Vol 25: Celebrating 4 Years, Holiday Marketing Ideas, Nov Photo A Day Challenge and Marketing Blog Roundup

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Eminent SEO Celebrates 4 Years!

October 2013 marks the 4 year anniversary for Eminent SEO. We can hardly believe that it’s already been 4 years since we started this journey!

Read a heartfelt, personal story from our CEO, Jenny Stradling, about how she got started in marketing and how that lead to the creation of Eminent SEO: Eminent SEO is Celebrating 4 Years – A Personal Journey

Eminent SEO Celebrates 4 Years!

Holiday Marketing Ideas

The Holidays Are Coming…Is Your Website Ready?
Everyone knows that this time of year means increased website traffic and sales – IF people can find you! Here are a few Holiday Marketing Ideas to get your website and business ready for this important time:

Holiday Designs for your Social Profiles and Website:

Each month we update our social platforms with holiday and seasonal profile banners, backgrounds and/or profile images. Each time you add a new photo your fans see that image in their feed – so why not take advantage of this opportunity and create a holiday inspired design? Another fun way to update your brand is to dress up your logo or mascot with a holiday design on your website and print work. This gives your website users a fresh perspective on your brand and adds a personal touch that users appreciate!

Holiday Coupon/Special Offer:

Between the economy and the government shutdown buyers might be a little more hesitant to spend large amounts of cash on gifts this year. Why not entice them with a special offer? Think about what makes most sense for your bottom line and come up with a discount, coupon, giveaway or other offer, such as free shipping, to encourage people to spend their holiday budgets with you over your competition.

Publish Holiday Related Content:

We all know Google is looking to serve up fresh, relevant, high quality content – so give them what they want! If you are trying to rank organically for holiday related terms, start writing and publishing holiday related content now and carry on all the way up to the big day! If you are publishing this content on your blog, don’t forget to enhance the posts with holiday related images. Images make blogs more socially shareable and are especially great for eCommerce sites who are pushing product sales for the holidays.

Create a Holiday Related Video Series:

What better way to promote your products for the holidays than a fun, shareable video? Web stats prove that more people watch videos than read content, so if you have the option of making a video series – do it! Videos don’t always have to be professional shot and edited, some of the best, most popular videos on YouTube and Vine are simply shot with a cell phone. Get creative and show real people using and enjoying your products, make a funny parody of the holidays with your staff, or even shoot a video of your pet interacting with your product. There are really no rules; just have fun, brand the video and share it around to ensure it gets visibility.

Do you have a great Holiday Marketing Idea? Share with us in the comments…

November Photo A Day Challenge

Moving into November we are prepping for the new photo a day challenge. Will you play along this month? Share on your Instagram, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest or other image friendly social platform and upload your photo a day! Easy, peasy!
Here is the Eminent SEO November Challenge List:
Created by: @EminentSEO
This month’s hashtag: #ESEOPhotoADayNov

  1. Close Up
  2. Music
  3. Technology
  4. Silly Selfie
  5. Skyline
  6. Transportation
  7. Holding Hands
  8. Upside Down
  9. A Stranger
  10. Sunday Funday
  11. Something Warm
  12. Best Friend
  13. Sweet
  14. Underneath
  15. Creation
  16. Unusual
  17. Eyes
  18. Something Old
  19. Tall
  20. Brown
  21. Family
  22. Shopping
  23. Art
  24. On the Road
  25. Wish
  26. Inside the Refrigerator
  27. Thanksgiving
  28. Leftover
  29. High Five
  30. Excited For

November Photo A Day Challenge

Be sure to Hashtag us by using #ESEOPhotoADayNov or #EminentSEO so we can add your photos to our fan board on Pinterest!

Marketing Blog Roundup

Here is our monthly roundup of great articles and blog posts published over the last month that we think are worth sharing and reading, enjoy!

From the Eminent SEO Blog:

The Lowdown on Google Hummingbird
Google rolled out a new algorithm update, Hummingbird. Get the basics on this latest update: find out what changed and what you should focus on to ensure your website is up to date with the latest best practices in SEO.

The Top 3 KPIs You Should Track for Better Website Marketing
Because there are literally 1000’s of KPIs to track and measure the success of your digital marketing efforts, we have decided to narrow the list to our personal top 3 suggestions. These KPI’s should be tracked and evaluated monthly to ensure you are receiving full value from your marketing dollars.

From Around the Web:

Google Has Gone ‘Dark’: The Search Giant Just Ended Its Free Data And People Are Freaking Out
Well, they finally did it. This month Google officially rolled out 100% not provided…. We can no longer see what keywords people are using when they click an organic result that leads to your site. Oh – but if you are looking for keyword information on PAID ads, that is still available.

An Easy Way to Upgrade to Universal Analytics
Last year Google launched Universal Analytics – a new technology that allows you to measure customer interactions across platforms and devices. This blog post provides you with a solution to help you upgrade your existing properties to the new infrastructure without losing any historical data.

Good UI (User Interface)
This fun little site gives you some great, actionable ideas on how to improve your website user interface for a better user experience and conversion rates. Woot!

8 effective email marketing strategies, backed by science
Many business owners understand the power behind email marketing, but perfecting it can be tricky! This blog post offers scientifically proven methods that are sure to get your emails seen.

See Ya Online!

Well that does it for this month’s Eminent SEO newsletter…Until next month, see ya online!

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Eminent SEO provides strategic SEO campaigns with measurable results along with expert website design, development, pay per click, content and social media and organic website marketing. 800.871.4130.

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