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The New Eminent SEO Website is Live!

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Eminent SEO New Design

We are so very excited to announce that our new website is live!

For several months now our brilliant team has been working on a complete website overhaul, from a fresh design to all new content.

A Full List of All of the Website Changes and Why We Did Them:

New Design

The original website design was launched in early 2010. At that time we were still learning about design and developing our brand. Max, our brand Mascot (the cute orange monster you see on our site and social profiles) has always been a part of the design, but now he has been freshened up a bit. Jason, our lead graphic designer, created a fresh and more modern design to bring us into 2014.


Obviously any new design needs to be coded, which is where development comes in. However, our old site was not responsive (due to its age) therefore we not only had to recode the site to accommodate the new website design for PC’s, but for tablets and other mobile devices as well. Our new site is completely responsive – so you can now easily view and navigate the site from any computer, browser and mobile device.

Existing Content Rewritten

Just like design becomes outdated, so does content. We always stress the importance in updating website content for improved user experiences and search engine value to our clients – so fresh update for our own site was long overdue. We are excited to have 100% all new content on each and every page of our website and hope that you, our users, will take some time to review the changes and learn more about who we are and what we can do for you!

On-page SEO Redone

Just like design and content become outdated with time, so does SEO. Our old on-page SEO was specific to the old content, so when we rewrote our content we also updated our on-page SEO, including things like: meta titles, meta descriptions, header tags, alt tags, internal linking, etc. This required many hours of keyword research and was a definite labor of love.

Added New Content Sections

In addition to rewriting the content and updating the old content pages with new on-page SEO, we also added a lot of new content pages. As you surf through our services, for example, you will see new overview pages. We have also added a new resource section that includes some great resources for our existing and potential clients, including:

  • FAQ’sAnswers to some of our most commonly asked questions.
  • SEO SlangA huge list of industry terms (“slang”) and their definitions.
  • Free ToolsThe start of a collection of free tools we use that could be helpful for you.
  • Website ChecklistA gigantic website checklist for anyone who is launching a new website.
  • Client TestimonialsSome of our client testimonials so you can get to know us better.

We hope these resources are useful for clients and other SEO’s looking to learn more about on-line marketing.

Max Swag

We love our little guy Max SO much… and so do our fans! So, we decided to make some fun designs and products featuring Max. On our Max Swag shop you will see some of our featured products, such as t-shirts, tote bags, phone cases, mugs, ect. If you see something you like or want to customize your own product, there is a link to our Zazzle store where you can select the product of your choice and customize it to your liking – happy shopping!

Updated Navigation

Of course with updated pages often times comes new page URL’s. Anytime you launch a new version of your website you need to determine if any of the page URL’s change. If they do, it is imperative you place a 301 redirect from your old URL’s to your new page URL’s – or you will lose the existing page indexing and any links, in-bound or internal, will also need to be updated or will become broken, causing 404 errors on your new site. No bueno! We built a new silo navigation for our service area and therefore placed 301 redirects on all of our old URL’s.

Hooray! We Are Finally Live!

Launching a new site, particularly one of this size and scope, is a huge task and takes a lot of work. In order to pull something off at this caliber we have literally had a dozen people work on the site – from the initial wireframe creation to the final QA.

I would just like to personally thank all of you who helped make this happen. I am more than pleased with the new site and am proud to share it with friends, family, clients and potential new Eminent SEO fans.

If you have any questions, comments… or would like to know what it would take for our team to redo your site, please contact us! We would love to hear from you!

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Jenny Stradling

CEO, Business Consultant, Researcher and Marketing Strategist

Jenny Stradling is the co-founder and CEO of Eminent SEO, a boutique design and multi-channel marketing agency. Jenny began digital marketing in 2005, started Eminent in 2009 and is actively consulting some of the biggest brands in the US today. Her agency is headquartered in Mesa, Arizona, but her team is currently spread across the US.
Jenny is a mom, stepmom and grandma and there is nothing she loves more than spending time with her family. She also enjoys cooking, reading, podcasts, live music, yoga, singing, painting, writing, organizing and making – anything creative really!
Jenny is passionate about researching and sharing information on a wide variety of topics. Some of her current projects are focused on specific issues and causes she cares about, such as: mental health, recovery, personal growth, sustainability, wellness, cannabis, ethics, equality, marketing and business strategy. She also loves to share reviews, stories and content that helps support and feature other artists.

