Google lets you Block Websites and Contribute to Panda

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Now you can be a part of the Panda updates by blocking websites that provide less than useful information. The best part is it’s easy to do, all you have to do is log into your Google account and start looking up whatever your heart desires.

Once you have checked out a link and decide that the content on there was irrelevant, unhelpful  – you hit the back button, right? Now once back on the search results page something amazing has happened, a note has appeared beneath or next to the link:



Once clicked, like magic Google removes all the links that came from that domain and now your search is that much more relevant to what you were looking for. OOPS! Chose the wrong link? No problem, click ‘undo’ and you are good to go.

Now this super power hasn’t been around for very long, only since March, and it wasn’t until Panda’s global roll out that Google began looking at this blocked data as well as their Chrome  Personal Blocklist extension as useful tool.

This has not rolled out to non-U.S. websites, but keep your eyes open for a new ‘experiment’ in the near future.

3 thoughts on “Google lets you Block Websites and Contribute to Panda

  1. Avatar for Kirstin DouglasJenny Stradling

    This could be good and very, very bad. It’s obvious that they intend on using this feature to help them determine whether or not a site should indeed rank in a top ten position for the requested keyword, but if they intend to use this data to actually devalue a site, then they better also do a manual review, because just like everything else, it’s easy for the competition to block you from various IPs in hopes of it hurting your overall rankings and site value. I’d like to see some real life case studies on this.


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