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Design Project :
ECHO Recovery

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Non-profit Brand Personality

The ECHO Foundation is a nonprofit substance abuse education organization dedicated to making recovery possible by serving the community.

ECHO Recovery embodies a compassionate, supportive, and resilient brand personality. As a non-profit organization focused on substance abuse education, it is deeply committed to serving the community and facilitating recovery. ECHO exudes empathy, understanding the struggles of those dealing with substance abuse. Its resilience shines through as it tirelessly works to make recovery attainable, regardless of the challenges faced. The brand stands as a beacon of hope, fostering an environment of acceptance and encouragement.

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Branding & Website Strategy

The Eminent SEO team approached ECHO Recovery’s branding and design needs with a comprehensive, multi-faceted strategy. Our focus was on creating a cohesive brand identity that accurately represented the organization’s mission and values.

We started by designing a logo that encapsulated ECHO Recovery’s resilience and commitment to providing substance abuse education and recovery services. The logo needed to be both memorable and meaningful, reflecting the organization’s compassionate and supportive personality.

For the website design, we aimed for a user-friendly interface that was easy to navigate, keeping in mind the diverse audience that ECHO Recovery serves. We utilized clean lines, soothing colors, and intuitive layouts to create a welcoming digital environment.

In terms of content, we focused on crafting engaging, informative, and empathetic narratives. We wanted to ensure that visitors to the site felt understood and supported, and that they could easily access the resources and information they needed.


Social Media


Recognizing the importance of a consistent and engaging social media presence, we extended ECHO Recovery’s brand identity to their social platforms. 

The color palette and typography from the website were seamlessly integrated into the social media design, ensuring visual consistency across all digital touchpoints.

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Final Thoughts

& Notes

We at Eminent SEO are extremely proud to be part of ECHO Recovery’s journey, a non-profit organization that plays a pivotal role in aiding those on the path to recovery. Our team has poured heart and soul into creating a brand identity and digital presence that truly encapsulates the essence of ECHO Recovery.

Our work, however, does not stop here. We are continually looking for ways to enhance and expand ECHO Recovery’s digital footprint. Currently, we are working on several exciting initiatives that include creating engaging videos, conducting educational classes, crafting informative blog posts, and planning outreach programs and events.

Each of these initiatives is designed to raise awareness about ECHO Recovery’s important mission and to provide valuable resources for those in need. Our aim is to ensure that ECHO Recovery’s message reaches as many people as possible, offering hope and support to those battling substance abuse.

In conclusion, our partnership with ECHO Recovery is more than just a project; it’s a cause we deeply believe in. We are committed to continuing our work, helping this incredible organization make a positive impact on countless lives.