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A Note From the CEO…

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We are so excited to announce the launch (finally) of EminentSEO.com !!! For the last few years we’ve been working our behinds off so we could provide you with a strong product and service fulfilled by a dedicated and knowledgeable team. We feel so blessed and grateful to have had the opportunity to work with 100’s of clients over the last few years while we were still developing the business and the website. And, a big thank you to all of you who supported these efforts (you know who you are)!

Please poke around the new site and get social with us on FaceBook, Twitter and all of our other social profiles (find the links on the Eminent SEO Home Page)…
We plan on publishing a monthly Team Eminent SEO Newsletter, which will contain announcements, what we are up to, links to important blog posts and fun updates about the Eminent SEO Monster.

We also plan on adding several blog posts a month to the Team Eminent SEO Blog, which will contain industry news, fun and useful marketing and social media tips and tricks, strategy, advice, Q and A’s and anything else we care to share.
Thanks for subscribing; we can’t wait to help you grow your on-line business! Happy Reading!

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Team Eminent SEO

Eminent SEO provides strategic SEO campaigns with measurable results along with expert website design, development, pay per click, content and social media and organic website marketing. 800.871.4130.

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The New Kid on the block : Google+

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You could say, Google+ is the ‘new’ hot social network to hit the web. I mean as of June 28, about 25million people have visited Google+.  Here’s the breakdown by country, according to comScore:

  • 6.44 million from the U.S.
  • 3.62 million from India
  • Roughly 1 million from both Canada and the UK
  • 920,000 from Germany
  • More than 780,000 from Brazil
  • About 500,000 from both France and Taiwan

What the heck is Google+: Have you been living under a rock? You could say, Google+ is the hot social network on the block or web for that matter . I mean as of June 28, about 25 million people have visited Google+. Now that’s what you call the ‘popular kid’.

Google+ isn’t and won’t be the easiest social network to understand if you have (or maybe haven’t) tried it out. It has a lot of features that even your advance users may overlook. It’s definitely the social network that’s making an attempt to rival Facebook.

The social network is made up of a plethora of social products that include: Stream (a newsfeed), Sparks (a recommendation engine), Hangouts (a video chat service), Huddle (a group texting service), Circles (a friend management outlet), and Photos.

This isn’t the first attempt for Google to dominate the social realm. Do you remember their two flops, Google Wave and Google Buzz? Kinda makes you wonder, if Google+ will stay afloat?

Currently Google+ isn’t fully open to the public, and currently invite only. So if you have a friend who’s riding the social wave, and been jumped into the Google+ gang, your best bet is to kiss their tush and ask for a ‘pass’ aka an invite to hang with the cool kids. It’s was rumored that July 31, Google+ was going to fully open their doors, but that obviously didn’t happen.

The new invite feature they have recently rolled/rolling out allows you to “invite friends” via a button on your Google+ account and you’re provided with a link to send your friends. Alleviates the guessing game, if you don’t know their email addresses and you can directly invite them via Twitter direct message, Facebook message, etc. Keep in mind, that Google+ is still in their ‘limited field trial’, so there is a limit of 150 people that can sign up to Google+ using your link. Link to Google+ YouTube announcement.

So What’s New with Google+: Rather than making another company blog, Google+ created a help section called What’s new in Google+ , which offers feature updates to keep you in the loop. Be sure to check it out, and add us to your circle! @EminentSEO



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Team Eminent SEO

Eminent SEO provides strategic SEO campaigns with measurable results along with expert website design, development, pay per click, content and social media and organic website marketing. 800.871.4130.

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