Vol 24: Autumn is Coming, Oct Photo A Day Challenge and Marketing Blog Roundup

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Ah, Cooler Weather is Coming…Welcome Autumn!

As fall quickly approaches the team here at Eminent SEO is already preparing for the new season. We have updated our Facebook background to reflect our favorite time of year, autumn. Doesn’t Max look adorable all dressed up for the cooler weather?


Love our seasonal holiday logos and social profiles and banners?

Each month we like to dress up Max, our brand mascot, and showcase him in a fun seasonal or holiday featured image. Do you want a seasonal logo or social media banner for your company? Our professional design team will take your existing logo, mascot and/or branding and “dress it up” for the season or up and coming holiday (and at a price that won’t break the bank!). Just ASK US about our Seasonal Logo and Social Design Services!

Check out more of our Designs on Facebook here.

September Photo A Day Challenge Recap

September 2013 marked our first ever Eminent SEO Photo A Day Challenge. We’ve had so much fun making and sharing fun pictures of Max for the daily challenge.  We have been sharing them across our favorite image friendly social platforms, so if you missed the posts, you can find them here:
Eminent SEO Facebook
Eminent SEO Instagram (or find us @EminentSEO if you have the mobile app)
Eminent SEO Google+
Eminent SEO Pinterest

October Photo A Day Challenge

Want to join the monthly Photo A Day Challenge? Get ready because starting October 1st we will begin again.
Here is the Eminent SEO October Photo Challenge List:
Created by @EminentSEO

  1. Harvest
  2. Black and Orange
  3. Pumpkin
  4. National Taco Day
  5. Mask
  6. Day of Play
  7. Pie
  8. Fall
  9. Dessert
  10. Clouds
  11. Surprise
  12. Drinks
  13. Creative
  14. View
  15. Food
  16. Leaves
  17. Social
  18. Moon
  19. Pink
  20. Spooky
  21. Shadows
  22. Classic Monsters
  23. Down
  24. On the Table
  25. 9 O Clock
  26. Laugh Out Loud
  27. Looking Back
  28. Weather
  29. Candy
  30. Caffeine
  31. Happy Halloween

Here is the challenge image, simply save it, share it and start snapping this October 1st!


Be sure to Hashtag us by using #ESEOPhotoADayOct or #EminentSEO so we can add your photos to our fan board on Pinterest!

Good to Know in SEO…and Marketing!

Here is our monthly roundup of great articles and blog posts published over the last month that we think are worth sharing and reading, enjoy!

From the Eminent SEO Blog:

What You Need to Know About Keyword Research
Is keyword research still necessary? Google is hiding data, social is impacting organic search and more and more users are leaning on other means to find information. Find out why keyword research is still important – brought to you byJenny Stradling, our CEO and an SEO Strategist.

RIP Google Keyword Tool: We Now Have the New Google Keyword Planner to “Love”
Aw, our very favorite keyword tool has been retired, only to be replaced with a new tool called the Keyword Planner. As SEO’s we always knew the AdWords tool wasn’t designed for organic marketing, but we still feel like this new tool is a slap in the face of SEO’s. What tool are you using for your organic marketing strategies instead? This blog is brought to you by Chris Weatherall, our President and a Savvy SEO Expert.

Making the Most of Communication Technology
A really well written piece on communication technology in this modern day and the positive and negative impact it is having on our business and personal relationships – brought to you by an Eminent SEO friend, Marianne LeGreco, Ph.D., an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication Studies at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

From the Eminent Social Media Blog: 

Creative Ways to Use Instagram for Your Business
The web is such a big place and with mobile technology playing such a huge role in how your potential users view your business, it’s no wonder more and more people are using mobile apps, such as Instagram to connect and market to their customers. This fun little piece gives some tips and ideas on how to use Instagram to market your business – brought to you by Jenny Stradling, long time Instagram lover.

From Around The Web:

As always, there are so MANY good blog posts published every day it’s hard to know which ones to feature. Here are a few of our very favorite:

Something’s Fishy in the State of Google’s New Keyword Tool [Data]
Apparently we are not the only ones that have a problem with the new keyword tool. In this post Nathan Safran dives deep into data from the tool and what he finds will have you raising your eyebrows.

How to Get Busy People to Take Action When You Send an Email
Sometimes email seems like the easiest way to communicate, especially when you are required to communicate with people in different time zones and you have a lot of work on your plate. We think this post by Mark Suster is a MUST read for anyone in the business world that needs to communicate through email on a day to day basis.

The Art of Writing Great Google+ Posts
Since Google+ is still one of the newer social media platforms online the studies, how to posts and marketing suggestions are still less abundant than what you find for Facebook and Twitter. So, when we stumbled upon this post by Demian Farnworth we were more than pleased to see some solid advice on writing and publishing great Google+ posts.

Welcome to The Smart Marketer’s Landing Page Conversion Course
An often overlooked, but imperative component to marketing, Landing Page Optimization (LPO) can be the missing piece of your marketing campaign that could turn your leads into conversions. There are a lot of online resources, but this awesome post contains a free mini course and who doesn’t love a FREE training course?

See Ya Online!

Well that does it for this month’s Eminent SEO newsletter…
Until next month, see ya online!

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Eminent SEO provides strategic SEO campaigns with measurable results along with expert website design, development, pay per click, content and social media and organic website marketing. 800.871.4130.

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