started today!