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Design Project :
NamaSlay Crew


Brand Personality

The NamaSlay Crew mission is to help empower women to
embrace, celebrate and love themselves just as they are.

The brand vision is to create a powerful community that helps support and encourage women to be the best version of themselves. provides a special place for you to connect with others who are looking to improve their lives through beauty, fashion, health and wellness.

Strategy & Challenges.

Strategy & Challenges

The strategy behind NamaSlay Crew was to create a mission-driven brand that resonates with people and stands out in the saturated and competitive market of beauty, fashion, health, and wellness. By focusing on a cause and leveraging multi-channel marketing strategies, NamaSlayCrew aims to drive awareness, generate traffic to the website, and monetize that traffic through the sale of merchandise, affiliate partnerships, and eventually advertisements

The challenge lies in the highly competitive nature of the beauty, fashion, health, and wellness industries. These markets are crowded with established brands and influencers vying for attention. However, NamaSlay Crew believes that by crafting an authentic mission and delivering meaningful content, they can differentiate themselves and capture the attention of their target audience

To execute this strategy, we developed a multi-channel marketing approach. We leverage thepower of their website, social media platforms, and other marketing channels to drive awareness and attract traffic. Through engaging content, we aim to provide value and build a sense of community with their audience

Monetizing the traffic is another important aspect of the strategy. NamaSlay Crew plans to achieve this through various means, including selling branded merchandise, establishing affiliate partnerships with complementary brands, and eventually incorporating advertisements.


Social Media


We developed a social media aesthetic to follow the color
pallet and showcase our content and merchandise.

By incorporating custom graphics along with real images and video, we aim to
create a beautiful feed while showcasing all of the elements of this brand.

Final Thoughts

& Notes

As a website design agency, we take pride in delivering compelling designs that align with the client’s goals and drive positive outcomes.

The NamaSlay Crew project embodies these principles, resulting in a visually stunning and successful website.