Have you ever bought a new house? You move in and suddenly realize you need to paint, you need to buy new furniture, re-carpet, landscape, replace appliances… a website is the same way.

Eventually your website becomes outdated, or you want to add pages, make changes to the layout, update your images or change the content. It’s hard to find the time to make the updates yourself or learn everything you would need to know to work within the code of your website.

Our website maintenance and management services ensure you have a trained webmaster on stand-by who already knows the code of your website and can make changes on the fly. We can be retained on a monthly basis to handle everything from basic website changes to technical design updates. Under our webmaster retainer services you can expect:

  • Full Monthly Website Backups
  • Security and Plugin Updates
  • New Page Creation and Updates to Content, Images and Forms
  • Monthly Site Health Checks
  • And Much, Much More

Under retainer we will monitor your code, website SEO and the overall function of the website. We will make suggestions, fix issues and take custom requests.

Our Website Maintenance and Management Services Include:

  • Monthly Webmaster Retainer
  • By the Hour Webmaster Work
  • 24/7 Website Support