Google+ SEO Best Practices: 5 Quick Tips


As search engines go, there is little debate as to Google’s supreme reign over internet visibility, traffic and profit. With the introduction of Google+, the search giant seeks to gain foothold of the social media market as well. Recent plugs for community registration in television, print and, of course, online have made +’s presence undeniable in the consciousness of web users the world over.

When it comes to business, the sell for Google has been a bit more subtle. Since the inclusion of + results into the search medium, it has become apparent that a lack of participation in the service may very well affect potential web traffic. Long story short, if you do not create a dedicated Google+ page, your web traffic is likely to suffer… at least a little. As such, many businesses are scrambling to gain a better understanding of Google + best practices in hopes of boosting SEO. In the following article, we will offer up a few tips and tricks to get you started.

1 – Sign up! (DUH!)

Getting started isn’t difficult at all. As with Facebook pages, Google + business page creation is contingent upon personal account ownership. Once a personal account has been registered, one must simply add an account for the business. If you wish to include multiple administrators you need only add them to the page.

2 – Run in Circles

This part takes a little more effort. The fastest way to increase your Google+ presence is to invite as many people into your circles as possible. Ideally, you’ll want these individuals to be in the same industry, but that the end of the day it’s the numbers that matter. Create different circles for friends, business associates, customers and even industry rivals!

Unfortunately, there is no way to force others to join your business pages. Instead, we must make individuals in our personal circles aware of your page in hopes of increasing numbers. Try adding your page to the signature of your business and personal email accounts, your website homepage and business print propaganda.

3 – Organic Keyword Stuffing

Though it may be tempting to fill your page with keywords relevant to your business, the practice may actually do more harm than good. Instead of littering your page with random word trash, try an organic approach. Post regularly and include relevant keywords where applicable.

4 – Timing Is Everything

Seize the moment! Posting when potential visibility is at its highest may result in added traffic to those searching for relevant terms. For example, post about something political following a national debate.

5 – +1 Buttons Are Your Friends

If you search the web on a regular basis, you’ve likely encountered more and more Google+ profiles returning in search results. Why, you ask? People who use the +1 function on content relevant to their industry will effectively increase visibility! Pretty cool, huh?


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