Vol. 119: Should You Disavow Bad Backlinks?

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V. 119

Should You Disavow Bad Backlinks?

The Google algorithm is largely based on links and, even though when they developed it they anticipated that link building would happen naturally, of course SEO’s (and spammers) caught onto it and quickly manipulated it. Google had to find new and unique ways to utilize links as part of the algorithm, while also diminishing the value of anything that could be looked at as artificial.

So even though it might appear that link building is in your control, the actual point is that it’s not.

Anyone can link to you. If you want to “control that”, you have to use Google Search Console to find links and disavow them.

But, I Thought We Didn’t Have To Disavow Links Anymore?

Yes and no.

Although things have changed dramatically since 2012 when the Disavow Tool was launched and new Manual Actions from link spam are more rare today, there can still be reason to maintain a disavow file with Google today.

To learn more about when to use and not use the disavow tool, read on…


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Despite link building being very different today, in terms of the tactics and what constitutes a quality link, it is important to know where we came from to understand where we are now and where we can go.

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During the early days of Eminent SEO, back in 2005, link building was the primary ranking factor for Google’s algorithm. In other words, the better your inbound links, the more Google would favor you in its search engine rankings.

Fast forward to today. Links are still a heavily weighted variable, but moving up the ranks of a search engine’s results is far more complicated than it was 12 years ago. You can no longer simply “build links.” You have to earn them. How do you do that? By having a linkable website, drafting content worth linking to and doing the marketing grunt work necessary to bring people face to face with your content. We call this process “organic search engine marketing” or link earning.

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Marketing Tips and News


Google’s November 2021 core update hit fast and hard; here is what the data providers saw – The results from this data showed that this rollout hit hard within the first 24 hours of the announcement and then slowed fast.

Google Algo Bug Puts Sites In Weird Limbo State –  Google’s John Mueller confirmed a rare algorithm bug that causes sites to get stuck in a limbo that prevents them from ranking
Why Getting Indexed by Google is so Difficult – If you work with a website, especially a large one, you’ve probably noticed that not every page on your website gets indexed, and many pages wait for weeks before Google picks them up.
Continuous scrolling comes to Search on mobile –  Google is making browsing search results more seamless and intuitive with the introduction of continuous scrolling on mobile devices.


Social Media

LinkedIn: Gen Z Is Our Fastest Growing Audience – LinkedIn shares tips to help marketers reach the Gen Z demographic, which is currently its fastest growing audience segment.
Facebook says short posts have the most views while hate speech drops on platform – The third quarter transparency reports give us more insight into the platform, but it’s unclear whether the company’s wide-ranging efforts to restore its reputation will have the desired effect.it.


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