NamaSLAY Crew

Digital Brand Identity and Social Designs

Nama Slay Crew Logo

Design Project Outline

NamaSlay Crew is a developing brand that focuses on building a positive, supportive community for self-love, girl power and balance. They wanted to focus on developing a brand identity that would represent their message across a number of digital platforms as well as products for print.

Brand Personality

This brand is feminine, soft and still badass.

Brand Goals

The short-term goal is to attract like-minded females who are interested in joining the community. The longer-term goal is to create and sell NamaSlay Crew products, such as yoga gear, t-shirts and accessories.

Design Goals

Our goal was to create something feminine that would still represent the various dynamics of the brand. We balanced the soft pink and more feminine aspects of the logo by bringing grey into the brand name and giving a more general outline of the yogi. We used gold to really set the designs apart from similar brands.

Designs Included:

  • Logo
  • Merch
  • Brand Colors
  • Font Treatment
  • Social Media Design