Halfway to Thanksgiving

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May 16th is the halfway point to Thanksgiving and I want everyone to take time and reflect on something to be thankful for. Sure the weather is warm and sunny, resembling little to nothing like it will in 6 months, but that’s no reason to not get in the spirit. Health, family, love, peace and cashews! Yes that’s my cookie cutter list to “thank-bomb” on but the list below is full of those other things that spring up and put a smile on my face during the months with no major holidays.

In no particular order …

1.      George Takei

I won’t forget how awesome he was as Mr. Sulu – helming the Enterprise through life and death Klingon jerk situations in weekly reruns throughout my entire childhood. Nowadays he is awesome on his Facebook Fan Page (Facebook.com/georgehtakei) rehashing his deep voiced coin phrase “Ohh My” and posting hilarious pics while fighting for equal rights and maintaining the same haircut since 1966. Seriously I get 2 LOL’s per day minimum and endless “Ohh My” shenanigans every trip in front of a mirror. Thank Him.

George Takei in uniform

2.       Suck UK Punching Bag Laundry Bag

The dark ages ended one thousand years ago, yet they still claim it was impossible to carry laundry in a masculine way – until this bag. Every guy who owns one of these should give thanks for feeling like they’re filming an 3. Old Spice Commercial while doing laundry. There has to be macho cupcake bakery on the horizon soon, I can feel it, but hey… this post is about giving thanks…

Suck UK Punching Bag Laundry Bag 2 Suck UK Punching Bag Laundry Bag 1

 4.       The Cloud

There was a time when everything I purchased was real… those times are over.

My movies, music, pictures and games were on memory cards and discs. This would have lasted forever except for the fact that children wish they could fly. Since children can’t take to the skies themselves they make sure that your discs do… amazingly well. Most of the huge entertainment monopolies are getting their act together and more than just music is available in the cloud. Now I find myself passing on purchases if the content isn’t available for download. Forget about the disc I just want the digital copy. Recently my Android tablet took to the skies and even though the device was broken, all of my content, pics, settings and apps are available to me (through the cloud) when I replace it. All of my video games are now on the Steam digital delivery service and available on any computer that has internet. Toss That Kiddos!!!!!!! Oh Damn 🙁

Chris Weatherall - Games The Cloud Zaviah Rae

 5.       Hovertrax Is Going Into Production Soon

This invention is amazing to me. You can roll around looking at other people walking with their own feet like a sucker while not feeling like a tool because this doesn’t have handle bars or wheelchair tires. I can balance, who da man?

Look at you using your feet. SUCKER!

 6.        Internet Food

Right now internet bandwidth isn’t at the point where we can download a 12 inch sub sandwich and that’s sad. You can, however, get ideas and recipes that you could never have imagined on your own. The resources have literally reached one billion. Pictures, recipes, tutorials, (epic) videos, forums, blog feeds…  All of the information is there for you and every angle is covered from healthy food to goodies that can double as transportation. I asked my mom why we never had certain things growing up and her reply was that she didn’t know or have access and that was valid. Now I’m thankful that excuse is gone and in my house all I have to say is “I’m lazy, cook these things for me.”

Sexy Food

Every work day at Eminent SEO is an opportunity for me to be creative and work on tons of various ideas. That is something that I’m thankful for this Half Thanksgiving BIG TIME!

What are you thankful for? Share in the comments.

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13 thoughts on “Halfway to Thanksgiving

  1. Avatar for Chris WeatherallRenee

    Nice post, something interesting to think about. I know one thing for sure though…I want a Hovertrax!!!!

  2. Avatar for Chris WeatherallChris Beckley

    Nice! I’m thankful for kids shows that are actually entertaining and funny. When we take 23 minutes or so for some screen time with Maya, I don’t want to waste it watching crappy shows. Thankfully we have shows like Avatar and Phineas & Ferb…Doofenschmirtz Evil Incorporated!

  3. Avatar for Chris WeatherallClaudia Schott

    George Takei, seriously is someone to be thankful for. But what about family? and friends? Or do we wait until Thanksgiving to be thankful for them?

    So, in the spirit of being thankful, yet irreverent, i am thankful they still make real books. Kindle, Nook are ok, but they don’t cuddle well. I mean, i read to fall asleep. When i roll over on my book, it may get bent or dropped out of bed, but i can still read it. Don’t drop a Nook or Kindle, they are not as forgiving. Besides, books, real books, especially old books, have a wonderful, booky smell to them. I believe they are irreplaceable.

  4. Avatar for Chris WeatherallChris Beckley

    I’m also thankful for Jim Henson. Without Kermit, Fozzie, Super Grover, Snuffleupagus, Dr Teeth and Electric Mayhem (featuring Animal), Gobo Fraggle and Jen (from the Dark Crystal), I don’t know where I would be today.

  5. Avatar for Chris WeatherallAmy

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