Vol. 117: Art Brings People Together

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Art Brings People Together

Art Brings People Together

Design is a part of art. And, art is everywhere. It’s definitely an inextricable aspect of marketing. Consider all the ways a marketer can construct a call to action or design a landing page. The task takes a balance of logic and artistry.

Actually, the medical field is looking to marketing to find ways to make the notion of getting vaccinations more appealing. According to Bloomberg, The Vaccine Demand Observatory is teaming with Facebook to analyze what types of messages resonate. Content related to 100 million people across six countries will be scoured to better understand how to artfully propose the topic and advertise vaccinations.

Marketing goals are often measured in metrics but what wows customers and keeps them committed to brands has to do with the baked-in artistry. Art makes its way into communities as a method of bringing people together. At work, art brings people together due to a mutual appreciation of a picture hanging on the wall, a brainstorming session about a new logo design, or the way in which coworkers are seated around one another.

Art BrainEven better, you don’t have to be in a room or in the same state as others to mutually appreciate art. In Alabama, a Facebook group shares its appreciation of murals around Alabama by posting pictures, comments, likes, and other signs of appreciation. The Murals of Alabama Facebook Group is at 2,000 members strong and growing, with people joining in from all over the world.

Marketing, like art, makes an impact on people. When it comes to marketing, what is the best approach? Should you rely on hard facts and data, or on the human connection? I think coming up with marketing campaigns is a lot like painting a picture. You start with a blank canvas and have a vision of what you want the outcome to look like. So, you begin using your experience, skill, and resources at hand to create that vision.

Is marketing a science or an art? What do you think?

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Marketing Tips and News


Big Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update On September 24th and 25th? – This is unconfirmed still but it seems like a very big update based on the tracking tools and some of the comments from the community.
Google Page Experience Update Fully Live In Search & Top Stories –  Google wrote “The page experience rollout is complete now, including updates to Top Stories mobile carousel. Changes to Google News app have started to rollout as well and will be complete in a week or so.”
Google confirms it changed how it creates titles for search result listings – Google said it is now “making use of text that humans can visually see when they arrive at a web page.”
Google Reports missing data in Search Console –  An internal problem caused a data loss in Search and Discover performance from August 23-24.

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Facebook Has New Ways to Generate Leads & Connect With Customers – Facebook is launching new tools for businesses to help generate more leads and connect with customers on more platforms.
LinkedIn Pages Can Now Publish Long-Form Content – LinkedIn is introducing a new feature called Articles For Pages that will allow companies to publish long-form content.


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