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A/B Testing Cracks the Code of Online Intelligence

Digital marketing is a wide-open, challenging space. For business owners, advertising and editorial campaigns are the fruit of sales initiatives meant to entice audiences and feed their hunger for products or services. Will they bite? It depends – on a lot of unknowns. Marketing plans, in their infancy, are like seedlings: tiny, thought-provoking concepts that [...]
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What Is Zombie Website Traffic and How Do I Mitigate It?

If you’re looking over your website analytics and you notice a peculiar uptick in visitors and/or a significant drop in your conversion rate, there’s a good chance you are experiencing zombie traffic. It’s been known by a few different names over the years, but webmasters seem to be settling on the term “zombie traffic,” and [...]
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Spammy Referral Traffic: What Is It and How Do I Get Rid Of It?

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This all started a few months ago when we noticed specific clients had a HUGE spike in Referral Traffic out of nowhere. Sometimes a client will acquire rented ad space without our knowledge, so we started looking closer at the Referral Sources in Google Analytics. This is when we noticed that the new Referral Sources [...]
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Stop Trying To Track Keyword Rankings. It’s Dumb.

Look, I get it. You are working on organic marketing and that means you are intentionally trying to get Google and the other big search engines to rank your site for what you believe are important keywords. So, why wouldn’t you want to track them? Because it’s dumb.  Don’t trust me? Let me explain: The [...]
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The Top 3 KPIs You Should Track for Better Website Marketing

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A KPI stands for “key performance indicator.” They exist in all forms of marketing, and they can literally be whatever you want them to be. But, the point behind bench marketing and tracking a KPI is to measure the critical variables and data to show how successful you are in achieving your monthly website goals. [...]
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5 Website Metrics You Absolutely Have to Track

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Online marketers have a notorious (and unfortunate) reputation for not being able to concretely demonstrate the ROI of the services they provide. This statement holds true even with sophisticated marketing, tracking and analytical tools because it can be very difficult to determine where sales come from. For example, if someone reads your blog for 6 [...]
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Why Tracking Your Organic Search Rankings Will Drive You Insane

Anyone who uses SEO techniques to increase their organic search engine visibility and traffic should be measuring their results. However, HOW you measure and WHAT you measure should depend on your specific business goals. SEO is tricky stuff, especially with Google and their insane amount of algorithm updates and data refreshes. SEO techniques that used [...]
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Website Analytics Audit: 5 Things You Should Know About Your Business Website

If you are considering a new marketing campaign for your business website, there are several important elements you should look at. I typically suggest using a website checklist to help you narrow down the most important elements for your needs specifically. Custom marketing strategies are essential to a successful campaign, and a custom solution can [...]
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10 Things to Know Before Advertising with Google AdWords

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  As part of our mission to assist other small to mid-sized business owners, here are 10 things you should know before advertising with Google AdWords. 1. With PPC, it’s all about being “relevant” Relevancy is being pertinent and giving the people what they want. It’s often mentioned in the Google AdWords mission statement. Why? [...]
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