Last-Minute Cyber Monday Digital Marketing Tips

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Cyber Monday Digital Marketing Tips

With Cyber Monday less than a week around the corner, many online and retail companies are preparing their ads for this huge online shopping event. The pervasive question that comes to mind for every business owner during the holiday season is, “How can I entice shoppers to buy from me during this busy season?” A quick answer to that question is to make sure your online store is easy for users to navigate and to designate items for sale that people actually want to purchase as a gift.

According to the National Retail Federation, about half of holiday shopping and research for gifts will be done online this year. Along with that, about 47 percent of shoppers are looking for free shipping promotions when making their final purchase decision.

The following Cyber Monday digital marketing tips will allow your online store to stand out from the rest and increase sales:

Have a Dedicated Cyber Monday Landing Page with Product Promotions

One of the first things to do (by now you should already have this) is specify which products and special offers will be available for Cyber Monday. The best way to do this is to have a dedicated landing page on your website for Cyber Monday Deals.

Dedicated Pay Per Click Campaigns

Now that you have a landing page with all of your deals, promotion needs to take place. A combination of ad platforms would be the best way to promote your deals. This includes ads for Facebook, Google Adwords Search and Google Adwords Display.

Having Facebook retargeting ads enabled will also be a great way to get the attention of existing clients and followers who are already interested in your products.

Personalized Email Marketing Campaigns

Since this is the season for deals, consumers are looking at their emails more to find out who has the best offers. Now’s the time to create a dedicated email marketing campaign that promotes your Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Personalize these emails as much as possible to entice users to click on your message by segmenting out your email lists. Having dedicated lists for existing customers, shopping cart abandoned users, and past holiday customers will help you develop personalized subject lines.

Be Extra Social

Social media can be a great way to get your deals to potential and existing customers. Participating in Cyber Monday giveaways with a dedicated hashtag strategy will help promote your brand, as well as increase Cyber Monday sales. The great thing about giveaways is that everyone loves free stuff and has no problem sharing it with their friends.

Offer Free Shipping

Now is not the time to be stingy when it comes to sending your products to the customer. Consumers are looking specifically for free shipping offers this season. If the product they want to buy doesn’t qualify for free shipping, you could lose out on the sale, especially if a competitor is offering the same product with no shipping charges.

Create Exclusive Coupon Codes

Another way to promote your Cyber Monday deals is to have exclusive coupon codes for different campaigns in progress, such as social media, email marketing, and PPC. Each campaign should include a custom coupon code, which can also be used to track which campaign is most effective for a specific promotion.

Track Your Results for Next Year

Along with your coupon codes, there should be ecommerce tracking set up in your Google Analytics. This will help you understand which sources are providing the most sales during the holidays. Understanding your return on investment (ROI) will help you create more powerful campaigns for next year.

Closing Thoughts

Your online store should undoubtedly be taking advantage of Cyber Monday this year. To effectively promote your exclusive deals, it’s best to start teasing them early. However, promoting your deals this week can encourage your followers and potential customers to add your site to their Cyber Monday itinerary for awesome products at stellar rates.

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Eminent SEO provides strategic SEO campaigns with measurable results along with expert website design, development, pay per click, content and social media and organic website marketing. 800.871.4130.

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