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Common SEO Mistakes – What is Your Web Marketing Plan Missing?

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Keyword-less URLS
When developing a search engine optimization strategy for your business, never underestimate the power of a solid URL. Keyword-free URLs are more common than not, including keywords in the URL affords a bit of additional leverage.

Keywords That Aren’t “Key”
Often, business owner will have mistaken ideas of the keywords which people actually search. It’s a pretty common mistake. Just because you think a particular keyword is descriptive of your website, doesn’t mean it’s going to spring to the mind of an average person while he or she is using a search engine. Choosing the right keywords is, well, key to an effective SEO campaign. You can discover the most effective keywords for your business through trial and error, or cut to the chase by hiring professionals, like the helpful folks at Eminent SEO. We’re search engine optimization strategy experts.

What in the Heck is a Title Tag?
Leaving the tag empty is a huge mistake. This is the sweetest spot for a keyword. It both aids in optimization and the tag will show in the search results as your page title. Was the previous sentence gibberish to you? Yes? Well, then you need an SEO web marketing plan

I Heart Flash!
Sure, Flash looks amazing to users but spiders can’t read Flash. That means they can’t index your content. Talk to us about how to optimize your Flash-based site.

Um, Your Desperation is Showing . . .
Going overboard with what’s commonly known as “SEO Copy” is a horrendous mistake. How obvious can you be? This sort of overblown text reads as spam and is a complete turn-off to potential customers. Again, this is where professionals can come in handy – they have the resources you need for creating fresh, original and crawl-able content for your site.

Your competition has a Web 2.0 Marketing Plan. Do you?

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