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Welcome to the VERY FIRST EDITION of the Team Eminent SEO Newsletter…. YAY!

Since this is our first newsletter, we are still going to have some tweaking to do before it’s just right, so we welcome your feedback, ideas and comments here: hello@eminentseo.com (P.S. You can send us special requests for blog posts for the Eminent SEO Blog too!)

A Note From the CEO…

ESEO ScreenshotWe are so excited to announce the launch (finally) of EminentSEO.com !!! For the last few years we’ve been working our behinds off so we could provide you with a strong product and service fulfilled by a dedicated and knowledgeable team. We feel so blessed and grateful to have had the opportunity to work with 100’s of clients over the last few years while we were still developing the business and the website. And, a big thank you to all of you who supported these efforts (you know who you are)!

Please poke around the new site and get social with us on FaceBookTwitter and all of our other social profiles (find the links on the Eminent SEO Home Page)…

We plan on publishing a monthly Team Eminent SEO Newsletter, which will contain announcements, what we are up to, links to important blog posts and fun updates about the Eminent SEO Monster.

We also plan on adding several blog posts a month to the Team Eminent SEO Blog, which will contain industry news, fun and useful marketing and social media tips and tricks, strategy, advice, Q and A’s and anything else we care to share.

Thanks for subscribing; we can’t wait to help you grow your on-line business! Happy Reading!

– Jenny Stradling

Let’s Talk SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The search engines are looking at a LOT of things, but one primary way to ensure your site gains authority and ranks for the keywords people are searching for to find your site – is to build links. So, we thought we would give you a few:

Link Building Tips:

*Tip: Use longer tailed and geo targeted keywords in your link building for better conversions!

It’s important to understand your client base and what they are searching for, but it’s more important to target keywords that will CONVERT than those with just the highest search volumes. Many times the long tail keyword phrases (think: “bankruptcy lawyer in Phoenix Arizona”) are much better for conversions than the root term (ex: “bankruptcy lawyer”) even though they have lower search volumes. Also, long tail keywords are generally much less competitive and therefore much easier (and less costly) to rank for!

*Tip: Use variety in your keyword selection to avoid an artificial backlink portfolio! (Panda Update says so!)

It’s always been important to target multiple keyword phrases and pages within your website, but after the Panda update it’s become even more important. Google is sophisticated enough to detect a pattern in the keyword usage. So, if you want to rank for an important term, use it – but also use similar supporting terms in a variety of ways to ensure Google doesn’t flag your new links as potentially phony. Example: Want to rank for “Nike Shoes”? Build links using terms like: “Buy Nike Shoes”, “Buy Nike Shoes Online”, “Discount Nike Shoes”, “Mens Nike Shoes”, etc

*Tip: Your links should come from many different types of websites for a more natural looking portfolio!

Sure, there are high quality sites, strong in the key elements that make it an ideal site for hosting your link (think: higher Page Rank, Aged Domain, Strong in Relevancy, etc) but if every link pointing to your site uses the “perfect” criteria, it actually creates suspicion with Google. Not everyone that would naturally chose to link to you would come from high quality sites. Mix it up and make sure there is variety in your backlinks. The more diverse, the more natural the link building efforts appear.

Need links? Just call us! We are awesome at keyword discovery, research and link building:800.871.4130

Let’s Talk Social Media

Our beautiful Social Media Director Star Padilla wrote up a nice blog post on Google+, the new Google Social Media platform:

You could say, Google+ is the ‘new’ hot social network to hit the web. I mean as of June 28, about 25million people have visited Google+. Here’s the breakdown by country, according to comScore:

  • 6.44 million from the U.S.
  • 3.62 million from India
  • Roughly 1 million from both Canada and the UK
  • 920,000 from Germany
  • More than 780,000 from Brazil
  • About 500,000 from both France and Taiwan

Read more hereThe New Kid on the block : Google+

She writes a lot of good stuff… so why not read this one too? Commitment issues with Social Media? Keep the Romance alive!

Want more Team ESEO fun? Well, we created this daily little Blog here: Eminent SEO Think Tank

Brainstorming, informing, thinking out-loud, planning, testing, growing, asking, answering, random thoughts, employee stuff, pictures, videos, good ideas, notes, thoughts, links, references and maybe even a few jokes…

Have you noticed our cute little Monster? Get to know him a little better here: Monster Bio. And, help us name him by going to our FaceBook Fan page and taking the poll here: Help Name the Eminent SEO Monster Mascot.

See ya online!


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Eminent SEO provides strategic SEO campaigns with measurable results along with expert website design, development, pay per click, content and social media and organic website marketing. 800.871.4130.

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Eminent SEO provides strategic SEO campaigns with measurable results along with expert website design, development, pay per click, content and social media and organic website marketing. 800.871.4130.

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